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Posted on Sun Sep 11th, 2016 @ 2:43pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Captain's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 6; 18:00

Nurse Takahashi sat starting at her console. New crew profiles displayed before her, and one in particular caught her attention. "Computer, do you have latest political statuses of the Dominion as relating to the Federation?"



==There are concerns that the Dominion might blockade and mine their side of the Bajoran Wormhole. Accusations have been leveled that they are engaged in a long-term military buildup in readiness for an alternative means of arrival in Alpha Quadrant being discovered.==

She shook her head, "That being the condition... why do I show a Vorta joining our crew?"

==Starfleet has certified Lieutenant JG Kevran as clear for duty aboard starships.==

"Yes, I can see that. My question was WHY."

==Command channels will need to be consulted for that information.==

"Thank you, Computer. You are SO helpful."

Otoha tried to keep working, but the alarming revelation was too much of a distraction. Without much conscious intent, she found herself coursing the corridors to the captain's office. "A Vorta? A CREW member?"

Claudia was in her office and was surprised to hear the chime go - she wasn't expecting any visitors. Nevertheless she stopped work and called whoever her guest was into the room.

"Enter" Claudia called.

Nurse Takahashi approached with tense formality. "Thank you for seeing me, Commander. I wanted to ask you something off the record."

Claudia was surprised to see it was none other than the nurse that had seen to her injury earlier on in the day. She suspected it was Otoha bringing Claudia her new health plan - but she didn't have a PADD with her to suggest this was this the case.

"Err...sure. Go ahead" Claudia replied.

"Commander... I don't understand how it is possible for a Vorta crewman to serve Starfleet. Their ultimate loyalty is to Founders, enemies of the Federation."

Claudia was surprised at the assignment of a Vorta crewmember but she herself was always somebody to give everyone a chance regardless of their species. Claudia had no doubts Kevran would prove to be a very valuable crew member to the Vindex.

"That maybe so but I believe Lieutenant Kevran will be a fine addition to this crew. We need all the friends we can get out here Ensign regardless of their species" Claudia replied.

Otoha struggled to find the words. "I understand that in theory, but... doesn't absolute loyalty to the Founders entail enmity with our Federation? To share our technology and methods with him is tantamount to handing it to the Dominion. Commander, species is irrelevant to my concern. It is the political loyalty which concerns me."

"Mr Kevran personally volunteered to serve the Federation Ensign. He has been doing so - very, very well might I add - for the last eight years and I am more than willing to trust him. I can only ask that you do the same" Claudia replied.

"What mole doesn't volunteer, Commander?" Her question was rhetorical. The decision had already been made. Otoha laid the matter to rest, "If this ship accepts Lieutenant Kevran, then I comply with that commitment." She stared off for a moment, "I wonder if this is how Captain Picard felt when the first Klingon joined the crew of Enterprise."

Claudia was slightly surprised with how the Nurse seemed to feel about a Vorta being assigned to the crew. Claudia was more than happy to have Kevran aboard the ship and she knew that he would be a valuable part of its crew just like everyone else was.

"I don't have any reasons whatsoever not to trust Mr Kevran. He's part of the Vindex's crew and I will support him just as much as I support everyone else - whether they are a crew member or a civilian - aboard this ship" Claudia replied.


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