Lieutenant Victor Alexander

Name Victor Alexander

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth January 10th, 2355
Age 33
Place of Birth SS Crusader
Languages Federation Standard, Ferengi, Orion, Klingon (limited)
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Victor is a tall, well-groomed, built man who always seems to be wearing uniforms and outfits that are a little too tight to show off his athletic features. He always keeps his hair gelled and styled, and maintains some light stubble on his face.


Spouse SSgt David Kellem (Deceased - KIA)
Children None
Father "Captain" Nigel Alexander (Deceased)
Mother Alexandria Karokova (Deceased)
Brother(s) LCpl. Jason Alexander - Starfleet Marines, Assigned to USS. Devore
Peter Alexander - Serving a 5 year sentence for piracy on a Federation penal colony
Walter Alexander - Private ship captain of questionable reputation
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Victor is a charming, capable, and charismatic guy. He's the sort of guy who enters a room and makes a lasting impression on everyone he meets--and he loves every moment of the attention he receives. Victor is a hard worker who is driven to succeed in life. He strives to be the best person he can be and to climb the career ladder to achieve even more than he already has. Using his charm, wit, good looks, and confidence, Victor can and will use anything he can to get ahead.

On the outside, Victor appears to be a confident and caring "bro" type of guy. He's generally pretty easy for people to get along with, provided they can put up with some of his cockiness. Victor is an unabashed flirt, and has no trouble flirting with any guy he finds attractive. This can occasionally be off-putting to those who don't share Victor's love for guys.

Beneath the confident cocky veneer stirs a lot of deep emotional turmoil. Despite seeming to be well put together on the outside, Victor struggles to deal with past losses and lives in constant fear of losing more people he cares about. His fear of loss is a profound driving force in his life which sometimes work for good, driving him to be a better officer and protector. However, it can often serve to debilitate the otherwise capable man by making him afraid to make meaningful relationships for fear of loss, can make him hesitant to take needed risks which may put the lives of others in danger, and often drives him into deep, dark places within himself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Victor is physically well-built and has an unparalleled mastery of all sorts of weapons from small arms, heavy arms, starship combat systems, hand to hand combat, and even rudimentary weapons such as swords, daggers, bat'leths, etc. These skills make Victor a formidable opponent in combat, and his raw physical strength serve as a powerful tool of intimidation that Victor is not afraid to wield at the proper moments. Victor is also a champion wrestler who won the Academy wrestling title twice during his tenure at Starfleet Academy with the third best win/loss record in the Academy's history.

Beyond his combat prowess, Victor is a very charming and charismatic individual. He has an unparalleled ability to inspire his co-workers, and is often turned to for non-judgmental advice, support, and comfort. Victor values this gift, and finds helping others deeply fulfilling.

Victor also has developed a good knowledge of the engineering principles concerning weapons (both small/heavy arms and starship weapons systems) which he believes makes him a better tactical officer. While not an engineering expert by any means, Victor does have the proficiency to assist with repairs to tactical systems and constantly tinkers with his weapons to improve their performance.

Victor's sketchy connections in his past can sometimes help and sometimes haunt him. While he has generally done his best to keep his nose clean of his former life, he still has connections to the black market which he has, from time to time, used in order to obtain supplies which he feels are needed for "the greater good". This has occasionally put strain in his relationships with his former superiors, while at other times this assistance has been welcomed.

Beneath the cocky, calm exterior lies a man in great pain and uncertainty. Victor has not come to grips with the losses he has sustained, and still struggles with the crippling loneliness now that he is a widower. While Victor would love to find the right man to marry again, his fear of loss has crippled him from commitment as he is afraid he will fall in love again only to lose yet another loved one. This self-defeating cycle has driven Victor to drink heavily, engage in risky and reckless activities off hours, and to borderline suicidal thoughts.

