Season 1

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As the Vindex and her crew start out life in the Gamma Quadrant they are immediately thrown in at the deep end. The Consortium have a strong hold on the area and Starfleet's resources are limited.

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Included Missions

S1E1 - Booby Trap

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Vindex and her crew are ordered to track down USS Renown - a Federation starship that hasn't been seen or heard of since it left Starbase Unity a fortnight ago - in order to prevent the vessel from falling into the hands of The Consortium. With very little information on Renown's last location the crew head into the unknown to track down the Renown before it's too late.

S1E2 - Unity

Post Count: 71

With Renown successfully recovered following a skirmish with the Consortium vessels Bozeman and Cukela an informant aboard Vindex informs the newly promoted Captain Ainscow that Starbase Unity is the next target for The Consortium with an attack fleet assembling at Gavara IV.

S1E3 - Operation Adrestia

Post Count: 31

After helping to defend Starbase Unity from the invading Consortium attack fleet in a devastating battle the Vindex crew are ordered to carry out their toughest challenge yet - a one-ship invasion force...

S1E3.5 - Interlude

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The Vindex crew take a well earned break at Gavara IV whilst helping with the rebuild of the colony following the Battle of Gavara IV. The Consortium threat is seemingly now over and the crew can rebuild and welcome some new faces.

S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause

Post Count: 54

After successfully retaking Gavara IV from The Consortium the Vindex crew are en-route to Deep Space 11 when a group of sleeper agents aboard the vessel make one last attempt to give The Consortium one last hope of achieving their goal

S1E5 - Unknown Territory

Post Count: 84

After spending some time at Deep Space 9 for a minor refit Commodore Hutchinson orders Vindex to explore an area of space of the Gamma Quadrant previously unexplored by the Fourth Fleet