Commander Arturo M'Rohass

Name Arturo M'Rohass

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Date of Birth April 30th 2356
Age 32
Place of Birth Unknown
Languages Cardassian, Klingon, Imperial Standard
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 4'10"
Weight 100lbs
Hair Color Orange/White Tabby
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Short, well muscled, somewhat scarred from fighting for his keep.


Other Family Xiulan Song. Officially, Xiulan is Arturo's slave. It was the best available option that would allow him to protect her and keep her with him. Unofficially, she is his lover, his confidant, and his advisor. Some people have begun to suspect that the deaths of some of the people Arturo has killed, both officially and unofficially, have been her idea. On the other hand, no one wants to cross Arturo by 'interfering' with Xiulan in anyway. Most of those who have tried have suffered fatal accidents.

Personality & Traits

Personal History Arturo was a slave to a Cardassian Gul named Erejah Natal. Erejah first purchased the tiny Caitian when he was very young. She kept him around for her amusement and the amusement of her guests and children. Early on in his service to Gul Natal, someone suggested to the Gul that she train the kitten to fight so that she could run him as a pit fighter when he reached his teenage years. Erejah liked this idea and hired Klingons to teach the kitten to defend himself and to destroy his enemies.

Arturo eventually earned the respect of his Klingon trainers by mastering technique after technique. On his fourteenth birthday, Erejah threw Arturo into the fighting pit. He won his first fight and won his mistress a nice sum in a wager. More wins for Arturo led to more wins for Erejah which led to more fights.
One of Erejha’s daughters, Farasha, took a perverse interest in Arturo and forced Arturo to satisfy her carnal desires whenever she could steal him away from training and fighting. While Arturo admits that this was a good release, he resented to the coercion involved. Erejah’s daughter forcing herself on him led Arturo to promise himself that one day he would control a woman the way Farasha controlled him.

During this period, Arturo befriended a young, blind Human slave by the name of Xiulan Song. She was seven years younger than him and was a ‘pet’ of Farasha. Arturo knew that one day he would kill Farasha, steal Xiulan away so her could protect her from a hostile galaxy that held so many dangers for her. He would make her his. He would offer her freedom in exchange for devotion. He would not need to keep her as a slave. She would stay with him of her own accord, because he willed it to be so.

As the Terran Rebellion gained momentum, Arturo waited for his chance to make his move. It came when a group of rebels began an insurgency on the planet governed by Gul Natal. He was able to make contact with the group and was able to provide them with intelligence regarding the best times to assassinate Farasha, in exchange for his freedom and Xiulan’s. If the other slaves present at the time could be freed, so be it. Arturo didn’t hold much faith that Farasha’s most trusted slaves and ‘pets’ would choose to leave. Some of them enjoyed the so-called benefits of being close to power and would not soon trade comfort for freedom. Those slaves thought they were better than Arturo and Xiulan. They treated Arturo like a filthy animal. As such, the angry young Caitian cared little for them.

The time came for the assassination attempt and the rebels nearly screwed it up. Farasha would have escaped were it not for Arturo. Once he was freed, he ran her down and viciously attacked her. When he was done, Farasha’s corpse looked like it had been mauled by an animal. Arturo joined the rebels and participated in many raids and insurgent attacks. He learned to build IEDs and how to set up ambushes. Eventually, Arturo made it off-world, where he was taught to be a pilot and given tactical training. As the Terrans acquired ships (usually small Cardassian and Klingon ships) Arturo worked his way through the ranks quickly despite being such an obvious alien. He both proved his loyalty to the cause and his willingness to harm those who sought to hurt him. One by one, he transformed his enemies into allies. Those unwilling to make the transformation disappeared in such a way as there could be no doubt as to how their own actions led to their ‘disappearance’ and who was responsible for making them disappear.

While the Terran Empire is predominantly controlled by Terrans, if a determined alien was ambitious, hard-working, loyal where loyalty was required, yet treacherous where treachery was required, and above all, lucky, he or she could rise to a position of prominence. This Arturo did in short order, attracting the attention of Claudia Ainscow, joining her in her takeover of the Terran Dominion, and helping her to declare herself Empress, which earned him an position on the ISS Vindex as a helmsman and later as First Officer.

When Arturo joined the rebels, he brought Xiulan with him. To protect her, he declared that she belonged to him, and that anyone who laid a hand on her would answer to him, only he wouldn’t be interested in anything they had to say. When the Terran Dominion came into being, Arturo decided that the best way for him to keep Xiulan safe was to make her his slave officially. In reality, while she does fill the role of servant, she is also his lover, his confidant, his advisor, and, at times, his conscience. However, it should not be assumed that Xiulan is as pure as the driven snow.
Service Record 2372-2378 Rebel, Officer in the Terran military
2378-2381 Officer in the Terran military, assists Claudia Ainscow in her efforts to eliminate her enemies and declare herself Empress.
2381-2384 Helmsman, ISS Vindex
2384-2384 Discovers that the Executive Officer of the ISS Vindex is a member of a conspiracy to overthrow the Empress. Tortures the man with a portable agonizer until he gives up everything he knows about the plan, then turns him over to security having recorded the whole thing. The Empress orders that Arturo be promoted in rank and that assume the position of Executive Officer of the Vindex.