Lieutenant Arkady Sjet

Name Arkady Sjet Dr

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Martian
Date of Birth 08/04/2050
Age 38
Place of Birth New Kiev, Mars
Languages Russian, English, Bajoran, Cardassian
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 131kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A bear in a Starfleet uniform. Okay, that might be a touch unfair: a shaved bear, with a gloriously maintained beard in a Starfleet uniform. Hands like cooked hams, a brow that can bench press a shuttle pod, and eyes that can tell when you are lying.

Do not lie to Doctor.
You will not like Doctor when he knows you are lying.


Spouse Deceased
Children Deceased
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arkady is the sort of doctor you want on your side when you need him. He doesn't give up easily, has the sort of optimistic streak only a socialist could conjure up and has an arcane understanding with the physical parameters of the universe.

That understanding only goes so far as being able to find Vodka, real, honest to goodness, babushka loving vodka anywhere. Even in the Delta Quadrant where no tuber has gone before. Some say he brokered a deal with the devil for this gift, others say he called in favours with the Russian mafia of Mars.

Others say he just knows the right combination of buttons to press on the replicator. Some mysteries need never be solved...
Strengths & Weaknesses Arkady's strength is in his character: he is exactly what he appears to be. That is not to say he is some sort of saint, a man with the sort of ink he has tattooed on his back doesn't get that from a tourist shop for money. You get it for deeds done for reasons of dubious honour and obligation. But sometimes it is better to have a loyal dog who can eat wolves, than a wolve with no loyalty at all.

Has a weakness for 19th-century Russian romanticism. It's rare as a politician's backbone, but its out there.
Ambitions To be remembered for the right reasons, and not the things he has done.
Hobbies & Interests He collect's coffee mugs from all the ships, Starbases, and planets he has visited.

He has an interest in body art.

Serial Number 55DD254
Security Access Code Unassigned
Security Access Level Unassigned
Command Access Authorisation Code Unassigned
Voice Authorisation Code Unassigned
Duty Shift Variable
Location of Quarters Unassigned
Personal History Arkady joined Starfleet on the 15th occasion of his arrest by the police force of New Kiev. It was a choice between a career beyond the vanishingly slim atmosphere of Mars, or five years cooped up in a Penal Colony been psychoanalysed to death by people who thought they knew his mind.

Arkady chose possible explosive decompression.

As it turned out, during his Academy training, he had a few skills picked up in his previous life's work. Knowing how to break bones and use a knife translated well into the field of medicine, if you inverted the means of injury into a means for a cure. After a few years of training out pops a newly minted Ensign in Teal, who could bandage and heals what minor ills an ensign was capable of attending to.

Over time he advanced through the ranks, going from splints and vaccinations to having discussions with shore leave parties concerning the dangers of the Andorian clap and what might lurk in unattended drinks. This career came to a short, bloody end when the Dominion poured through the wormhole. Suddenly Arkady was back in his past, dirty, blood-soaked, and amid violence as a daily companion. His good fortune vanished as four ships he served on blew up under his feet, with friends either getting reassigned or being added to the casualty list.

And then the Dominion/Cardie/Breen Alliance hit Earth. Arkady was okay with that, he liked Earth in principal but to him, it had just been a bright blue dot in the sky. Nothing special. The orbital mirrors and shipyards above Mars on the other hand...

Those that fell from orbit during the attack on Earth did so in large, flaming chunks. The partially constructed hulk of a Streamrunner impacted New Kiev with the power of a kiloton explosive. In an instant, his past, his family, everything that had been prologue was turned to dust and ash.

But Arkady Sjet was Martian, a Red Russian through and through, and to them, death happened. It happened to a lot of people that day, and it happened too much more throughout the war. It was a sad thing to be sure but also a constant in the universe. A constant that he, as a doctor, could actively combat. And given that he was so cheerful, and clearly in good standing with people of power, he was able to get assigned to the Gamma Quadrant.

Where the Dominion remanent resided.
What a happy coincident.
Service Record Juvenile Criminal Record Sealed By Martian Circuit Court.

Starfleet Academy: 1 Year Basic Training
Starfleet Medical: 4 Year General Practitioner
Starbase Armstrong, Lake Armstrong, Luna
USS Dawn Chaser
USS Endeavor
USS Melbourne
USS Surprise
USS Gregori
USS Harrington
USS Vindix