Captain Isobel Joyce

Name Isobel Raegan Joyce

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth December 24, 2352
Age 35
Place of Birth Epsilon Indi II
Languages Federation Standard
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Blonde (dark)
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Isobel is of average height for a woman her age and is also of average weight. She has nautrally brunette hair (currently dark blonde) and hazel eyes which Isobel inherited from her mother who she shares many other facial features with. Her hair is just below shoulder length and is often curled at the bottom


Father Rear Admiral John Joyce (Starfleet Command)
Mother Elizabeth Joyce
Sister(s) Josephine Joyce (older)
Megan Joyce (younger)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Isobel's sense of humour is one of her most noticeable traits. She will always try to add humour to the situation if she thinks it is an appropriate time to do so. She is a kind and caring person who likes to help people out and give them somebody to talk to whenever she can - although Isobel won't tolerate being messed about unnecessarily or having things thrown back in her face

Isobel is an efficient officer who does not appreciate dithering or time wasting. She likes to complete her tasks as quickly and effectively as possible
Strengths & Weaknesses Isobel is a very humorous person although at times she can perhaps go a bit over the top - however her timing has always been appropriate. She is very tactically minded and knows how to adapt certain tactics to suit different situations

Isobel can often find it difficult to form long term relationships as she doesn't feel like she can commit to anything and prefers having the freedom to move around of her own choice rather than following a partner
Ambitions Isobel would one day like to command her own starship or at least get to the level of Executive Officer before she retires. After retirement Isobel plans to return to her mother's home town on Earth and open her own riverside restaurant and potentially settle down with a partner
Hobbies & Interests Isobel enjoys listening to music, walking and kayaking

Serial Number CA-534734529-J
Security Access Code Level 10
Security Access Level Alpha-1
Command Access Authorisation Code Joyce-5-6-Echo-Zulu
Voice Authorisation Code Joyce-Gamma-4-6
Duty Shift Alpha (08:00-16:00)
Shift Assignment Commanding Officer
Personal History Isobel was born on Epsilon Indi II in 2352 as a result of her mother visiting the planet to visit her father - the then Captain John Joyce - who was based there with his ship the USS Nairana. She was the second child born to Captain Joyce and his wife Elizabeth. Isobel remained on Epsilon Indi II for a few years before she finally got to visit Earth when John requested his wife returned to the safety of the Federation's capital planet

Isobel lived on Earth with her mother and two sisters Josephine and Megan - and out of the three Joyce sisters Isobel was the only one who expressed an interest in following in their father's footsteps. At the age of twelve she had decided she wanted to join Starfleet - and nothing was going to change her mind. Even if she wasn't going to be able to serve with her father Isobel still wanted to go and explore space just like Captain Joyce had

In 2367 Isobel was able to visit her father John's new starship at Utopia Planitia ahead of its launch - the brand new Akira-class USS Illustrious. Being able to see aboard a starship for herself made Isobel realise even more that joining Starfleet was still always going to be what she wanted to do. After returning to Earth before her father took the Illustrious to its designated operating area near to the Badlands Isobel counted down the days until she could join Starfleet

Finally the day came in 2370 - Isobel's 18th birthday - where she became old enough to join Starfleet. She couldn't have applied to sit the entrance exam any quicker if she had tried to. After being accepted for the exam Isobel travelled to San Francisco to sit the exam before she returned home to Chester to await the results. The wait was extremely tense for Isobel as she was convinced she hadn't made the grade - but a week later Isobel was informed she had passed the entrance exam with flying colours and had been accepted into the Starfleet Academy

After saying goodbye to her mother and two sisters Isobel moved to San Francisco to begin the four year journey that would see her qualify as a Starfleet Officer at the end of it

Starfleet History to come
Service Record 2371-75: Starfleet Academy
2375: Graduated at the rank of Ensign
2375-79: USS Falkirk NCC-44593 (Strategic Operations Officer)
2377: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2379-81: USS Cambria NCC-45289 (Assistant Strategic Operations Officer)
2379: Promoted to Lieutenant
2381-82: USS Cambria NCC-45289 (Chief Strategic Operations Officer)
2382: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2382-85: USS Renown NCC-2413 (Chief Strategic Operations Officer/Executive Officer)
2385-88: USS Renown NCC-2413 (Executive Officer)
2386: Promoted to Commander
2388-88: USS Derbyshire NCC-8399-C (Executive Officer)
2388: Promoted to Captain
2388-pres: USS Derbyshire NCC-8399-C (Commanding Officer)