Captain Graham Holmes

Name Graham Russell Holmes

Position USS Endurance-B Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Mon Mar 6th, 2017 @ 8:17pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth January 10, 2350
Age 38
Place of Birth Warrington, England, Earth
Languages Federation Standard
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 142 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Graham is of average height for his species and gender although his imposing looks make up for his average stature. He has brown hair and brown eyes with a well groomed circular beard. Graham has an average complexion without freckles - although he looks good for his age crows feet are starting to appear around his eyes

Graham is always well presented regardless of whether he is on or off duty. When he is off duty Graham usually goes for a smart casual look with a shirt and trousers and casual shoes - occasionally he will go for a more casual look in the form of a shirt and jeans


Father Christopher Holmes
Mother Valerie Holmes

Personality & Traits

General Overview Graham is a calm and collected individual with a lot of time for other people. He likes to lead by example and will always ensure his crew are well looked after and have their best interests and safety at the the top of his list. Although relatively new to the command chair Graham doesn't let his lack of experience affect his judgement

One to allow his crew freedom to extent Graham is also willing to throw the book at people if he feels it is necessary. Ultimately however Graham likes to keep his crew's morale up and will not resort to reminding people of the rules unless it becomes necessary
Strengths & Weaknesses Graham is a tactical expert thanks to his years of experience in the security and tactical division of Starfleet. He is a strong leader which allows him to lead the crew into difficult situations with confidence in his decisions. Graham is also a talented artist and enjoys painting in his quarters when off duty as he finds it therapeutic

Although he has been single for most of his life save for a few short relationships Graham has never felt able to commit to a relationship with anyone for longer than a few months. He also finds it hard to deny his beloved pet dog too many treats or walks - although Graham has made a concerted effort to cut down on the former in recent times
Ambitions Graham one day hopes to retire from Starfleet and set up his own art studio back on Earth to sell his paintings for good causes. Previously Graham had aspired to command his own ship and ensure that his parents were well looked after in his absence
Hobbies & Interests Graham enjoys reading, listening to classical music and painting. He finds his inspiration from paintings from almost anything - inanimate objects he sees during his day-to-day duties to scenery he sees when visiting planets. Graham is also keen to build up a good rapport with his crew and likes to hold social nights every couple of weeks to keep crew morale high

Serial Number BM-3423754362-C
Security Access Code Alpha-2
Security Access Level Level 10
Command Access Authorisation Code Holmes-5-3-Delta-Golf
Voice Authorisation Code Holmes-Alpha-1-4
Duty Shift Alpha (08:00-16:00)
Shift Assignment Commanding Officer
Location of Quarters Deck 4; Room 0401
Personal History Coming soon
Service Record 2368-72: Starfleet Academy
2372: Graduated at the rank of Ensign
2372-76: USS Millennium NCC-2451 (Tactical Officer)
2374: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2376-80: USS Millennium NCC-2451 (Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer)
2376: Promoted to Lieutenant
2380-84: USS Derbyshire NCC-8399-B (Chief Tactical/Security Officer)
2383: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2384-88: Command Academy
2388: Promoted to Commander
2388-88: USS Endurance NCC-1606-B (Executive Officer)
2388: Promoted to Captain
2388-pres: USS Endurance NCC-1606-B (Commanding Officer)