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The Doctor is In

Posted on Sat Jun 18th, 2016 @ 2:21pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Noah Fields M.D.

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Transporter Room 2, USS Vindex
Timeline: Mission Day 1; 21:00

Claudia was in the Transporter Room waiting for the arrival of her new Chief Medical Officer - one that she had requested from knowing him many years ago back on the USS Trident. Today she would be reunited with Noah Fields after not seeing him for the best part of 13 years since he left the Trident for Starbase 400.

"When are we expecting Lieutenant Fields to arrive Chief?" Claudia asked.

As the familiar light and sonic engaged there was this slight tension in the air. For Chief Har this was his first transport on board his first Deep Space assignment. "He should be coming in soon Sir," Har said.

The light and sound faded as the towering Doctor materialized on board. "Lieutenant Noah Fields, reporting for duty Captain." He said. On his shoulder was a rucksack as worn was his baritone voice. "I apologize for being late. My transport from Ophinias Colony had an unexpected stop."

"It's lovely to see you again Noah. Don't worry about the delay in you getting here though - I'm just glad you made it here" Claudia said with a smile.

Claudia was genuinely pleased to see him again. Thirteen years apart had been far too long and she was absolutely delighted when her former partner - now very good friend - had chosen to accept her request to join the Vindex in the Gamma Quadrant. She extended her hand to Noah for a handshake.

Noah gave her a wide smile. He stepped down off the platform and took her hand. A shock of a familiar memory hit him. Thirteen years later and she still had a strong grip. "Thanks," he said. "But you really didn't need to greet me. I would have been happy to meet you in your Ready Room."

Claudia smiled and returned the handshake before responding. Noah was just as she remembered him all those years ago. Their relationship was special to Claudia and she'd always treasure those memories.

"Oh not at all. Let's just say after thirteen years I didn't want to wait the extra few minutes for you to come up to my ready room. And the transporter room is a bit less formal than my ready room. How have you been keeping?" Claudia replied.

"Since the last time we spoke? Better." Noah returned her smile and dropped his bag next to the transporter console. Rubbing his sore shoulder he continued, "I am just glad to be back on the road."

Claudia smiled. "Well we'll be on the move really soon I hope - we've got a good crew coming together nicely so we shouldn't have to wait too much longer. I'm going to speak with my superiors about cutting us loose tomorrow or the day after - after all - what are we here for? Want to come for a cup of tea or coffee?"

"I would love one," Noah shouldered his bag again. "Just this time let it be real coffee not one of those froo-froo drinks you used to order. I finally got the taste of the Golmite Cappuccino off my tongue." He raised a hand to indicate that she should take the lead.

"That alone would have been grounds for our break up," he joked as they left the transporter room.

Claudia giggled as she led the way towards the Mess Hall. She had long since changed her tastes in coffee and much preferred normal coffee rather than things like cappuccinos and mochas which she now only had occasionally. Paul usually had a good choice of coffees in the mess hall but generally Claudia usually replicated one unless she had enough time to wait for one to be made.

"Well there's a good choice of coffees available here but I tend to stick with the standard coffee these days...I'll have a fancy coffee on a special occasion but seeing as it's you I won't get one this time" Claudia replied.

Noah chuckled. After thirteen years Claudia still was able to outwit him.
Something that he admired in her. A twinge of loss overcame him ase walked to the replicator; Charlotte could outwit him as well. It's what made Noah fall in love with both of them.

"I brought the chef from the Endurance with me...I was told I could have something from the Endurance as a parting gift when I left and I decided to request the services of the chef. Just as well they granted it because some of the replicators aren't working properly...I've heard reports of the food materialising without a plate...that must have been fun" Claudia replied.

"So, Captain Claudia. How does it feel," Noah asked her after a minute of silence.

Claudia collected a cup of coffee before taking it the table closest to the replicator and sitting down. She was happy to see Noah again after so long - it was nice that there wasn't anything awkward between them and that they were still very good friends even after over a decade of not seeing each other in person.

Claudia smiled. "It's still a bit surreal. It's my first command and they gave me a Sovereign-class. I wasn't expecting something so big or new...but here we are"

"Here we are," Noah took a long sip. "I am sorry we lost touch after I left. I tried to get in contact with you after the War but, I guess you can say life and light years got in between."

Claudia took a sip of her drink before smiling at Noah. She knew she could have done better trying to contact her former partner but at least they had finally crossed paths again.

"You're here now - that's the important thing Noah. Don't worry about it" Claudia replied.

"Thanks," Noah stood up and took a long gulp of his drink. "It's getting late Claud, I have a lot of moving to do and a long first shift in the morning. Thanks for the coffee."

Claudia was happy with their short but sweet encounter. It was getting late and she decided that once she had finished her own coffee she would retire to her quarters for the night.

Claudia replied. "You're welcome. Sleep well Noah - if there's anything I can get you just come and find me"

"Will do Captain, good night," Noah stepped away not knowing if it was protocol to give a friendly peck on the forehead as he always did when they parted ways.

Lieutenant Noah Fields, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Vindex

Commander Claudia Ainscow
Commanding Officer
USS Vindex


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