Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon

Name Nealey Gwyneth Snowdon

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Fri Aug 18th, 2017 @ 8:42pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth July 16, 2365
Age 23
Place of Birth Warrington, England, Earth
Languages Federation Standard
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 117 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Nealey is a short woman who has a smile that could melt butter. She has below shoulder length brown hair which is usually curled at the bottom and brown eyes. Nealey has a slender figure and she is very physically fit possessing more physical strength than her size and figure would suggest


Father Paul Snowdon (2335-2367)
Mother Elizabeth Brinsley (2337-2367)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although very talented and good at her job Nealey is still a fragile and distrusting person who likes to isolate herself from almost anyone outside of work. Nealey rarely shares her problems with others - feeling that she'd be wasting their time - and tends to keep them bottled up instead
Strengths & Weaknesses Nealey is a resourceful person who can use her initiative to make use of what she has in a difficult situation. Very physically strong Nealey can often take on people twice her size - much to the surprise of her colleagues and opponents.

Nealey simply does not trust anybody and finds it extremely difficult to start talking to anybody - let alone talk to them. If she keeps her emotions bottled up for too long it can make Nealey very irritable and potentially lead to an emotional outburst. She is also susceptible to a lack of respect for authority which has got her into trouble more than once
Ambitions Nealey would like to be a department head on day however she does not wish to go to a higher level than that
Hobbies & Interests Despite her choice of career in Operations Nealey enjoys collecting various bladed and energy weapons. She also learned the martial art of Muay Thai during her time in the Academy and has become extremely proficient in it. Every day after the end of each shift Nealey works out in the gym and also practices Muay Thai on the holodeck

Serial Number KX-1245498366-G
Security Access Code Level 4
Security Access Level Alpha-1
Command Access Authorisation Code Snowdon-6-3-Alpha-Theta
Voice Authorisation Code Snowdon-Gamma-3-9
Duty Shift Beta (16:00-00:00)
Shift Assignment Operations Officer (bridge)
Location of Quarters Deck 5; Room 0507
Personal History Coming soon
Service Record 2383-87: Starfleet Academy
2387: Graduated at the rank of Ensign
2387-88: USS Endurance NCC-1606-B (Operations Officer)
2388: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388-pres: USS Vindex NCC-2474-A (Operations Officer)