Lieutenant JG Tora Benjarvi

Name Tora Benjarvi

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 3 in
Weight 207 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Benjarvi or Benj as he prefers to be called is an imposing figure. He is tall, large and very muscular from his training. He looks like he is slow and unyielding, but looks can be deceiving. While weight training has packed on the muscles, most of his training is in the realm of martial arts. He is quick, agile and graceful for a man of his size.

Being Bajoran, he sports 6 ridges across his nose that is common with his people. He also wears the ornate earring of his people. Benj keeps his unform clean and crisp. When off duty, he typically wears workout clothes, unless he is going to temple services... then he is dress in typical Bajoran fashion.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Taldrek
Mother Sylvana
Brother(s) Leet - Bajoran Militia
Cosmar - Vedek
Sister(s) Seela - Minister's Aide

Personality & Traits

General Overview Benj is a very religious and dedicated person. He sees no higher calling than to serve those less fortunate and to serve the will of the prophets. His name means Emissary, and while he really is the Emissary, he prefers to see him doing the prophet's work. He is very firm in his believe that he is on a spiritual pilgrimage in the Gamma Quadrant. He has and eye for detail and constantly works to improve himself. For the most part, he is laid back and very friendly and open. However, when faced with a crisis or a threat, he is very quick to respond. In his mind, action beats inaction every time.

Due to Bajoran naming conventions, it would be proper to address him officially as title + Tora, while in personal times, calling him Benjarvi, so Ensign Tora while on duty and Benjarvi or Benj as he prefers off duty.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - knows his job well... has an above average level of tactical/strategic knowledge... His loyalty to Starfleet is very well known.

Weaknesses - sometimes he acts a little too quickly. His spiritual beliefs sometimes are at odds with his job requirement. He spends time in devotion and pray to help him find the path between the two different parts of his life.
Ambitions To enter the Celestial Temple and speak to the Prophets
Hobbies & Interests Benj likes to socialize, but not really party. He spends at least an hour a day in prayer and even though they are in the Gamma Quadrant, he uses the holodeck to conduct his temple services.

Benj likes to read up on the latest prophecies and he loves to workout and do strenuous activities - hiking, swimming, etc.

Personal History Benj grew up on Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation. Life was hard for him and his family in the ore processing camps, but one day a resistance cell was able to liberate them.

Their entire family was able to escape and, for a time, they traveled from place to place with the Resistance, helping out where they could. Even at a young age, Benj witness several atrocities that still haunt him today. Many times, he was left alone while his parents carried out raids. It is one reason that he likes to be around so many people these days.

By the age of 8, the Occupation had ended and Commander Sisko and the Federation had taken over DS9. Benj and his siblings returned to school to get some semblence of an education, though the Occupation directed their paths in very dramatic ways.

By 2383, Benj joined the Bajoran Militia to help with security on DS 9. Three years later, after learning all he could about Starfleet, he submitted his request to join Starfleet Academy and was accepted.

Being older than most cadets had its advantages, Benj was bigger, stronger and faster than most of the kids, but it did get him more than a bit of taunting and teasing.

Through all of this, one thing that remained constant in his live was his religion. Daily he prayed to the prophets for guidance and anytime he was back home, he was either on DS9 observing the wormhole or at the Vedek Assembly.

By 2387 Benji had graduated and was assigned as an Ensign to the USS Vesper as a Tactical Officer. Less than one year later, he jumped at the chance to join the USS Vendex going to the Gamma Quadrant.
Service Record 2380 Joined the Bajoran Militia
2383 Accepted into Starfleet Academy
2387 Graduated Starfleet Academy - Ensign
2388 Transferred to the USS Vendex