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Working Together

Posted on Sun Oct 9th, 2016 @ 5:45am by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant JG Tora Benjarvi & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson & Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 6

Annie stood and waited for her colleagues to join her, interested in what the more experienced officers would come up with to solve their problems. She had never encountered a nebula before, so this was her first time up close with one. Annie would also be flying inside it too, and that wasn't going to be so easy with all the things inside the nebula that would work against them.

Benj entered the work area and found Annie already there. "Good Afternoon Ensign. Looks like we have a fairly significant task ahead of us." He approached the Flight Control Officer. "With all that has gone on, I haven't had a chance to meet you. I'm Lieutenant Tora, but you can call me Benj."

Annie hadn't prepared anything, as she was waiting for everybody else to arrive, and her inexperience would show. She looked at Benj, happy to be on first name terms with the more experienced officer.

Annie smiled, "Good afternoon. If I can all you Benj, then you can call me Annie."

Anastasia walked into the work area, her eyes never leaving the screen of her PADD. One half of the screen was filled with changing calculations of Lyaponov exponents, while the other half was filled with a technical log from the Voyager during its voyages in the Delta Quadrant.

She looked up only briefly, giving Benj and Annie a quick nod. "Lieutenant, Ensign," she added, before taking a seat, her attention once again riveted on her PADD as she made entries to the screen.

The doors parted barely in time before Akiva stumbled through them, nearly tripping over himself in the process. When he entered, he took a moment to regain his balance along with his composure. "Don't mind me." He took a seat between Annie and Anastasia across from Benj, nodding at each in turn.

Annie looked at all of the newcomers, one of which she had never met before, Anastasia.

"Shall we get started? I'm sure the Commander will want a report before the end of the day." Annie offered.

Anastasia looked up from her PADD and gave a curt nod. "Is there a protocol to these sort of things? That is to say, an order which ideas are presented and debated?"

"I suggest we determine our precise goals and then open the floor for suggestions on to best meet them," Akiva said. He looked to Annie. "Ensign Wilson brought us all together, so perhaps she should start us off. What do you think is the best way to follow the captain's order?"

Annie felt a bit surprised she was the one that was asked to start things off, especially as she was the least experienced person in the room. She had a go, however.

"Well, might I suggest we start with modifying the weapon sensors? I'm thinking that will take the longest, so we should do it first." Annie said, hoping she'd used the correct logic for the situation.

Akiva nodded. "We've already made headway with navigational sensors, so that's not a bad suggestion." He tapped his chin. "What if there's a way we can hit two birds with one stone?" He turned to Benj. "Lieutenant Tora, I know the targeting systems require real-time data in order to be effective, but I wonder if it's possible to utilize your probes for the weapons array in the same way as you suggested with navigation?

Anastasia listened attentively, making mental 'deletes' to some of the suggestions she had thought about bringing up earlier. Raising her hand, she asked, "If I might make a suggestion?"

"Go on," Akiva said.

"Besides physical adaptations," Anastasia began, "Perhaps we could adopt the sensor's governing algorithm to take into account the varying particle density of the nebulae the Vindex is traversing. We could couple this with a pseudorandom number generator that would allow for varying levels of diffraction that our sensors are experiencing. We then introduce a subrouting to the computer that would allow it to..."Anastasia paused, looking for an adequate description "...flesh out the incomplete picture. In the same way that the human mind will momentarily glimpse a friend's face from an angle, and automatically fill in the details. This would all be environment specific, unusable outside the nebulae, but it could perhaps allow us to recognize another starship with incomplete data before they recognize us."

Akiva nodded, his eyes showing approval. "How much time to modify the existing programming with the new algorithm?" It was no small feat, but Akiva was becoming familiar with the Ensign's aptitude in such things.

Anastasia stared straight ahead, motionless except for her right hand, which shot straight up, her fingers moving in an odd rhythm. Just as quickly, her hand returned to her lap.

"Two hours at most, Lieutenant," Anastasia replied, "Though realistically I should be able to accomplish this in under an hour. I reviewed the data before coming here, so I believe my less conservative estimate to be the more accurate."

"Very good," Akiva said. "I was going to offer my assistance, but it seems you have it well in hand."

"Yes sir," Anastasia said with a curt nod, her attention already focused on her PADD as she began outlining notes to herself on the steps she needed to take.

"Is there anything else?" Akiva asked, looking to Annie and Benj.

Benj remained pointedly silent.

Annie shook her head, with everything she needed to know discussed already, she didn't see the need to delay things any longer.

"No, sir." Annie replied.

Anastasia looked up from her PADD long enough to shake her head 'no', then returned her full attention to what she was working on.

Akiva nodded. "I say we're all dismissed. Good work."


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