Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik

Name Elijah "Eli" Joseph Dreznik

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Skagaran
Age 32
Place of Birth Lakeside Township, North Star Colony
Languages Skagaran, English, Xindi (Humanoid and Arboreal), Andorian
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 175
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At first look, Eli is mostly indistinguishable from your garden-variety Human. A closer examination reveals some significant differences, however. He has raised reddish bumps running down the sides of his forehead from the hairline to the eyebrows; he has similar patches in front of his ears and running vertically from his chin down his entire neck. Several generations of mixed heritage have left these bumps less pronounced than a full blooded Skagaran. Eli has jet black hair, worn a bit on the longer side, and deep brown eyes. His skin tone is a bit on the pale side, but is not unhealthy looking. Eli has a slight build, more on the leaner side.


Spouse N/a
Children N/a
Father Joseph "Pops" Dreznik
Mother Mary Lou "Ma" Dreznik
Brother(s) James (Jimmy)
Sister(s) Patricia (Patsy)
Other Family Numerous aunts, uncles and cousins residing on the North Star colony. His second cousin Evan Dreznik is an accomplished diplomat that helped negotiate Federation Protectorate status for North Star and also serves as liaison between the Federation Council and the North Star Colonial Council.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eli is a very easygoing individual, with what could easily be described as homespun charm. He is unpretentious, and very rarely holds back from speaking his mind. Despite his frontier upbringing, Eli is very eager to discover other cultures and learn from them. Eli is very open and friendly; he is not overly chatty, but when he does talk his remarks are usually concise and perceptive.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Eli has a nontraditional approach to scientific problem solving that has served him very well in his career. He is thorough, but also more than capable of seeing the big picture and integrates that into his professional view.

+ Despite being accused on occasion of being provincial, Eli is a very likable person. He forms social and personal bonds with others very easily.

- Because of his odd approach to scientific inquiry, not many of his fellow science officers take him seriously. They tend to be beholden to more orthodox methodology, and Eli believed that prevailing attitude will forever hold Starfleet Science back.

- Like many scientists, Eli hates to be proven wrong. If this happens, he can become singularly focused on vindicating himself.
Ambitions For the time being, Eli is content to be heading a starship science division. Like many scientists, he is looking for that one big discovery or to uncover that big truth that will forever make his name famous.
Hobbies & Interests Since he was raised in a ranching community, Eli has a flair for horseback riding and will often be found riding the prairies on a mighty steed. He also enjoys cooking, although his style is very rustic and somewhat heavy compared to traditional Human fare. He also plays the guitar, although not terribly well.

Security Access Code Alpha-1
Security Access Level Level 5
Command Access Authorisation Code Dreznik-4-1-Iota-Kappa
Voice Authorisation Code Dreznik-Sigma-3-5
Duty Shift Alpha Shift (08:00-16:00)
Shift Assignment Chief Science Officer
Personal History During their mission to the Delphic Expanse, Enterprise NX-01 came across the North Star Colony. 300 years prior, the Skagarans had abducted Humans from the southwestern United States to serve as slave labor for a new colony. The Humans revolted, and the ship crashed on North Star. The Humans turned the tables and made the Skagarans second class citizens, even going so far as restricting their freedom to obtain education. Because of intervention from the Enterprise crew, the first steps toward an equal society were taken.

The still young UFP began offering technical assistance to North Star in the year 2210. With improved farming methods, the colony's population increased rapidly; in 2260, the entire population was united under a common government. Federation assistance modernized much of their society, but the colony's pioneering spirit encouraged even more innovation and soon North Star's economy was booming. They still lagged significantly behind the Federation in terms of technology, but the Federation established schools planet wide and in 2366 the colony became an official protectorate of the UFP.

Elijah "Eli" Dreznik was born 32 years ago in one of the colony's larger ranching and farming communities. His parents, with UFP agricultural assistance, produced a huge surplus of food that was exported off planet. This business made the Dreznik family moderately wealthy by local standards. Thus in addition to his regular duties on the ranch, Eli attended the Federation School in nearby Deadwood Township and also had several private tutors. His Vulcan tutor T'Menna noticed that young Eli seemed to catch on very quickly when it came to science and mathematics; the middle aged Vulcan woman used every resource at her command to spark Eli's interest in the sciences. When he expressed interest in applying to Starfleet, she even went so far as to secure a letter of recommendation from Captain Robert DeSoto of the USS Hood (since Eli was not a Federation citizen). Eli made it into the Academy on his first try in 2373.

Starfleet Academy was a huge adjustment for Eli. He had come from a colony of barely 50,000 inhabitants to a world that contained billions, with technological wonders he could not have possibly imagined. T'Menna had prepared him adequately for the academics, but the social integration would be much harder. Eli's room mate Drew was also from a rural outlying colony, so the two of them became fast friends and relied heavily upon each other for companionship and support. As they grew closer, they began to realize that both of them wanted to be more than friends. This was a difficult pill for Eli's family to swallow, but they eventually accepted the relationship and unofficially adopted Drew into their family.

Several months before graduation, life was good for Eli Dreznik. He was doing well in his classes, was on track to graduate with honors, and had a boyfriend he was crazy about. One Saturday night, they decided to go hang with some of the other senior Cadets at a local dive bar. One of the patrons began making derogatory, racist comments about Eli; Drew immediately came to his defense. A large fight ensued between the Cadets and the other patrons; many were injured, including Drew. He suffered a severe cranial trauma that left him comatose for two weeks...and with amnesia when he came to. Despite Eli's best efforts over the next few months, Drew never recovered his memory and Eli was forced to move onward with his life. He graduated in 2377, twentieth in his class, with a specialization in the sciences.

Eli took the first deep space assignment that was offered to him, as an Astrometrics officer on the Charleston class USS Maginot. He earned a reputation as a hard worker, with an unorthodox methodology that seemed to produce good results. After two years in Astrometrics, Eli was given a Beta shift bridge position and was also made de facto leader of the Planetary Sciences division. After another two years, Eli earned himself a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade as well as the Assistant Chief Science Officer post in 2381. Later that same year, he earned his Master's Degree in Climatology from the Daystrom Institute Center for Climate and Extinction Studies on Izar. When the Maginot's Chief Science Officer retired in 2384, Eli was promoted to full Lieutenant and took over the department. He remained in that position until he was offered the CSO post on the Vindex in 2388. Eli is currently working towards his PhD in Climatology; he had been accepted into a program at Ra-Ghoratreii University on Efros Delta.
Service Record 2373-2377: Starfleet Academy, Sciences course. Commissioned as Ensign in 2377
2377-2379: Astrometrics Officer, USS Maginot
2379-2381: Beta Shift Science Officer, USS Maginot
2381: Promoter to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
2381-2384: Assistant CSO, USS Maginot
2384: Promoted to full Lieutenant
2384-2388: CSO, USS Maginot
Current Assignment: CSO, USS Vindex