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I Slipped...

Posted on Wed Aug 31st, 2016 @ 7:21pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 6; time 07:15

Claudia entered sickbay clutching her wrist. She'd slipped in the shower and landed on her wrist awkwardly and although it wasn't a serious pain it was enough for her to get it checked out by a nurse. Lieutenant Fields had left the ship after requesting to transfer to another ship - so after a detour to meet that vessel - the Vindex resumed its course. Another CMO - Lieutenant Compton - was due to arrive within the next couple of days.

"Hello? Anyone here?" Claudia called.

Having been notified by central computer of a visitor, Lt. Takahashi literally pushed a tall Klingon member of the crew out into the intake center. "I am TIRED of putting your TEETH back into your HEAD! Next time you get into a brawl, wear a mouth guard!"

The scraggly warrior cackled, "Bah! Armor is cheating! Besides, it is a waste of time with you around, tiny woman!" He offered a slight bow of respect to Cmdr. Ainscow in passing.

Otoha noticed the favored wrist and waved her hand over it. The tricorder ring transmitted diagnostics to her tech contact lenses, "And how did we do this, Commander?"

Claudia smiled at the nurse before releasing her wrist from the grip of her own right hand to allow Otoha to examine it to determine the extent of the injury. She had to admit she found the Klingon returning to sickbay after yet another brawl amusing - as she had heard of a scuffle in the mess hall the previous evening that resulted in Paul the chef calling for security to break it up.

"I slipped in the shower Ensign. Of all places..." Claudia replied.

Otoha stared solidly into her superior's eyes for a few moments. Normally, she would inform patients that her tricorder made for a highly effective lie detector. The 'I fell' excuse, however, was probably a loose translation for 'classified and none of your business'. Still, she waved a scanning hand over Claudia's head in a look for neural irregularities or vascular pressures which might cause dizziness. "We have several treatment options, Commander. Cut off the hand and graft in a bionic tool or beast claw, or I can infuse a internal splint that will dissolve naturally over time."

Although she was a bit surprised by the suggestion of bionic tools and beast claws she admitted she also found them a little bit amusing. Nevertheless she was here and she was always happy to defer to the professionals when it came to medical advice.

"I think the splint will do just fine Nurse" Claudia replied with a smile.

Nurse Takahashi had Claudia take a seat and lay her hand across an infuser table. "This will reinforce your bones as well as restrict movement while the tissues heal. Your wrist will feel stiff and immobile, just as if you wore an external splint." She leaned in for a moment of close eye contact, "It is my way of making sure you don't take it off, ma'am."

Claudia was happy that the solution to her damaged wrist wasn't going to take too long - especially as she was planning to leave the ship for an away mission to Rakhar in a couple of hours. Naturally she'd have told them to hurry up if it was going to take longer than five or ten minutes - but Claudia could see that it wasn't going to take long.

"I'd never do such a thing" Claudia replied warmly.

The holo-console displayed images of the splint material now forming inside her wrist. Otoha kept an eye on the design parameters, "I'm glad to hear that. You'd be surprised to hear the lengths that people will go to remove these, including transporter beam separation." She smiled at her. "Of course, I'm fond having that function overridden in our T-beam systems... all of them."

Claudia watched with interest at the holographic representation of her wrist on the console. Medicine had been an interest of Claudia's but never a field she felt she would excel in.

"More fool them if they try and take them out. While I'm here as well - feel free to do a general health check...saves me coming back another time to do one. And apart from that I have an away mission later today" Claudia replied.

Otoha cycled down the splint inducer and then studied her eyes. Her tone sounded more instructional than observational, "Primary scan indicates that your body is not in optimal condition. I'd like you to begin a lifestyle improvement regimen at some point."

Claudia was a little surprised - but she supposed it could be worse.

"That's probably me eating too many desserts and not taking enough exercise afterwards. I could use some more exercise I guess...not sure about the desserts...maybe a few less. Or I could just get the chef to make some healthier desserts I suppose" Claudia said.

The diminutive nurse stared with an almost predatory smile, "I'll work up a program that we can implement during our next transit."

"Thank you Nurse. Call me when you want me to come back for a check up" Claudia replied.

Claudia was happy that she had been treated promptly and effectively by Otoha. Had there been a queue Claudia would have been tempted to return at a quieter time - however that wasn't necessary. Claudia stood up and smiled at the nurse before departing.


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