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Captain's Log - Stardate 65597.5

Posted on Fri Dec 9th, 2016 @ 6:25pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow

We've now left Altor and progressing well. We had a scare aboard the Brandenburg with The Consortium clearly intent on sabotaging our efforts - however thanks to the work of Lieutenants Himmel and Zuzan they managed to save the vessel from destruction. Thankfully everything is slowly returning to normal aboard the Brandenburg and the saboteur has since been apprehended.

Having cleared the air with a few people I now feel much better in myself. I've decided to find myself a new hobby that I hope will help me pass the time between now and Starbase Unity - although Lieutenant Tolan's information about supplies jettisoned from a Consortium freighter will mean us having to drop out of warp to collect them. The Brandenburg, Renown and Sarek will continue on their way to Starbase Unity and we will catch them up after we've retrieved the supplies. Thankfully Lieutenant Himmel has reported our engines are functioning well after our trip into the nebula.

I couldn't be prouder than I am now. The crew has prepared for this assignment above and beyond the expected standard and I want to put on record that they are the finest crew I have ever served with. I know we will get through this together and stop the enemy from taking Starbase Unity. We're going to do it. We'll get there on time.


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