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Posted on Sat Jan 28th, 2017 @ 6:38pm by Lieutenant Elsa Johansson

Once when I was ten years old, my Uncle Nils took me to the opposite side of the world, far from his usual haunts inside the Arctic circle. He was helping a colleague of his in Aboa (who I later learned was also his sometimes girlfriend) determine the cause of an anomalous drop in the local krill population. My Uncle Nils told me at this time that "there may not be such a thing as coincidence, but there is such a thing as bad luck."

After having reviewed the information Commander ben-Avram has sent me on the acquisition of the cargo that the carna were in, I don't know if this was simply bad luck or what.

And the "or what" covers a wide range of possibilities.

Ensign Foley was very adamant about the differences between normal carna and their genetically engineered brethren. The first is that unaltered carna have a set period of 'acclimation' that they can become active when the re-emerge from a vacuum. The genetically engineered carna can become active almost immediately, assuming that there is a suitable heat source nearby. So as soon as the carna were on board, the first time someone entered the cargo bay, the carna should have attacked. Which they didn't. So that means the 'sleep function' of the device that we used to destroy the carna had 'deactivated' the carna even before they were exposed to the vacuum.


I do know, from the information that Ensign Foley shared with me...excitedly shared with me, I should add...that Captain Garlake's plan to 'space' the carna would have undoubtedly had the opposite effect of driving the carna further into the ship.

There are so many disturbing things about these carna, but possibly the most disturbing is that someone designed them to be as intensely and continuously painful as possible to any humanoid host.

But without the knowledge of how long the 'sleep' function of the carna bomb would actually put the carna into hibernation. I'm at a loss of deducing whether the Vindex was simply unlucky at getting this carna on board, or whether this was some sophisticated plot. And if it was a plot, who was behind the plot, and who was their target?

I do know that I don't trust Commander Tolan. Something about him sets off all my alarms. It may be, as Counselor Maera has told me, that my time running a counterinsurgency on the Cukela has set me on a bloody vendetta against all the Consortium. Perhaps Commander Tolan is who the Captain believes he is. Maybe Commander Tolan started off originally loyal to the Consortium, and said loyalties have shifted back to Starfleet. I used a few people like that when I eventually crippled the Cukela. And make no mistake, I did use them.

But I know two things: someone leaked to the Consortium forces the position of our cloaked minefield, and Commander Tolan was the source of information on the recovered cargo that contained genetically engineered carna.

I have advised Commander ben-Avram of my lack of evidence in being able to establish Commander Tolan's innocence or guilt in the matter of the carna. I have also advised him that I will continue to investigate the matter, in the event that new information presents itself, or that I have overlooked existing evidence. Perhaps I should attempt another mind meld with Counselor Maera, to see if there is more information to be ferreted out of my subconscious. I am reluctant to do so, because I realize the toll the first mind meld took on her. If I have to sacrifice my own sense of privacy, so be it, but I've grown fond of the Counselor, and I am hesitant to put her into such a position again.

But I have used people in my battle against the Consortium before, and I will do so again. It is my duty as a Starfleet officer to hunt down the Consortium wherever I can.

And may the Universe hunt us all down if we do not hunt the Consortium to its death.


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