Captain Kestra Marunis

Name Kestra Marunis

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Date of Birth 5-26-2367
Age 21
Place of Birth Bajor
Languages English, Bajoran
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5"7'
Weight 145 LBS
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description See Avatar


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Marunis Cortan
Mother Marunis Jorla
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Adopted Human Parents:
Father- Josh Hench Sr. (Deceased, Killed in the line of duty)
Mother- Martha Hench (Location Unknown))
Brother- Josh Hench Jr. (Deceased, Died from illness)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being the only Bajoran child in an adopted family of 3 Humans, Kestra always had a problem with fitting in, She never felt like she belonged with them, But her own parents died when she was very young. Kestra never got the chance to know them, Because they were killed by Cardassians on her home planet of Bajor. She too, Would have been killed had it not been for Starfleet Officer Josh Hench Sr., Formerly a security officer of Starfleet, Who had been on vacation on Bajor visiting his friends at the time. Josh saved Kestra's life, and a year or so later, Adopted her as his daughter. Though as the years went on, Kestra felt very angry, helpless and sad, Wishing that she was with her real parents. Also, Getting angrier that the Cardassians had killed them.

When her adopted Human mother Martha left her adopted father due to complications arising from within their marriage, Her adopted brother, Josh Hench Jr., had begun to befriend Kestra, and did everything that an adopted older brother could do; Keep her from being sad and angry all the time; Though, It was not meant to be. Sadly, Kestra's adopted older brother shortly became ill and died without warning. Leaving her alone to fend for herself after her adopted father was killed in the line of duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kestra is always angry, This can either be a strength or a weakness depending upon the situation.
Ambitions Kestra's ambitions are not known, but when she was younger, She always wanted to be a gymnast
Hobbies & Interests Spring Ball, Hoverball, Parises' Squares, Reading, Gymnastics, Holodeck activities include horseback riding, Operations training simulations, combat simulations, Bajoran rituals, and other activities.

Serial Number KM-6914038274-B
Security Access Code Alpha-1
Security Access Level Level 4
Command Access Authorisation Code MARUNIS-9-2-DELTA-GAMMA
Voice Authorisation Code MARUNIS-ALPHA-6-5
Duty Shift Alpha
Shift Assignment Marine Executive Officer
Location of Quarters Deck 25, Room 002
Personal History Kestra's personal history is not known, She pretty much keeps it to herself.
Service Record 2367- Kestra's birthdate
2384- Joined and Attended Starfleet Academy at age 18
2385- Graduated Starfleet Academy
2388- Transferred to USS Vindex as Marine Executive Officer