Lieutenant JG Taylor Aquilus

Name Taylor Aquilus

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Date of Birth 03/05/2352
Age 36
Place of Birth Cestus III
Languages Federation Standard, El-Aurian
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Taylor is somewhat short for humans of equivalent age, but with not being fully grown yet by El-Aurian standards, there’s the possibility he might grow taller. His features are generally equine, with an elegantly tapered nose and sharp features. His lips are full and his eyes are large and bright blue, his skin tanned. A line of freckles traces over his nose and cheeks. His build is slim but muscular, the general build of a runner or swimmer.

He looks young, despite his age - because, for his species, he is. Taelon is technically not fully grown, currently in his late adolescent phase and on the cusp of full adulthood. It shows in his slightly more childlike features and mannerisms.

Taelor keeps himself in shape via daily visits to the gymnasium located aboard the ship giving him a toned, but not overly muscular appearance. He keeps his brown hair short, often styled with a quiff (although at times he has been known to sweep his fringe to one side) which has earned him the nickname of 'Mr. Perfect Hair' from his close friends and colleagues. He has Caucasian skin and has uncommonly bright hazel eyes.Other distinguishing characteristics are prominent cheekbones and a wide jaw line- both of which give him a somewhat 'chiselled' appearance as well smaller than usual ears. He also takes larger than usual strides when he walks, which may be an unconscious attempt at compensating for his smaller than average stature.

Due to being raised mostly by his Mother, whose lived on earth in the 19th century and mingled with the British aristocracy, Taylor speaks with a distinct old British accent known as 'received pronunciation' and has a tendency to be unusually eloquent as a result, although he has found that he has become more relaxed with his vocabulary as he has become more comfortable in his skin. He has a tendency to smile a lot, especially when dealing with his friends and colleagues.

When in charge, Taylor operates a relaxed style of command, encouraging many of the crew to call him by his given name when off duty and being extremely encouraging in everything they do. On duty, he does expect to be called by his rank when on-duty, although he prefers to be called by that over "sir", His amenable command style has seen him host soirees and attend various off-duty staff gatherings and he frequently greets newly arriving officers to the station by personally giving them a guided tour. He has also displayed a dry, sarcastic sense of humour which some have noted is used in difficult situations as a defense mechanism. Additionally, he has been known to be "sassy", although this is often solely directed at his friends.


Father Jokorn, 514, El-Aurian, Journalist, Various
Mother Azura, 729, El-Aurian, Scientist, Cestus III
Other Family Many half-siblings due to his father's various affairs during the centuries. most family assimilated during the borg invasion.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taylor has a generally playful personality, and loves to be active. He is easily bored but if he is involved in something of interest or concern, almost nothing can distract him from it. He is great with kids and people often joke that it’s because he is still is one. Taylor enjoys being the center of attention and can often be found juggling random objects or playing his Ukulele for the entertainment of others at social events (and the occasional less appropriate moment…). True to his El-Aurian heritage, Taylor is a very peaceful and amicable person. He is uncomfortable around hostility or aggression but can overcome this in a dangerous situation, especially if others are threatened. He is also very athletic and tends to be competitive.

The negative side - is that Taylor has a nearly cripplingly low sense of self-esteem. He assumes the worst of himself and of his social interactions. He sees even minor mistakes as disasters and struggles to overcome them, and in a new situation like his recent deployment tends to assume even the slightest failure will ruin any chance he has of being thought well of. Even assuring words don’t help, as he tends to see his fears as fact - any assurance is just others being polite and not wanting to put him on the spot, but they must all think he’s useless. He doesn’t recognise his anxieties as something treatable, but rather as a personal flaw he should hide. Being naive and more or less desperate for affection, he’s quite easily manipulated - quick to trust and cling to anyone who appears to notice he exists and quick to rationalise away nearly any action they take. He might even take such actions as a lesson about how the universe works.

Somewhere under his layers of self-defeating depression is a warm, caring person who wants to make the galaxy a better place. Taylor has the capability to be brave and self-sufficient, but hasn’t had the courage to learn that about himself yet.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent
+ Personable
+ Eidetic Memory

- Low Self-Esteem
- Naive
- Childish
Ambitions As an El-Aurian, his long lifespan means that his ambitions are extremely long term. For the moment Taylor is working towards being in command of his own medical ship.

In terms of personal goals Taylor is hoping to find someone and settle down.

Taylor also has a bucket list consisting of:
Acquire a bottle of Romulan Ale.
Take part in a First Contact mission.
Brawl with a Klingon.
Participate in a Renithor race.
Explore the waters of Adru.
Pass through a stable wormhole.
Climb the cliffs of Bole.
Hobbies & Interests When not on duty, Taylor is a keen amateur mixologist and can often be found in the ship's kitchen or his quarters perfecting his favourite cocktails or attempting to create new recipes. Somewhat of an old-fashioned traditionalist, his favourite cocktail (and drink of choice) is the classic Manhattan Cosmopolitan, which is he renowned for ordering on a night out.
Taylor is also a follower of fashion and when not on duty or mixing cocktails, he can be found browsing the many boutiques and vintage shops that can be found on Starfleet star-bases and planetary settlements.
Possibly due to his upbringing, Taylor is also a lover of fine food and often dines out where he can- . Interestingly, despite his predilection for cuisine, his favourite food is in fact his mother's spaghetti carbonara.

