Lieutenant JG Anthony Andrews

Name Anthony Jeremy Andrews

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth April 4, 2353
Age 35
Place of Birth Northampton, England, Earth
Languages Federation Standard
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tony is a well built man who has built up his fitness and strength through regular exercise and a balanced diet from a very young age. He is a double of his father Jeremy - although Tony is two inches taller and his mother's eyes. Tony has short brown hair which he likes to keep short and tidy at all times. He has deep blue eyes which is the only trait that he inherited from his late mother Sarah

Tony likes to remain clean shaven although on occasion he is known to grow a beard if he feels like it. He is always smart and well presented on duty with very high standards regarding his appearance. When he is off duty Tony likes to wear casual clothes - usually a smart shirt and jeans - as well as the trademark leather jacket he has possessed since graduating from Starfleet

Thanks to his fitness and strength Tony is capable of walking very long distances quicker than a lot of his human colleagues - this trait often coming in useful for planetary based reconnaissance missions over long distances. He is also excellent at hand to hand combat and possesses excellent agility for a male of his height and build


Spouse Marie Wallace (former)
Children Elsie Cusack (née Andrews; estranged daughter; born 2376)
Father Jeremy Andrews
Mother Sarah Andrews

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tony is a very kind, gentle and caring man who always likes to make time for his daughter, friends and colleagues. He is very patient and likes to listen to what others have to say - often putting the well being of others before his own. Tony's abundance patience is useful in showing less experienced officers what to do and helping new arrivals to settle in. Tony is extremely laid back and is very easy to make friends with - although he always likes to choose his friends wisely
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Abundance of patience
- Strength, stamina and endurance
- Very kind and caring
- Dedicated and extremely loyal

- Emotional tendencies
- Often wants to do more than he needs to
Ambitions Tony's main ambition is to enjoy his career and provide for his daughter Elsie - whose mother abandoned her with her father when she was young. Many officers often dream of their own commands and although Tony would like to do that he wouldn't be disheartened if that opportunity never materialises
Hobbies & Interests Tony enjoys listening to music - with particular artists/bands he enjoys listening to being David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. When not listening to them in his quarters he likes to watch historical concerts featuring those - and others - on the holodeck. He also enjoys playing poker and always likes to try and form a group to regularly play poker wherever he is assigned. To maintain his fitness Tony likes to partake in sparring in his spare time as well as exercising in the gym. He also enjoys home cooking - always preferring to cook his food fresh rather than eating from the replicator

Serial Number JD-53812175-U
Duty Shift Beta (16:00-00:00)
Shift Assignment Tactical Officer
Location of Quarters Deck 8; Room 0820
Personal History Tony was born in the Midlands in England in 2353 as the only child of Jeremy and Sarah Andrews. He wasn't planned to be the only child however due to complications during his birth this meant the Andrews family weren't able to have any more children. Nevertheless Jeremy and Sarah felt blessed to have Tony and made sure that he enjoyed his childhood as best as they could

Throughout school Tony's kind and caring nature earned him a lot of respect - although he always heeded his father's advice to choose his friends extremely carefully so they didn't take advantage of Tony's kindness and generosity. This advice worked well for Tony and although he didn't have many friends during his childhood he was happy and never found himself feeling alone. He was academically talented and excelled in Mathematics and Music - two subjects he had a passion for and great desire to succeed in. Despite this it wasn't all easy going - just as Tony finished his further education - his mother Sarah tragically died of an undiagnosed illness when he was just 18. This affected him deeply although he was more determined than ever to press ahead with his plans to enter Starfleet Academy and make his father and late mother proud of him

The loss of his mother inspired and drove Tony even more to making sure that he succeeded in entering the Academy. After successfully passing his entrance exam Tony moved from England to San Francisco to commence his studies - despite initial reservations of leaving his father by himself. After being accepted onto his chosen course Tony soon found himself on the right path and did well in his studies. Despite being surrounded by such a large number of people Tony still felt it best to choose his friends wisely and only made a few friends during his time at the Academy - although he remains in contact with them today

