Ensign Ahira Kasamoto

Name Ahira Joesph Kasamoto

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Eurasian/Half Romulan
Date of Birth Nov 10, 2363
Age 26
Place of Birth Darius V
Languages Romulan, Japanese, Standard, fluently Vulcan conversationally
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description It's not easy at first glance to determine Ahira's hybrid nature. His ears are slightly pointed, but only when he becomes stressed or angry does his pronounced Romulan brow become evident. Otherwise, people might assume he is half Vulcan.

His most striking feature are eyes. They are a warm, luminous, golden brown and are somewhat deep set. With his dark hair and Asian features, he has almost an exotic look.

He stands just a shade under five feet nine and weighs a lithe one hundred and sixty pounds. He has a decent six-pack and it is clear that he takes care of himself, but he has a lithe, sinewy build, like that of a gymnast or swimmer as opposed to a bodybuilder.

There is a four-inch scar below his right rib, where his heart would be if he were he fully Romulan, from where his mother stabbed him. Despite his rather colorful and checkered past, however, he has no other scars or distinguishing features.

While not in uniform, Ahira tends to wear casual though trendy clothing.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Daniel Kasamoto
Mother Sair Kasamoto (deceased)
Brother(s) Branden (22)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None that he would like to claim or that would claim him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ahira has been through a lot in his young life. He does a good job, most of the time, in keeping his past hidden and contained. However, it is hard to keep everything under wraps and from coming to the surface.

He functions well under normal conditions, though he might be somewhat restless. However, when he is under pressure, his instincts tend to take over and depending on the situation can be very good or very bad.

He tends to speak his mind regardless of circumstances and doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Though he has serious commitment and intimacy issues, he is a natural flirt, with the gift of gab. He would rather talk his way out of a situation than fight his way out, though if talking doesn't work he is more than prepared to take care of himself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ahira has a number of attributes or abilities, that would be considered a strength. He has been studying the Yang style of Tai-Chi and has become quite accomplished in it. It is not only an efficient fighting style, that uses an opponent's strength against them, but it is also, it is a form of meditation.

Despite, or perhaps because of his background, he has a strong moral compass at least when it comes to the "big moral issues." He looks out for the underdog and is very protective of people.

His background and training have given him the ability to lie with a straight face and pass most detection tests.

He is able to think fast on his feet and talk his way out of situations.

He is experienced in breaking and entering and other sometimes useful though not always above board talents.

Ahira, like anyone else, however, is not perfect and he has weaknesses as well. While he may be highly proficient with hand to hand combat, the same cannot be said about his prowess with a phaser. He is not the greatest shot with a phaser.

While lying with a straight face and the ability to pass most detection tests might be positive, it can at times make it hard for people to believe him when he is telling the truth and other times it can become easy for him to lie when he doesn't need too.

He is claustrophobic. For the most part, it is a pretty mild form, simply making him uncomfortable in tight or confined. However, the longer hs is in a situation, and the smaller the space is, the more severe his reaction will be.

Due to his first lover being killed in his arms, being abused while he was a "rent boy", and later being involved in an abusive relationship at the Academy, he has relationship and intimacy issues.

He has a criminal/shady background which means, he doesn't see the world, quite like a typical Fleeter and while he does have a strong moral compass, he doesn't always follow all the rules.
Doesn't always color inside the lines

Just as lying with a straight face is both a weakness and a strength, so too is his experience in breaking and entering and other sometimes useful though not always above board talents
Ambitions Other than surviving and riding himself of his demons Ahira doesn't have a lot of long-term ambitions. While he would like to climb the Chain Of Command, he has no real interest in commanding his own ship some day
Hobbies & Interests Ahira enjoys cooking, sketching, playing the piano, as well as games of chance like poker and holodeck games. He is also a voracious reader.

Serial Number ZTX456NWF
Personal History Ahira's age is approximate since he isn't sure exactly when he was born, there are no real records or details. He was born on Darius IV into a group known as The Family. The Family was a communal criminal group similar to gypsies in Earth's history. Unlike most kids whose heroes were Archer, Kirk, and Picard, Ahira's heroes were of a darker nature, primarily con men from across the galaxy. It was just how he was raised and he didn't know any better

From an early age, Ahira knew there was something different about him, but he didn't know just what it was at first. He went along with the schemes and con games, he even became adept at second story work(because of his small size and superior agility), and he thought this was completely normal and there was nothing wrong with it.

