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Green fields

Posted on Mon Aug 29th, 2016 @ 3:43pm by Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: USS Vindex, holo deck
Timeline: Day 6 - evening

Happy to be cleared to return to light duties that day, Annie was lying on her bed when she saw her dog, Max, enter the room. She had totally forgotten her Alaskan Malamute's walk that evening, so after making a deep sigh, Annie got off her bed and took Max's lead from top of the cabinet.

"Did I forget your walk, Max? How could I do that?" Annie said.

Max had been Annie's closest companion since she was sixteen years old, and wherever she went, he went with her. She was worried that Claudia wouldn't like having animals on the ship, but these concerns were addressed when Claudia consented to Annie bringing Max onto the ship.

Attaching the dog's lead to his collar, he almost dragged Annie to the door to start his evening walk. Annie giggled as her dog had always been keen to go for his walks, and it was a part of his nature Annie loved. Pausing outside her door, Annie looked around to see where to take him. Claudia had given her an idea previously, and that was to use the holo deck, as they would be away from the Vindex's corridors, but there would be so much room for Max to exercise.

"Come on, this way Max." Annie said, pointing to the nearest lift. As far as Annie knew, Max was the only dog on the ship, although she did hope before she arrived there would be other dog owners for her to make friends with.

After asking for directions, Annie finally found a holodeck. Claudia had allowed Annie to use one of her holo deck programmes to walk Max, so after taking time to work out how to activate it, she entered and could see the happy look on her dog's face at the sheer size of what was ahead of them. Lush green fields for mile after mile, with a beautiful golden sun shining in the clear blue, cloudless, sky.

"Now don't go too far, okay?" Annie instructed Max, before she detached his lead and allowed him to enjoy the surroundings that the programme offered them. Annie assumed Claudia used it for relaxation, as there was nothing else around, except for a few trees dotted around.

Annie decided to walk around herself, following Max at a slower pace. She could not believe how a small chamber aboard a star ship could create something like this, and it gave her an idea, to create a programme which would allow her to be at home, but still on the Vindex. Annie did miss home deeply, but she knew that would have to happen if she wanted what she had now. She knew she would have to leave her beloved Scotland to head to the stars, and even with Max by her side, it was hard for her to adjust and socialise with those she had been chosen to serve with.

She made a mental note to thank Claudia for the use of her holo deck programme, because as Max was clearly enjoying it, Annie also shared her dog's affection for the endless green fields. Claudia was nice, the Vindex's Captain felt like an older sister, but Annie knew she had to talk to other people too, and she would be asked to work with them as well. She decided that from tomorrow, she would make an effort to talk to other people, by having her meals in the canteen, and not alone in her quarters.

Annie knew Max enjoyed having her around when they ate their respective meals, she couldn't be a recluse for ever, especially as she was already in charge of flight control and she had to hit the ground running. Annie would have preferred an easier assignment, that she admitted, but at the same time she didn't want to give up without at least trying it first.

After the hour Claudia had allowed Annie to use her programme had expired, she called Max to return to her side so they could exit the holo deck to allow somebody else to have a turn. Obediently, Max returned to Annie's side and allowed her to re-attach his lead.

"Computer, end the programme." Annie said, and her instruction to the computer meant the lush green fields and cloudless blue sky were replaced with the empty chamber, back to reality. Annie wished she could have left the ship for the away mission, but she was advised not to.

Annie and Max returned to their quarters, with the worn out dog climbing into his bed as soon as his owner detached his lead. The programme had worked, as not only had Max enjoyed himself, the peaceful surroundings gave Annie a chance to think about her reclusive nature, with positive results.

Tired, Annie climbed onto her own bed and picked up a book, one of many she had brought with her from home. She had never read them, despite having owned them for over a decade, Annie had only realised that reading a real book, instead of on a pad, felt a lot more enjoyable. Annie settled down for the night with the Robert Louis Stevenson novel she had started when she moved onto the Vindex, and she looked forward to making an effort with her crew mates the next day, when she was allowed back on full duty.


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