Ensign Asher Maddison

Name Asher May Maddison MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Counselor

Rank Ensign


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Fri May 19th, 2017 @ 1:57pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth January 25th, 2366
Age 22
Place of Birth England
Languages English
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 6ins
Weight 8st 7lbs
Hair Color Blonde (dyed)
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Asher is an attractive and tall young woman with blue eyes and blonde hair, although her natural colour is brunette.


Father John Maddison
Mother Sabrina Maddison
Sister(s) Georgiana Maddison (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Asher seems to attract attention wherever she ends up, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This doesn’t affect her ability to work, and she is always there to give 110% from the start to the end of her day. Asher likes to socialise and make friends, something she has always found easy to do.
Strengths & Weaknesses Asher is a highly skilled Doctor who has a lot of empathy and care to give to her patients. Counselling is another tool in her set of skills, and she can be called upon to provide someone to talk to and offer them help. This has come from her past life experiences due to the death of her sister, Georgiana.

Asher’s weakness is her private lack of self confidence in her appearance, never convincing herself that she is happy with her looks. On a night out, Asher can sometimes lose sight of when to stop, and ends up drinking too much.
Hobbies & Interests Asher likes singing and playing her guitar, which she inherited from her sister when she passed away. She usually learns existing songs, but sometimes Asher writes her own songs which she records and sends to her parents.

Personal History Asher was born on January 25th, 2366, to John and Sabrina. Asher was the second and youngest child, with her sister Georgiana being four years older. Her early life was uneventful, mostly, but from a young age Asher always wanted to be a Doctor. Asher and Georgiana both had a wonderful start to life, getting the best of everything, with their proud parents desperate for their daughters to have the best platform to start the rest of their lives from.

That start in life came to a tragic end for Georgiana, when she died in a climbing accident while the Maddison family were on holiday. It sent Asher into the deepest and darkest place she had ever been, a place she has never properly left with constant guilt of Asher wishing it was her and not her sister who had fallen from the rock face. When she was 15, Asher decided she wanted to be a Doctor, and get away from home and the haunting and overhanging memory of losing her sister.

Instead of staying on planet Earth, Asher went to Starfleet Academy to train as a Doctor. Four years later, Asher qualified and received her first assignment.
Service Record USS Vindex, Doctor.