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Hand Me A Spanner?

Posted on Mon Sep 19th, 2016 @ 5:08am by Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Senior Chief Petty Officer Glenn Hawk

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 6; 13:00

Claudia decided that with there being some time spare in her schedule she would head down to Engineering to lend a hand preparing the ship to enter the nebula they were going to find the Renown in. A few modifications to the engines were necessary to make sure the ship could traverse it safely. Once she arrived in engineering she sought out the Vindex's second officer and greeted him.

"Guten tag Mr Himmel. I came down to see if you'd like a hand with the impulse drive modifications? I guess another pair of hands can make it go a whole lot quicker" Claudia asked with a smile.

Himmel smiled at the sound of his native tongue, "Kapitain! Of course I wouldn't mind the help. I feel I have made my engineers a little thin, with the various unwanted modifications and other 'new ship' bugs I'm left alone working on this."

Soren gestured for her to follow him to the pool table, "Do you know what sort of particles we're dealing with in the nebula? I understand our scanners will have trouble inside."

Claudia followed Soren to the pool table before telling him about the nebula. Science wasn't her forté although she was aware that the nebula would hinder all of Vindex's critical systems. Not only that - but Lieutenant Joyce had told her of a number of issues concerning the nebula.

"Lieutenant Joyce also told me we will need to have monitor our ventilation systems extremely closely due to there being corrosive gases inside. I've also been told that we will have to shut down the warp engines before we enter - as well as modify our impulse drive to prevent the emissions causing certain gases in the nebula to destabilize. I've been given the modifications here - we will need to fit some particle stabilizers to our impulse reactors. The specs are also included on there too" Claudia replied with a smile.

Himmel grabbed the modifications from the Captain, "This will make it a whole lot easier for me." He walked over to The Chief Engineers console. It won't be too hard to shut down the warp drive. The impulse drive will take some time. We'll be able to get most of the modifications for impulse drive here, but we'll have to go in to the jefferie's tubes to place the stabilizers." He walked back over still talking, "Is that something that would interest you Captain?"

Claudia nodded and smiled. She was always happy to get her hands dirty - and of course with engineering spread relatively thin at the moment she figured Soren could use an extra pair of hands. The devices wouldn't take a massively long time to build - but it was imperative they were done sooner rather than later. Especially with The Consortium hanging around.

"That sounds good to me Mr Himmel. If you like I can get Lieutenant Joyce to help your team build them whilst you and I focus on the other things we need to do until they're ready? She anticipates with a few pairs of helping hands they can be done within a few hours - six hours maximum" Claudia replied.

"sehr gut! That will speed things up!" Soren went back over to his console, "I'll access the impulse engines. When I worked on the Sovereign Class project I helped a lot with propulsion systems, mainly the warp systems, but was the propulsion officer during the shakedown. I tried to make it easier for engineers to access and make changes for cases such as this."

Himmel couldn't help but feel the old man inside of him come out, the one who tells stories now of "back then" or the "good-ole-days." He looked to the Captain, "Sorry about that, just a habit now. Do you mind if I have you monitor the engines from the master display? I'm going to ease in some of the modification, prepare the impulse engines."

Claudia smiled. She didn't mind at all and was happy to see her German chief engineer and second officer was enthusiastic. His experience aboard Sovereign-class starships was extremely useful and Claudia knew that would only be advantageous for the Vindex.

"That's fine Lieutenant. I'll call Lieutenant Joyce and she can get on with helping us assemble those particle stabilisers and then we'll get on with installing them" Claudia replied.

An hour and a half later they were ready to install the devices which had been loaded onto a trolley each for easier transportation. They weren't large but they were still enough to warrant wheeling them around rather than carrying them. Once they'd been wheeled to their respective places Claudia joined Soren and two other engineers to help them install one of them.

"Let's get this installed. Are we ready to lift it into position?" Claudia asked.

Down in Engineering Chief Hawk was preparing the impulse engines for their modifications. To be installed the impulse reactors would need to be powered down - once Glenn had confirmed the reactors were dormant he tapped his commbadge.

=/\="The engines are ready for the devices Lieutenant"=/\= Glenn reported.

