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Personal Log 1/Field Report 1

Posted on Tue Sep 13th, 2016 @ 9:03pm by Lieutenant JG Kevran

"Computer begin personal log, assistant chief science officer, entry one. Starfleet encouraged me to utilize these personal logs. I have no interest, though I'm certain they will enjoy listening to them. I believe the commander intends to bring us into the nebula soon, tomorrow perhaps. This is wise. The longer we wait about, the less likely a successful recovery will be. Various systems will be disrupted upon entry. I'm intrigued to see what their response will be. Though routine, I anticipate...Difficulty.
I find the commander a fascinating woman. Many of the crew regard me with a certain trepidation, a logical course of action, though she does not. She is far more trusting than others. It remains to be seen if that naivety is a weakness.
The Argrathan Gninti has consumed all of the other lifeforms in the aquarium, as anticipated. Will monitor it's growth."

"Vindex field report one. Starfleet is handling their situation ably and the treaty continues to be honored. The Vindex will enter the nebula soon to retrieve their vessel, but I anticipate difficulty from their more rogue elements. That said, Jem'Hadar intervention is not advised. I serve at the pleasure of the Founders. Send."


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