Season 2

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Included Missions

S2E1 - Secrets

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With colonisation of Nova Mercia now well underway following Captain Ainscow's wedding the planet's initial settlers and the starships in orbit are threatened when a previously unknown party interferes and threatens to cause trouble. With so many lives in danger can the crew resolve the situation peacefully?

S2E2 - Vindeux

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After an experiment goes wrong the Vindex is sent through a transphasic rift into another universe. A familiar face is waiting for them on the other side - but who is it and more importantly - will they be happy to meet their counterparts?

S2E3 - Shattered Mirror

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With an alliance now formed between the Vindex and its Mirror Universe counterparts the crew are now faced with trying to keep the uneasy alliance whilst continuing to try and find a way home - and a way out of the alliance.

S2E4 - The Lost Colonists

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After helping to start construction of the new Federation colony on Nova Mercia the crew of Vindex are on patrol when suddenly they pick up an unusual reading from a previously unvisited colony. When they get there they're in for a massive surprise...

S2E5 - TBC

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