Security Access Level Level 6 (Beta-2)
Command Access Authorisation Code Aquilus-2-5-Epsilon-Sigma
Voice Authorisation Code Aquilus-Theta-492
Duty Shift Alpha (08:00-20:00)
Shift Assignment Sickbay
Location of Quarters Deck 18, Room 18-023
Personal History LIFE ON CESTUS III [2358 - 2383]
Taylor was born in 2358 on the colony of Cestus III. Born into a strict family, the environment he grew up in was a mired one - the once strict culture his family had come from shattered by the fall of El-Auria, they all dealt with the new world in different ways. For his mother, her choice was isolation and obsessive study and research. For his father, it was travel and writing.
Taylor grew up isolated with his mother; he didn’t meet his father, Jokorn, until he was 14 years old. While he received his basic education at the school in the relatively nearby colony, his mother taught him the majority of the skills he knows now, and as he grew up he assisted her in her research.
The area of Cestus they lived in was remote and unpopulated - a barren, arid red desert. His mother had perched her home on the edge and side of a steep canyon, carefully hidden from the outside world. When she’d first arrived, the Gorn had just destroyed the first Federation colony and raiding parties still crawled the planet. By the time Taylor was born, the biggest concern was some of the nastier wildlife. His mother kept the perimeter turrets online regardless.
Azura was often away for long periods of time, leaving the boy to tend the home by himself. These periods of true isolation were when Taylor picked up his tendency towards well as his hobby of learning bizarre little skills.
Left to his own ends, he discovered and became enamoured of Starfleet, taking their messages and philosophy thoroughly to heart. His mother didn’t think much of them, nor did she support his desire to join them.
While their relationship had always been somewhat tense, as Taylor grew into his early 20s, he and his mother began to struggle to see eye to eye. Deprived of the regular social outlet of school and still frequently left behind, they spent the next decade arguing with increasing intensity, until in 2383 an argument turned violent.
Taylor left that night, taking what few personal possessions he had and trading some of them for a lift off-planet. He spent two months travelling to Earth, hopping from ship to ship to get there.

ACADEMY LIFE [2384 - 2388]
Taylor managed to take the entry exam to Starfleet Academy after arriving on Earth, and while he didn’t pass with flying colors, he was admitted to the facility in San Francisco. He enrolled as a student of the Medical division, studying Trauma & Emergency Medicine Nursing - the same skills learned under his mother’s 30-year tutelage.
Still thrown off by his departure from the only home he’d ever known, and overwhelmed by the sheer number of people, he struggled to adjust and make friends. In the end he spent most of the years there working by himself, wrapped up intensely in projects and research.
He graduated from the Academy in 2388 with several accolades in his classwork, which he’s proud of. While most might not consider his time at the Academy ideal, he thinks of it fondly and often misses it, especially when things Starbase aren’t going well.

Major: Nursing (With emphasis on Trauma Medicine & Emergency Medical Care)
Minor: Forensic Psychology
Service Record 2383: Gets into the academy.
2384-2388: Attends Starfleet Academy in San Fransisco.
Courses: Chemistry: Organic Chemistry 1
Chemistry: Organic Chemistry 2
Diplomacy: Non-Traditional Situations
Engineering: Medical Systems and Equipment
Engineering: Life Support Systems
Psychology: Terran, General
Psychology: Non-Terran, Major Species
Psychology: Terran Development
Psychology: Non-Terran, Major Species Development
Xenobiology: General Physiology
Xenobiology: Physiology, Major Species
Xenobiology: Microbiology 1 (Bacteria)
Xenobiology: Microbiology 2 (Virii)
Xenobiology: Systems 1, Derm/Respir/Cardio/Hematol Systems
Xenobiology: Systems 2, GI/Musc/Renal/Endoc/Reprod
Nursing: Health Assessment & Promotion
Nursing: Adult & Elder Nursing 1
Nursing: Adult & Elder Nursing 2
Nursing: Pediatric Nursing
Nursing: Maternity Nursing
Nursing: Acute Care Psychiatric Nursing
Nursing: Pharmacotherapeutics
Nursing: Leadership & Management in Nursing
Nursing: Elective Clinical Placement 1
Nursing: Elective Clinical Placement 2

PSY101: Terran, General
An introduction to the scientific study of behavior and its underlying cognitive and biological processes.
PSY102: (Non-Terran, Major Species)
An introduction to the scientific study of behavior and its underlying cognitive and biological processes for Major species.
PSY111: Two-lobed Interspecies Individuals
An introduction to the complexities of the psychology of interspecies individuals with two-lobed brains.
PSY112: Four-lobed Interspecies Individuals
An introduction to the complexities of the psychology of interspecies individuals with four-lobed brains.
PSY201: Terran Development
Overview of the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of humans throughout the lifespan.
PSY202: Non-Terran, Major Species Development
Overview of the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of Major species throughout the lifespan.