The next two years flew by for Tony - with his studies and regular visits back to England to visit his father. At the age of 22 he completed his training and was commissioned as a Tactical Officer at the rank of Ensign. After taking a short break to spend some time with his family before setting out on his Starfleet career Tony was assigned to the USS Trident - an Excelsior-class starship - in 2375

Tony was assigned to the USS Trident in 2375. Beginning his career on the Trident was extremely enjoyable and he built up a good relationship with his department head - who Tony came to respect greatly. In 2376 Tony learned he had become a father to a baby girl that his former girlfriend had given birth to - however the messages to let Tony know before the baby arrived had failed to reach him. He took two months' leave to spend time with his newborn daughter who was named Elsie in memory of his late grandmother.

A year after joining the Trident the vessel returned to Earth for a refit and he discovered that Elsie's mother no longer wanted to look after her - so Tony decided to look after his daughter and brought her aboard the Trident to live with him. Despite trying to balance looking after Elsie and his career he felt it was the right decision and one that he didn't regret making.

In 2379 the Trident was sent on a long range patrol mission to a remote planet in the Beta Quadrant. Tony was chosen to join the away team to scout the surface of the planet for any life on what was expected to be a 12 hour away mission - although it ended up lasting a week after Tony and the rest of the team were taken captive by the planet's pre-warp inhabitants. After negotiating for their release Tony and the team were returned to the Trident and they were given a short leave of absence before returning to active duty. Tony had considered resigning from Starfleet after the incident so he could take Elsie back to Earth - although he later changed his mind and continued with his career

After eight years on the Trident Tony chose to take the opportunity to transfer to the USS Renown - which was also an Excelsior-class starship - that had undergone an extensive refit to prolong its service life and upgrade its tactical capabilities. Once the Trident had returned to Utopia Planitia for the same modifications Tony and Elsie bid farewell to the starship they had called home for eight years and started to settle into their new home aboard the Renown. The Renown was initially assigned to patrol the Badlands however after only a few months it was transferred to the Beta Quadrant. After two years aboard the Renown Tony decided to take the opportunity to transfer to another Excelsior-class starship - this time the USS Odyssey - which was under the command of Captain Christian Templeton

For the next three years Tony continued to enjoy his career and never let the fact opportunities for promotion never came up bother him. His career took a turn in 2388 when the Odyssey entered The Desolate Expanse on a reconnaissance mission with two other starships to find out more information about an unknown enemy that had previously attacked two Federation vessels. Tragically however the Odyssey was attacked and critically damaged by the enemy before the Excelsior-class vessel had time to react. Tony and Elsie managed to escape with a few of their possessions before the Odyssey succumbed to the severe damage and was destroyed. They and others were rescued by the USS Nogura - and when hew was offered the opportunity to stay on the Sovereign-class vessel permanently Tony agreed and remained on board with Elsie until his loyalty to The Consortium was exposed following a mutiny aboard the Nogura

After being arrested and removed from duty Tony had to say goodbye his daughter Elsie who was adopted by former friend Martha Cusack - one of two people Tony felt the most guilty betraying by partaking in the mutiny. Upon the Nogura's arrival at Starbase Unity he left the vessel in disgrace - with his career over and his daughter and former best friend both telling Tony that they never wanted to see him again

After being apprehended and giving up information that led to the arrest of two Consortium agents Tony agreed to join the USS Vindex - albeit now as a provisional Ensign - having vowed to never turn to The Consortium again. Following the completion of his mission Tony was given a period of leave before he joined the Starfleet Security detachment on Nova Mercia as a security officer - regaining his previous rank
Service Record 2375-83: USS Trident NCC-24520 (Tactical Officer)
2383-85: USS Renown NCC-2413 (Tactical Officer)
2384: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385-88: USS Odyssey NCC-79011 (Tactical Officer)
2388-88: USS Nogura NCC-78204 (Tactical Officer)
2388-88: USS Nogura NCC-78204 (Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer)
2388: Arrested by Starfleet for his role in the Nogura mutiny. Demoted to the rank of Ensign
2388-88: USS Vindex NCC-2474-A (Tactical Officer)
2388: Regained rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388-pres: Starfleet Security; Nova Mercia (Security Officer)