Personal Log Entry #1

Posted on Thu Jun 9th, 2016 @ 12:12am by Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik

Okay...arrived on Vindex safely and getting situated. Jeez Louise, this ship is freaking HUGE. Enough lab space to choke a Gorn. There are some specialization me that I have quite frankly never even heard "Evolutionary Exoentomology". I mean, I know what it is and everything...but wow. Those people will be getting considerable latitude in their lab work. Just saying.

Now that I'm in the Gamma Quadrant, I can continue my side project of locating the Skagaran home world. The subspace signal traces I have been following are much stronger and clearer here; that reinforces my belief that my people's planet of origin is nearby, possibly within a fifty light year radius. I am closer than I ever have been to unraveling that mystery. search for a potential suitor continues as well. I have found a few very attractive candidates, if only I knew which team they played for. They seriously want me to fake a medical emergency or an intruder alert just so I can see them.

End log.