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A New Opportunity

Posted on Mon Sep 12th, 2016 @ 9:14pm by Lieutenant JG Kevran & Captain Claudia Ainscow

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Science Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 6; time TBC

Claudia was aware a Vorta crew member had been assigned to the Vindex. She was surprised but open minded about the assignment - it gave her a chance to work with a member of a species she had only heard of before and never met in person. Now however she was about to meet a Vorta member of Starfleet. She was more excited than anything else.

Walking through the ship she decided to locate Kevran and introduce herself to him. Discovering that he was in one of the Science labs Claudia headed there and a few minutes later she found herself in the laboratory where the computer told her Kevran was. Sure enough he was there - and Claudia walked up to him and smiled and extended her hand for a shake.

"Mr Kevran? Commander Ainscow - lovely to meet you" Claudia said.

The Vorta withdrew his violet eyes from the scope he had been peering into and placed them upon the commander. She was dressed in an impeccably uniform fashion, with not a button out of place, and her hair was perfectly set into it's place, likely the result of many minutes of effort each morning, or so he guessed in his microseconds-long surmise of his commanding officer. Her tidiness and perfectly fitted attire contrasted with his own; he wore the standard duty uniform, though his collar was left undone and his jacket open. Strangely, no rank pips or insignia adorned his uniform either.

"Commander." He returned her smile with his own and took her hand. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Claudia smiled and shook Kevran's hand. She was very impressed to find him hard at work in the lab - when she was a junior officer Claudia could often be found working on ways to improve things on the Endurance even fractionally. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't - but she always enjoyed watching other people get about their work even now.

"The pleasure is also mine Lieutenant. I trust everything is alright with your quarters and the facilities?" Claudia asked.

Kevran released her hand. "My quarters are perfectly adequate, Commander." He told her, still smiling. "How very kind of you to ensure for my comfort. I assure you, I very much appreciate it." Kevran stood with the same expression as when she had arrived, but thought that it was strange for a commanding officer to appear for a simple introduction. He couldn't help but find it fascinating.
There was a few seconds of silence before Kevran turned for a moment and looked back into the viewer of his scope. "I wonder, Commander, if this might interest you." He stood away from it and gestured to the scope. "It's an Argrathi Gninti, from the deepest southern hemisphere of their planet...I suppose you might liken it to an anemone from your world."

Claudia looked through the scope at the creature. The vibrant and vivid mixture of colours stood out immediately. She'd never heard of an Argrathi Gninti but she thought it was certainly a very aesthetically pleasing creature.

"It's a lovely blend of colours Lieutenant. I've never seen anything like it" Claudia said.

She removed herself from the scope after looking for another few moments and looked back at Kevran. As far as she was aware he was in Starfleet on a probationary basis but Claudia didn't see why that couldn't be made permanent.

"I can't help but notice your rank insignia is missing Mr Kevran. Do you need it updating?" Claudia asked.

Kevran glanced aside in the vague direction of his collar, indicating he was aware of his missing pips. "Ahhh, no, Commander, that will not be necessary. They are perfectly current, and I simply..." Kevran trailed off as his expression shifted into one of thought "If you desire it, Commander, I will wear them." He stated apologetically with a short nod of his head. His resting smile returned, as did his gaze to meet hers. "However..." He began, an obvious question in his tone.

"If you don't mind, I am curious, Commander. What do you know...of the Dominion?" Kevran asked, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly.

Claudia was pleased to resolve the issue of Kevran's missing rank insignia. She preferred rank insignia to be worn - especially with more senior officers.

"Well I generally prefer rank insignia is worn - nothing personal - its just as you're one of the more senior officers aboard the ship it'll make you more recognisable as a senior officer" Claudia replied.

Being asked about the Dominion was a difficult question. She didn't know a great deal about them - but she did serve in the war over a decade previously. To Claudia it was hard to think about but nevertheless she felt she owed Kevran a response - even if she didn't know anything about them. She'd never encountered a member of the Dominion before and Kevran was the first Vorta she had ever encountered in her 14 year Starfleet career.

"In all honesty not very much Mr Kevran. I served in the war for a year but I never encountered them in person" Claudia responded.

Kevran cupped his hands together, listening intently to her. He knew that it was a potentially awkward question. Even now, he occasionally encountered senior members of the Federation who viewed him as an enemy. It could be difficult to navigate diplomatically, but it was not especially concerning to him.

"It may interest you to know, Commander, that we have no rank structure." His eyes glanced to the Gninti he had been observing earlier. "We do not find them useful." His tone was clearly informative, and not intended to be a critique of the Commander. Vorta were naturally gifted speakers, though they took great pains to ensure their tones and speech patterns allowed for no misunderstandings. Kevran looked back to Commander Ainscow, observing her as he spoke.

"You see, Commander, our loyalty is absolute. It cannot be altered by titles and insignias, as these do not denote authority. Individuals have none." He spoke with a tone somewhere between adoration and education. He knew that this concept could be difficult to understand for the uninitiated. Even some member species of the Gamma Quadrant still did not fully understand. "Within the Dominion," He continued. "A singular authority is served by all in their way. It is not questioned, nor discussed. We obey." He let the last word hang in the air for half of a second, adding gravitas to it.

"The Jem'Hadar call this 'the order of things.' It is an acceptable name." Kevran uncupped his hands and gestured them with something reminiscent of a shrug.

Claudia listened to Kevran as he spoke. This was a learning curve for her just as much as it was for him - she'd been quite surprised when she was offered a Vorta crew member. She was more than happy to accept as it gave her a new opportunity to interact with a species she had once fought on more friendly terms. Claudia found the man fascinating.

"Well if you prefer not to wear your rank insignia then I think we can make an exception - although as long as you wear the uniform then that's fine with me. I will inform the first officer that you don't have to wear your rank insignia as per your request. I have to admit however I find getting to know be honest" Claudia replied.

"I'm finding the experience to be...Educational." Kevran smiled, blinking a few times rapidly before he returned to his desk, looked into his scope, and returned to his odd experiment. "I hope there is much to be gained from this relationship. Humans, and your Federation, have been fascinating to me." He turned a magnification dial on the right side. "And hopefully there is much to be learned for you...And Starfleet."

Very casually, Kevran turned his head slightly and glanced back to Commander Ainscow. "As always, I am at your service, Commander."

"I appreciate it Mr Kevran. I shall let you get back on with your experiment and I look forward to learning more about you and your species. If you need anything - you know where to find me. Welcome to the Vindex" Claudia replied.

Claudia smiled and turned around to head out of the science lab having found the experience very educational and interesting to say the least. She was very much looking forward to getting to know a new species - especially a Vorta - the first one she knew of serving in Starfleet in her so far fourteen year career.


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