Lieutenant JG Lucia Cusack

Name Lucia Rosa Cusack

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth February 25, 2366
Age 22
Place of Birth La Spezia, Italy, Earth
Languages Federation Standard, Italian
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 129 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At 5'5" tall Lucia has a slender figure with long brown hair and deep brown eyes. She possesses her mother's good looks - a fact that Lucia is constantly reminded of - although she is happy to be told so. She has long brunette hair which she enjoys wearing in different styles. The one feature Lucia shares with her father is her deep brown eyes

Lucia always takes great pride in her appearance and always makes sure that is completely happy with how she is presented before leaving her quarters to go on duty or attend any social gatherings


Spouse Lieutenant Martha Cusack (m. 2388)
Children Elsie Cusack (née Andrews, adopted daughter; b. 2376)
Father Captain David Hutchinson Sr. (Commanding Officer - USS Renown)
Mother Clarissa Hutchinson (née Sorrentino)
Brother(s) Commander David Hutchinson Jr. (Executive Officer - USS Belfast) (b. 2356)
Sister(s) Ariana Hutchinson (b. 2361)
Selena Hutchinson (b. 2372)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucia is a kind and caring individual who can always be seen with a smile on her face. She is a strong willed and dedicated person who will always do her best and is always happy to be corrected if she is wrong as well as to learn new things
Strengths & Weaknesses Lucia is an extremely good marksman and always achieved the highest accuracy ratings in her classes at The Academy. She is also good at hand to hand combat although she prefers to engage her enemies from a distance if possible. Lucia is also a talented singer and guitar player

Lucia can sometimes become too emotional and this can occasionally cloud her judgement. She can also become overenthusiastic and overthink things more than necessary
Ambitions Lucia would eventually like to become a department head and potentially have another child with her wife Martha. Further ahead Lucia would like to retire to Italy with her wife and any future children they have together when the time is right
Hobbies & Interests Lucia enjoys music and is a very talented singer and guitar player. She enjoys playing in the bar of the ship she is serving on - although she will only do so on request. Lucia is very family orientated and loves spending time with Martha and Elsie in their quarters or enjoying a family activity on the holodeck or elsewhere on the ship

Serial Number NR-237675546-S
Command Access Authorisation Code TBC
Voice Authorisation Code TBC
Duty Shift Alpha (08:00-16:00)
Shift Assignment Security Officer
Location of Quarters TBC
Personal History Lucia "Che" Cusack (née Hutchinson) was the third of four children born to David and Clarissa Hutchinson. She was born in Italy however following the birth of her younger sister Selena - the family relocated to Northern Ireland to be closer to father David's family whilst he was serving in Starfleet. Clarissa's family had never approved of her choice to marry a Starfleet officer - and after offering her an ultimatum - Clarissa stood by her husband. At the time of Lucia's birth in 2366 her father was a Lieutenant Commander - serving aboard the USS Vanguard as the Chief Tactical/Security Officer. Her mother worked in a local bakery part time so she could look after her family in David's absence

Lucia was her father's favourite - she was always happy to see her father and enjoyed hearing his stories about his time in space meeting different species and visiting new planets that Lucia had only ever dreamed of. By the time Lucia started school her father was now an Executive Officer at the rank of Commander aboard the USS Belfast - coincidentally named given his place of birth. All of Lucia's siblings always looked up to her despite being the second youngest out of her siblings - and she was always happy and wanted to help other people

Throughout her time in school Lucia had many friends and she always did well in her classes. She turned out to be a very talented singer and Lucia's absolute favourite subject was music - a subject which she excelled in. However - despite her mother's attempts to persuade Lucia to take up music or join her at the local bakery - Lucia knew that she wanted to join Starfleet alongside her father and her brother who also intended on joining once he was old enough. Lucia wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and explore the galaxy so she could tell her own stories to her family just like David Senior had

After she left high school in 2382 Lucia had two years to enjoy her life before attempting to join Starfleet - especially as her brother had successfully graduated from Starfleet Academy in the same year and had been posted to the USS Belfast which was now under the command of their father - who had received command of the Belfast after the previous Commanding Officer had taken command of another vessel. Lucia spent two years enjoying her life to the full - travelling around Europe and visiting her family in Italy. Despite their disappointment in Clarissa for marrying a Starfleet officer - they were happy to meet Lucia for the first time since she departed Italy in 2369

Just before she entered Starfleet Academy her mother made a last attempt to prevent Lucia from joining Starfleet. Realising it was really what her daughter wanted she let her proceed - and Lucia was grateful. Following her entrance exam - Lucia was successful and started her training. Six months into her Academy training Lucia met her first love - however it took almost nine months for Lucia to admit her feelings for her roommate Megan Porter. After a year of indecision they became an item in 2387. Unfortunately for Lucia her first relationship ended up in heartbreak just over a year later - but despite this she still continued with her training as best as she could

In 2388 - just two months away from graduation - Lucia was very close to leaving the Academy and returning home to Northern Ireland. It was encouragement from her mother that prevented her from doing so and Lucia successfully passed. Following her graduation Lucia was assigned to the USS Nogura as a security officer. This pleased Lucia a massive amount as it was the same position that both her brother and father and brother had first been assigned to after they had graduated from Starfleet Academy

Following her successful graduation from Starfleet Academy in 2388 Lucia was posted to the Beta Quadrant based Sovereign-class vessel USS Nogura as a security officer - at the rank of Ensign. Lucia chose to stay aboard the vessel when it transferred to the Gamma Quadrant

In 2388 after a short relationship Lucia married the love of her life - her department head Lieutenant JG Martha Cusack - and after becoming Lucia Cusack she jointly adopted the daughter of former friend Tony Andrews after he left the the Nogura following his defection to the Consortium

The Cusacks' time on the Nogura ended in August 2388 when they moved to the USS Vindex. They subsequently left the vessel in October 2388 when Martha gained a position as Head of Starfleet Tactical's detatchment on Nova Mercia. Lucia became a part of the planet's Starfleet Security detachment
Service Record 2384-88: Starfleet Academy
2388-88: USS Nogura NCC-78204 (Security Officer)
2388: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388-88: USS Nogura NCC-78204 (Security Officer)
2388-88: USS Vindex NCC-2474-A (Security Officer)
2388-pres: Starfleet Security; Nova Mercia (Security Officer)