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Your training will continue

Posted on Sun Jun 19th, 2016 @ 12:26pm by Lieutenant T'Mia & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: XO's office
Timeline: MD01: 1600 Hours

Lieutenant T'Mia had taken the opportunity to leave the bridge for a short while and take advantage of some time to conclude some of her duties. One in particular had made her decide to call a crew member to her workspace.

Tapping her commbadge, the Lieutenant spoke into to the open communications array. "=/\=T'Mia to Ensign Wilson."

Sat at her station, Annie heard a voice over the ship's communications system which requested her attention. She knew that T'Mia was the Executive Officer, but she hadn't spoken to her properly since coming aboard. Annie pressed her commbadge to reply to T'Mia.

=A="This is Ensign Wilson here." Annie replied.

"=/\=Ensign, your presence is requested in my office immediately. Deck two, section three alpha," the Vulcan ordered curtly.

=A="I'm coming now." Annie responded.

T'Mia didn't have the same reassuring tone of voice Claudia used around her earlier, but orders were orders, so Annie left her station and made her way to the next deck in the lift. Then again, Annie felt sometimes she worried about things she didn't need to. It didn't take her very long to get there, but she was beginning to feel like she did earlier when she was in Claudia's office. Taking the quickest route possible so she could get it over and done with, Annie arrived outside T'Mia's office.

Annie pressed the bell, waiting to be allowed entry.

"Enter," came the reply in the same tone as before.

Annie entered after hearing she had been granted permission to, with her arms behind her back and beginning to feel butterflies in her stomach. She thought this request to go to T'Mia's office didn't sound good, but she kept reassuring herself that as far as she knew, she hadn't done anything wrong and had nothing to worry about.

"Here as you requested, Lieutenant." Annie said, trying to keep her nerves together.

"Welcome to the Vindex, Ensign," the Vulcan nodded as she rose from the seat behind her chair and offered a hand in welcome to the younger woman. "How are you finding the ship?" She queried. Small talk was pointless to Vulcans, but for humans it was an essential part of everyday life and so she had learnt to do her best to engage humans in conversation whenever possible.

Annie was surprised, one minute T'Mia sounded curt, and the next she seemed a little more friendly. Even so, Annie wasn't letting her guard down so easily and she kept her walls fairly high, at least for now.

"Thank you, Lieutenant. The's...nice." Annie said, trying to hide her nervous tone and sound a more confident, even though that wasn't the case. Around new people, Annie struggled, and found it hard to get to know and trust new people.

"Nice," the Vulcan pondered with a raised eyebrow. It was perhaps not the word she would have used, but not uncommon for a Terran. "I understand this is your first posting? To achieve such a senior posting straight from the academy shows great aptitude and effort on your part. Congratulations," T'Mia told, as sincerely as a Vulcan with purged emotions could muster.

Annie wasn't expecting she would be given a Head of Department role, but she had been, obviously on met but Annie did have her insecurities at that particular moment in time. Still, it was a compliment and she was happy to receive one from T'Mia, or anybody in fact.

"Thank you." Annie replied.

"Despite such an achievement, you must not rest on your laurels," the Vulcan countered. "As the ships first officer, it is my duty to ensure that all senior officers are suitably experienced and trained for whatever situation may arise. As such, I will be scheduling regular training regimes on the holodeck and regular night shifts for you to command," if the youngster was going to be a bridge officer, then the training T'Mia would put in place would be essential.

Annie still didn't see it as an achievement as such, more that her superiors had possibly overestimated her capabilities, even though in reality there was no question she had a talent as a pilot. Naturally, she agreed that bridge officers should have enough experience, and it wasn't something Annie had at the moment.

"Very well." Annie replied, not being able to think of that much to say about it, and still trying to get used to her surroundings and all the new people around her. A starship's bridge was a busy place, but, so was the rest of a starship.

"I will work on a training schedule and submit it to the Captain for you," the Vulcan confirmed with a nod.

Annie nodded slowly, thinking to herself that T'Mia and Claudia were showing a lot of faith in having such an inexperienced officer as the most senior pilot on the Vindex. She didn't really have a lot to say, although that was usually the case with Annie wherever she was, and whoever she was talking to.

"That sounds good." Annie replied, folding her arms behind her back.

"Very well then. You are dismissed Ensign," the Lieutenant ordered.

Annie turned around, wanting to get back to her work on the bridge. Command shifts sounded interesting, and T'Mia seemed adamant that she needed the experience, so it was an opportunity Annie felt was an interesting one that she couldn't turn down. She walked out of T'Mia's office and went back to the bridge.


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