Victor's cockiness can also blind him into making tactical errors which can prove costly in combat situations. Victor also has a hatred of Orions and Cardassians on account of his experiences during aboard the SS. Crusader and Dominion War which can get in the way of preforming his duties.
Ambitions Victor would like a command of his own one day, and has a particular interest in taking command of a combat-oriented ship. Some day, Victor would like to marry again--but this will take a great deal of time and soul-searching...
Hobbies & Interests Victor spends most of his time at the gym focusing on maintaining and continuing to build up his muscular physique. He can also be found on the wrestling mat challenging various members of the crew to matches and providing training, guidance, and mentoring to those who wish to learn the art. When not on duty or at the gym, Victor can often be found at the phaser range or the holodeck honing in his skills with various sorts of beam weapons, as well as improving his mastery of bladed weapons.

Victor loves being the life of the party, and often throws (occasionally rowdy) parties in his quarters, on the holodeck, and aboard the ship's lounge. Victor's parties seldom disappoint and are always well stocked with booze, food, and good times.

When on his own, Victor enjoys finding a quiet corner in the armory and modifying his weapons to make them more powerful and efficient. He has found himself spending more and more time breaking down and re-assembling his weapons to learn more about how each one operates.

Victor is also an avid sports fan, and participates in several shipboard teams for football, rugby, wrestling, swimming, baseball, and parrises squares.

While he'll seldom sing around anyone, Victor also has a beautiful baritone voice and will occasionally sing little ditties from various musicals when he thinks no one is listening. Victor has a particular fondness for Gilbert & Sullivan.

Serial Number ZY-1039987426-K
Security Access Code Beta-Two
Security Access Level Level 7
Command Access Authorisation Code Victor-Alpha-Six-Nine
Voice Authorisation Code Victor-Pi-Alpha-Three
Duty Shift Alpha (08:00-16:00)
Shift Assignment Chief of Security
Location of Quarters Deck 4, Room 0420 (next to Armory)
Personal History Victor never had a particularly normal life even from his birth. Victor was born aboard his family's freighter, the SS. Crusader, while his father was conducting smuggling operations to the Breen Confederacy. From a young age, Victor learned the importance of strength, wisdom, and instinct working together in harmony for survival. At age 5, his parents had already taught him how to use a wide array of weapons and by age 7 he had his own personal phaser.

Victor watched and learned the tricks of the smuggling trade during his childhood. While he was never formally educated, he learned a great deal of practical wisdom and particularly developed a talent for reading people. This gift proved to be invaluable for helping him save his life and the lives of others on more than on occasion.

As Victor got older, he found that protecting others was his calling. His father recognized this trait in his son and while he wasn't particularly thrilled at his occasional foolish acts of selflessness, he recognized the boy's talent in combat. His father encouraged Victor to hone his combat talents, and focused his son on developing his physique, technique, and instinct. After growing in skill and prowess, Victor formally joined the crew of the Crusader and served as the ship's primary security officer and gunner.

After a couple of years of successful ventures, things went horribly wrong when Victor's father crossed a local Orion syndicate leader. A bounty was put on the Crusader, and shortly thereafter the Crusader was destroyed by a squad of Orion pirates. Acting quickly on instinct, Victor grabbed his brothers and took them to the escape pod as the ship began to fall apart around him. As he turned to retrieve his father and mother, the hull began to buckle. Restrained by his brothers from going back into the ship on a suicide mission, the escape pod was launched without his parents. His brothers were the only survivors of the Crusader.

After being picked up by a Starfleet vessel, Victor and his brothers were taken to earth. His brothers all went different paths. Jason joined the Marines, and his other brothers went into "business" for themselves. Victor decided that he wanted something more and wanted to take the skills he had learned to protect others. He took a leap of faith and applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted.

Shortly after joining the Academy, the Dominion War broke out. Starfleet's idealistic notion of being a group of explorers was shattered with the realities of the coming war. After only a few months in the classroom, the entire corps of cadets found themselves suddenly thrown into the milieu. Given Victor's physical and tactical prowess, Starfleet assigned the young cadet to serve with a Marine detachment in the strategically vital Tyra system on the fourth planet.

