Petty Officer 1st Class Mallady

Name Mallady

Position Nurse

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Hermaphrodite
Species Catraphor
Date of Birth Rude question to ask a lady, even a bug lady
Place of Birth Catraphor Main
Languages Standard, Chemical Signalling, Seamphore
Sexual Orientation Other

Physical Appearance

Height 5" (7 with the antenna's)
Weight 150
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Imagine a praying mantis.
Imagine a friendly praying mantis.
Imagine a praying mantis with medical training and a charming sense of humor.

Chitinous armour, reverse articulating joints, vision stretching into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. And a smile that can send battle hardened Marine's running in the opposite direction in terror.

Currently, in Mallady's life cycle, she is female. But due to Catraphor genetic's, this could change depending on her age and the availability of suitable mates. She has already undergone pathogenies twice and is a mother of forty. Somewhere.

Catraphors aren't exactly clingy parents.


Spouse None
Children Many but, really their not people. Don't get her wrong she's glad that they exist, but their just...things. When they get older, and begin contributing to the species then she'd give a hoot.
Father Definetly had one of those.
Mother Probably had one of these
Brother(s) That' awfully big number.
Sister(s) Somewhere between 1 and that imaginary number your math teacher warned you about.
Other Family Literally millions of metric tons of family. All Catraphor's are related in some fashion, make birthdays a bit of a burden. What do you get a hive of nearly a trillion sentients? (Amazon gift cards, that's what)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mallady is a bug, a singular mind that is also part of a vast interconnected consciousness. Thinks like a Borg, can joke like a sailor, and loves show tunes. Like a lot. LIke she's just humming them out on her back legs like a cicada auditioning for a role in Hamilton.
Strengths & Weaknesses Can survive gross bodily trauma like the loss of a limb, and still retain enough of her mind to beat a Jem'hadar to death with self-same limb.

Cats. She loves cats. They are her only weakness, but you know what they say: you can't just have one. They're like the McNuggets of Starfleet in her mind: good with BBQ sauce.
Ambitions To join the cast of Hamilton at some point. One of those thousands of audition tapes will make it through.
Hobbies & Interests She like's looking after people, but then again as part of a large semi hive-minded species, social care is at the forefront of her mind. And given Arkady is a brutal thug with a strange bent for looking after people, Mallady has seen fit to hitch her wagon to his.

Her interests reside in xenobiology and after patient care. And her crippling addiction to show tunes. It's embarrassing.

Personal History You want a reason she joined Starfleet? Because she's a member of a K-strategy species instead of the warm-blooded R-type's like mankind and Vulcans. Catraphor's breed big in the hope that some of the brood survives to adulthood to spawn, whereas Humans invest a ludicrous amount of time in raising one or two offsprings.

To that end Mallady joined Starfleet, seeing it as the only sure fire way to ensure more of her species survived if the Borg, the Dominion or 'Random Event Generators' deemed her planet important enough to kill off.

It was whilst attending Starfleet Academy that she was invited to see a musical called Grease...and thus began the obsession as noted above. The vibration of the music, the pitch, the melody, the synchronisation of the was a slice of home away from the homeworld.

During the Dominion War Mallady met a gruff Russian.
During the Dominion War, she survived the exact same number of Starship crashes as Arkady, mostly because they served together.

This again perked up her survival instinct: if Arkady was able to roll away from disaster, sticking close to him was a sure fire way to not die a horribly messy death. So far so good, right?