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Chief Engineer's Log: Preparation

Posted on Tue Nov 22nd, 2016 @ 11:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel

Chief Engineer's Log Open,

So far preparations for the Vindex next encounter have been going, rather smoothly. Her first fight wasn't a whole lot of a competition and she performed more than admirably. A few repairs here and there. My real concern was with the impulse engines, but I am confident they will be back in shape before what seems to be Vindex truer combat test. I guess I'm not sure what expect still.

The years are catching up on me and it seems the more and more crew I meet the younger they are. young enough that many of them were not even graduated from the Academy during the Dominion War. Out here though, in the deep space the challenge is probably more dangerous. In the War you could see the attacker coming in front of you. Out here, in this sort of quasi-peace, the dangers aren't so apparent. The unexpected can creep up on you like the steam from a boiling pot. I have every confidence in the crew when it comes to the next encounter. I just pray I can do my part to assure their success. The Vindex, she's a strong girl. The Captain cares about her ship and crew. They trust her leadership and decisions.

Presently, I am preparing a plan of action for the Brandenburg when we arrive. Looking for no surprises, yet that's the only thing to expect out here.

End Log


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