It was here that Victor met and fell in love with a wonderfully complex Staff Sargent: David Kellem. The two quickly hit it off, and Victor developed a deep, meaningful connection he had never found with anyone before. In the midst of the horrors of war and combat, the two found that their love only grew deeper--and serving together helped both of them deal with the stresses of combat. After an intense year together, the two decided to get married in an impromptu wedding ceremony with Zeta Squad, officiated by the Captain and with an MRE reception afterwards.

A month after the wedding, everything changed. After a series of invasions that were difficult but manageable, the Dominion deployed a massive joint Jem'Hadar and Cardassian fleet to the Tyra system. In a matter of hours, the massive Federation task force assigned to protect and provide support to the Tyra system was decimated, leaving Tyra IV defenseless and without support. The joint Dominion fleet landed legions of troops onto Tyra four, quickly overwhelming the Starfleet and Marine forces tasked with holding the strategic planet. Within a matter of a week, they had control over the planet.

Zeta Squad, along with the few remaining Starfleet forces left on the planet turned their focus into insurgency actions against the Dominion. This was where Victor's talents became particularly useful given his unconventional upbringing. Although Zeta Squad was never able to achieve any major strategic victories, they were able to keep Dominion forces on their toes, destroy a few key depots, and prevent the Dominion from having an entirely secure foothold on the planet.

Victor's life changed forever during a risky operation he devised to destroy Tyra IV's only Ketracel White depot. He and Zeta Squad knew that destroying this depot might not only help defeat the Jem'Hadar forces on Tyra, but might have an impact on Jem'Hadar forces in the Alpha Quadrant. Working with a few other surviving squads, Zeta team launched an assault designed and lead by Victor. Everything seemed to be going as planned until SSgt Kellem took a direct hit with a plasma rifle and died in Victor's arms. Unable to regain his composure, the organization of the assault fell apart and the offensive was quickly repelled by Dominion forces. The losses sustained that day crippled the remaining surviving forces on the planet and left Victor emotionally scarred.

While Victor was praised for his bravery and heroism despite the mission's lack of success, he never forgave himself for taking such a risk with his husband's life. After 6 more months of intense gorilla fighting, the Dominion finally surrendered and the shell-shock veterans were welcomed back on Earth as heroes.

Victor's spent his remaining time at Starfleet academy throwing himself into his athletic pursuits and studies, trying hard to avoid the pain in his life. He won two Academy wrestling championships, and also made a strong showing in several intergalactic tournaments.

After graduating the academy, Victor slowly moved his way up through the ranks of various ships until finally earning the coveted roster of Chief of Security aboard the Vindex.
Service Record 2355 - Born on the SS. Crusader
2370 - Formally joins crew of SS. Crusader
2372 - SS. Crusader destroyed by Orion pirates, Victor and his brothers are the only survivors.
2373 - Victor is accepted into Starfleet Academy, Security track
2373 - Due to the Dominion War, Victor and most of the cadets at Starfleet Academy are deployed to the front lines. Victor is posted to Tyra IV where he is posted with SSgt David Kellem
2374 - Victor and Kellem are married in an impromptu ceremony with Zeta Squadron on Tyra IV.
2375 - SSgt Kellem is KIA, Dominion War ends
2375 - Victor returns to Starfleet Academy for studies
2377 - Graduates Starfleet Academy, assigned to USS. Thoth (Ensign, Armory Officer)
2381 - Promoted to Lt. (JG)
2381 - Re-Assigned to USS. Agamemnon, Security Officer
2383 - Re-Assigned to USS. Royale, Assistant Chief of Security
2385 - Promoted to Lt.
2386 - Re-Assigned to USS. Hermes, Assistant Chief of Security
2388- Re-Assigned to USS. Vindex, Chief of Security