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Captain's Log - Stardate 65605.3

Posted on Sat Dec 17th, 2016 @ 10:56pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow

The supply pick up that Tolan arranged for us went reasonably well although it did sadly come at a price - we've managed to get what we need amongst other things as well after I ordered Captain Garlake to lead an away mission to the freighter to see what else was on board that could be of use. Sadly that price was the death of Lance Corporal Jessica Blake who for the record gave her life in the line of duty knowing what the risks were. She will not be forgotten and I will personally ensure she is remembered with the honour she deserves.

We are now on our way to Starbase Unity again and I hope we can catch up with the rest of Force C later today after our supply pick up took a little longer than I initially planned. The crew is preparing for the situation well and I couldn't be any prouder. Like Lance Corporal Blake they all know the risks that they face in the next few days but they're all ready to do their duty to Starfleet and drive The Consortium all the way back to Deep Space 11 and crush them once and forall. I only hope that they don't arrive at Starbase Unity before we do.

Much to our surprise Captain Garlake brought back two Ktarian children from the Polaris. They have so far been unable to tell us anything about where they are from or where their family are - but at least for now I intend to keep them safe on the Vindex until they are ready to talk to us and let us help them.


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