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Reduced Visibility

Posted on Tue Sep 13th, 2016 @ 1:25pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant JG Tora Benjarvi & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 1; Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 6; 16:45

Having finished helping Himmel down in engineering Claudia was now keen to get the sensor modifications moving along so they'd be ready to enter the nebula the next morning. She decided to call Benj, Akiva and Annie to her ready room to inform them of their collective task to ensure the Vindex would still be able to "see" in the nebula - and if necessary - fire upon any enemy ships.

=/\="Ainscow to Tora, ben-Avram and Wilson. Please report to my Ready Room"=/\=

After hearing the call, Annie left her spot on the bridge and went to Claudia's office, pressing the bell, and then entering. Once inside, she stood and waited for those who she would be working with, Akiva and Tora.

"We sure do a lot of meetings," Akiva muttered under his breath. He dry-washed his hands and stood up from his bridge terminal--after locking it, of course. A relief officer would be on their way, but it would only take them a moment to key into the system. When he got to the Ready Room, he followed in on Annie's heels.

Benj had just finished up his time at the Temple when the request came in. With all recent events, he had neglected his spiritual studies and that had been grinding on his guilt. With some downtime, Benj decided to recharge his spiritual batteries and see if the Prophets had any insights that he had missed.

Leaving the temple, Benj made his way to the Captain's Ready Room. He greeted Annie, Akiva and Ainscow when he was in. *Hey Triple A*, he thought.

"I'm sorry to disturb you all but this is important. I'm planning on taking the Vindex into the nebula in front of us to finally retrieve the Renown - however we're going to have to modify our sensors so we'll still be able to shoot at anybody else who might be hiding in there - and of course detect the Renown. Does anybody have any ideas?" Claudia asked.

Benj was up first. "Well, I guess our first question might be 'Should we fire any of our weapons in this nebula?'", he said. Depending on the makeup of the gases contained in there, we might be setting the space equivalent of a fire storm if something detonates. I might have missed it, but have we conducted a scan of the gases inside the nebula?"

"Firing torpedoes won't be an issue - it's the phasers we won't be able to use. That means if we're going to attack them we'll have to have to have our bow aimed at them or have them pretty much dead astern. It may be worth getting a science officer involved too - may I suggest you ask Ensign Bogolyubov as I believe Lieutenant Dreznik is unwell at the moment and has been signed off duty" Claudia replied.

"What if we augmented the forward shield array with a tachyon pulse?" Akiva suggested. "Our sensors would be able to detect tachyonic particles through anything short of a singularity. It might decrease shield efficiency and wouldn't do anything for long-range sensors, but it should keep us from stumbling around in the dark." He shrugged diffidently.

Claudia nodded. "Although it leaves us more vulnerable to enemy fire it does give us a better chance of detecting and avoiding any enemies before they can see us. Lieutenant Joyce said our best possible speed will be around half impulse - do you think you can get us around at that speed Ensign?"

Annie nodded, "That won't be a problem, Commander. As long as I'm told if anything is in the way, I'll have us with the Renown within a couple of hours, maybe three."

"Glad to hear it. I'll allocate you a work area so that you can work on your project free of any interruptions. Are there any additional resources you feel you might need? I'll also send a message to Ensign Bogolyubov to meet you there" Claudia asked.

"If we can't use the phasers, then I would suggest running that power back to the shields. It might give us a little more protection if a fight happened to break out." As he spoke, Benj considered the torpedo launchers on the Vindex. The Sovereign Class Starship has 8 torpedo launchers, 5 in the front and 3 in the back. It also had a turret that fired in a 360 degree arc. "I also suggest that we program all our aft torpedoes to a proximity blast. We will be running at that point and not able to really target much.

Claudia nodded. "A wise idea. Our shields are going to be weakened by the nebula so any extra power available should go to the shielding to boost our shield capacity as much as possible."

"Sounds like we've covered our bases as best as possible then," Akiva said, nodding with approval.

Claudia nodded. "Excellent. I've assigned you one of the armouries so you have some space to work whilst having access to the shields and sensors. If there's anything else I can get any of you then please let me know" Claudia replied.

Annie couldn't think of anything, so she stood up ready to leave the office.

Claudia smiled. "Very well. Keep me updated on your progress"

Claudia turned back to her workstation and carried on with her paperwork. It was a long and har


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