He was sent to school, at least for a few years to keep up appearances and to teach him the basics. It was there, by interacting with more normal kids, he began to develop a conscience. He thought that might be the difference he sensed about himself, but that was only part of the difference.

Then when puberty hit, he realized the other part. Most boys his age started noticing and being attracted to girls. He found himself attracted to other guys. In most circles in the twenty-fourth century, this would be no big deal, though still in the minority there was no real stigma to his being gay. However, The Family was not part of most circles and it was not accepting of "those kinds of people".His mother, in particular, had issues with it, so he tried to keep his orientation hidden.

When he was fourteen, he met a human boy named David, who was almost three years older than him. David was a thief too, though was not part of The Family.He was an outsider and Sair was not too happy when the boys became friends, she thought he would be a bad influence on Ahira and pull him away from her and the rest of The Family. That wound up happening in a way she didn't expect. The two boys went from being friends to being lovers.

That was not the reason or the sole reason that Ahira began to feel estranged from his parents and The Family. He started to feel used and recognized that they were taking advantage of him.

One day when he was sixteen, Ahira was supposed to be acting as a lookout and a distraction for a heist. Instead, he was spending time with David pulling a pickpocketing scheme the two of them had hatched, One that proved to be quite successful. The heist he was supposed to be the lookout for, was bungled and several members of the group were captured.

In reality, the failure was due to poor planning on Sair's part and the results would have have been the same regardless. But she could never admit blame for herself.

So she went looking for him, with blood in her eyes. She tracked them down and found the two boys in bed together. They were sleeping at the time, but it was evident that they had been doing something other than sleeping before. When she had gone on the hunt for him, she was planning just a tongue lashing, or perhaps a beating until she saw the two of them in bed and put two and two together. The rage she had felt before exploded exponentially.

She sliced David's throat and he bled out in minutes. He would have died in Ahira's arms, but Sair dragged him, naked and with David's blood all over him, by the neck and threw him out into the streets of the Bazaar, a rough and tumble neighborhood filled with cutthroats and brigands. He was banished from the Family and cut off from even the tenuous ties that passed for family and was on his own.

Ahira did whatever it took to survive, including selling himself, pulling cons and using the other skills that he had been taught. He knew he was on the wrong side of the law, but there was little he could do about it.

By the time he was eighteen he was not a follower, he was a leader and the head of a gang, but he became disillusioned with that and he stowed away on a merchant ship. He was discovered fairly quickly but rather than just kicking him off the ship, he became part of the crew.

The ship was filled with opportunists like himself that weren't exactly criminals (most days anyway) but they weren't Starfleet Officer material either.

One of their enterprises was bounty hunting and Ahira found himself hunting down and facing member of the Family, eventually his mother.

There was a struggle and she stabbed him where she thought his heart should have been, but wasn't and he pushed her over the edge of a cliff where he presumed would be to her death, but he was in no condition to check it out and her body was never discovered. He has told only a handful of people none of them any Starfleet officials.

Shortly thereafter he tried to pull a scam on a Starfleet officer and was caught. He was given the choice of four years on a penal colony or joining Starfleet. He chose the lesser of two evils Starfleet and managed to flourish, though he still has issues with discipline.

He did well at the Academy for the most part, but there were a few issues, including an incident with the son of the Medica Dean,Admiral Hendrick's son, a stolen shuttle and a fight with a group of Klingons.

He's gone undercover a few times since leaving the Academy and is otherwise performed well as in intelligence officer specializing in infiltration.

Just prior to his assignment to the Vindex, he spent six months undercover with a group that was a splinter group from Section 31. He was able to expose them and their leader is now serving a very long sentence. However, his efforts made enemies among both the splinter and main Section 31 group.
Service Record 2380-2383 Starfleet Academy (early graduate)
2383-2385 USS Atlantis, Intelligence Officer (Ensign)
2385-2386 Starfleet Intelligence HQ, Earth -CLASSIFIED Lt.LTJG)
2386-2387 Deep Cover inside Section 31 splinter faction
2388-Present USS Vindex, Infiltration Specialist (Ensign)