Ensign Kalraan Ran

Name Kalraan Ran

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Date of Birth June 3366
Age 24
Place of Birth Trill
Languages Trill, Federation standard
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 229 Ibs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Ran is not your typical scientist, belieing that a strong mind is just as important as a strong body. Learning martial arts at an early age as a hobby. This has formed his body to peek condition.

He also have the standard trill spots.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kalsa Ran (Retirerd marine)
Mother Zelian Ran
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kalraan Ran is a generaly calm and collected man. Often spending his free time either working out or working on some strange device he is trying to make. Most of his creatios are made on paper and few ever gets a working prototype.

When socilizing he can be very distant at times but with friends he would work harder than ever to make happy. He loves his job with a passion and he sees objects more then just that. In fact one of the first things he would want to do is go for a space walk on the hull of the ship.

Ran isn't afraid to be proven wrong, but if he was not given a chance to defend his views he would be highly offended.

Leave My Stuff Lying Around To Trip People Over = 1st Lieutenant Kestra Marunis
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent; His mind works very fast and loves problem solving. Making new designs to protect the crew and ship is part of his passion.

+ Physicly fit; As a martial Artist since a very young age, his body has been honed to near perfection (As a martial artist point of view). This makes him fast and strong in close quarters.

- Absent Minded; Sometimes Ran can be lost in his work, wandering in to places where he can be hurt or unwelcomed. This has caused plenty of problems in the past.

- Femenistic; As a man who respects women more than anything, hearing about things that comprimises his views on how a woman should be treated could make him either extreamly sad, depressed or angry.
Ambitions Ran's greatest wish is for one of his major projects to come in to prototype stage. Other than that he hopes to one day find the right lady for him and live a happy life.

Serial Number KR-4873574195-A
Security Access Code Alpha-1
Security Access Level Level 4
Command Access Authorisation Code RAN-1-0-ALPHA-OMEGA
Voice Authorisation Code RAN-DELTA-1-8
Duty Shift Alpha
Shift Assignment Science Officer
Personal History Born to Kalsa Ran (Retired Marine) and Zelian Ran (Scientist of the Trill Science Institute) on june 2366. His father was strickt and fair and his mother was loving and carring. This laid the foundation to who he would become. His father was very hard on him from time to time, often taking him on long walks in the mountains. Teaching him survival skills and several forms of Martial arts. His father even tried to teach him how to propperly shoot a rifle, but the idea never sat well with Kalraan. How ever, the workings of the weapons had always facinated him and for that his father still felt a sense of pride. 'He might not be able to shoot right, but be damned if he won't make one fine weapon someday' the old marine had said with a very faint smile on his face.

While the father nurchured the body, his mother focused more on the mind. Often taking him to her lab and giving him access to books and materials that were far to advanced for his age. But that didn't stop him from loving every moment of it. He could be as creative as he wanted, his mother was always supportive of his projects and helped where she could. His ideas never got past the paper however because a prototype needed funding that she didn't have. But that didn't matter to Kalraan though, he had a holo program where he could create holographic versions of the weapons.

At the age of eighteen he was submitted to the Starfleet Academy. Both his parrents were very proud of him and when he learned that his son would take supliment courses in Marine close quarter combat, Kalraan could have sworn he saw his father getting a tear in his eye for the first time in his life.

After four years of hard work he graduated and was shipped off to his first assignment. His parrents wheren't happy he would be so far away this early on, but when they learned that he was actually going to serve on a Sovereign Class Battlecruiser. His father openly cried with pride.
Service Record 2366 - Year of birth.
2384 - Joined Starfleet Academy. (Major branch; Science. Minor Branch; Marine)
2388 - Graduated Starfleet academy with honors (third in his class) with the rank of Ensign.
2388 - Assigned to the USS Vindex, Science Officer.