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Personal Log SD 65751.3

Posted on Tue Feb 14th, 2017 @ 7:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD

*sits down on sofa and sips at a cup of tea*

Resume recording.

Where was I? Oh yeah. After promising half of my personal replicator rations for two months to Bax in the QM I was able to get him to convince him to provide us with a 30% increase in our next supply allotment. That isn't going to be nearly enough to replace what we used during the mutiny but every little bit helps. And Liddleton...our going to see what he can come up with using local vegetation. He has been doing a lot of in depth research into where we can obtain certain plants and how best to utilize them.

*takes a sip*

It seems strange not seeing the Captain in the officers mess. And the tension on the ship can be cut with a knife. Akiva is doing the best he can to keep morale up but he has his hands full. I hope they catch the sonofabitch soon. I wish we could keyhole him but, unfortunately, we don't have barnacles to drag him over. God, I hope Claudia is alright.

*finishes tea and sets cup down*

Focail this. I can't sleep. All I do is think. I'm going back to work. End recording.

*gets up and leaves*


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