Soren nodded, "Alright, I'll stand in front and help ease it into place. The position is important so I can link the hook ups. It really shouldn't be too much trouble." Himmel tapped his combadge, =^=Glenn, we're about to install our first system. When I get it hooked up it should appear on your console to be ready to enter into the system. Follow the respective data to adjust the stabilizers that will prepare the engines for the nebula.=^=

"Are you ready, Captain?"

Claudia nodded. "Sure. Let's do this"

Claudia took one side of the stabiliser and prepared to help Soren lift it into position. Although it wasn't exactly heavy it was awkward and the stabilise was rather fragile. One mistake could see it damaged and rendered useless. They certainly didn't have time to make any more.

=/\="Aye Lieutenant. I'll be ready"=/\= Glenn replied.

This was the point where Soren felt his age, he struggled a bit to get it in. Too often in the rush of things he forgets that he has aged some years. Himmel felt the stress on his back, not that it was heavy of course, but the maneuvering was not easy on him. He could help but think Claudia would be better lifting this herself, or at-least Soren wouldn't be holding her back. They were just about there, Himmel was ready for this to be in place and couldn't help mutter under his breath, "die arschmade." The unit was placed and Soren took a deep breath and sigh of relief.

He took a moment to catch his breath, he then pulled up his sleeves and began attaching the links. He tapped his combadge, =/\=alright Glenn, you should be seeing it here in a few seconds. There we go.=/\= the stabilizer lit up as it was connected to the power.

=/\=I got it here Soren, putting in the data now=/\=

Himmel stood up straight, =/\=Alright, after we get her ready I want run a quick diagnostic on the stabilizer. Make sure it is taking in the changes. Also would like someone to swing by here and make a visual inspection. Himmel out.=/\=

Claudia was pleased to see the unit had been successfully fitted. She decided to see how the other team had got on with fitting the other device before they brought them online at the same time.

=/\="Ainscow to Team 2. Is your device fitted?"=/\= Claudia asked.

=/\="Affirmative Commander"=/\=

=/\="I'd like you to run a diagnostic and let us know when you're ready"=/\= Claudia replied.

Soren turned to Claudia, "Alright ma'am, after those diagnostics run we can begin testing this systems to see if it works. We can head back down to main engineering. You probably don't get the chance to see this part of the ship too often."

"There's parts of ships I've never seen Lieutenant - and if I see them once I'll probably never end up seeing these again. I've never been up here before and I've worked on Sovereign-class ships for the last twelve years now" Claudia replied.

She watched and waited patiently for the diagnostics to be completed. It was a tense time as the Vindex had very little time to prepare - certainly they weren't going to have time for much more preparation before tomorrow morning.

Himmel began going down the Jefferie's tube, "12 years huh? you must have spent most of your career on a Sovereign ship then?"

He reached the bottom and waited for Claudia to climb down.

Claudia crawled down the Jeffries tube after Soren. So far so good it seemed - they were on target to enter the nebula the next morning. Claudia would enter sooner - but she felt her crew could use some rest first. It had been a tough six days.

"I have indeed. Spent two years on an Excelsior-class before joining the Endurance when it was brand new. We had some tough times during the war on the Excelsior-class but we made it. Just like the last starship called Vindex" Claudia said.

Soren led the way out into main engineering, "those were some tough times. Changed a lot of things for us."

=/\=Timein to Himmel=/\=

=/\=Go ahead=/\=

=/\=We're finished with our diagnostic up here. They all check out, ready to run.=/\=

=/\=Perfect, Himmel out=/\=

Soren walked over to Hawk with Claudia still following. "How is everything looking with you Senior Chief?"

Hawk responded, "Everything is about ready sir. We can bring the stabilizers online. It will take sometime for them to have them 'warmed-up.'"

Himmel nodded, "alright then." He turned back to Ainscow, "What do you think, Captain?"

Claudia was very pleased that the diagnostics had come back positive and that most importantly of all the Vindex's engineering team as per usual had done an excellent job. They were doing very well under the very experienced Soren's guidance.

"Very good job guys - well done. We shall have to go and have a drink in Ten Forward later once we're certain they're running 100% to celebrate the success your first engineering project. How does that sound to you all?" Claudia replied.

Soren smiled, "I am always up for a good brew." The other engineers also gave their voice of agreement. He then addressed Ainscow, "We'll finish up things down here Captain. I'll report to you when everything is all set."

The Captain smiled and nodded before leaving engineering and saying farewell to the engineers.


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