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Blown In By A Night Wind

Posted on Wed Jun 8th, 2016 @ 5:05am by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Starbase Sector
Timeline: prelaunch


In the quiet of what could be called desolate space, shimmering distortions disturbed the timeless stillness. HMS Nightwind made a rare appearance within Federation territory. Not one to tarry in normal space, Chief Captain Talvel said his farewell as his crew deployed a gravity bubble generator. "Otoha, you've taken no small risk in helping us. We are indebted to you."

The small young woman returned a bow of the head, "It upsets me when healing the needy is forbidden by politics. Now more than ever, I believe that we are our brothers' keeper. I am grateful for the opportunity."

"Will you tell your family?"

She stared off, "No. They cannot be held accountable for that which they themselves are unaware. My silence will probably speak as clearly as words, though. They know that I am sometimes personally at odds with the Prime Directive."

Talvel nodded, "Always remember that you have friends."

"I shall, Sir." She offered a formal bow.

He returned the cultural salutation, "Until we meet again."

Otoha cinched up her backpack and stepped onto the gravity bubble dais. The system energized, forming a strong-force sphere around her. Moments later, a soliton pulse shot her away in the direction of a Federation starbase.

Upon reaching the solarian boundary, the temporary vehicle began emitting a standard shuttle transponder signal. The soliton pulse dispersed, dropping her into normal space close to her destination. The highly maneuverable bubble darted down toward an open civilian dock area and decelerated. It drew a few second looks from harbor control monitors, but this wasn't an unknown form of travel for some planets.

Otoha exited the gravity bubble as soon as it touched down on the docks. Off in the distance, she could see the large starship that was her destination. "Sovereign Class..." She popped open her holo-wristbook and asked, "Have I any messages?"

==One hundred and thirty seven.==

"Anything important?"

==One. You will be classified as AWOL by Starfleet if you do not report for duty within the next fifteen hours.==

She closed up her device and walked through the dock promenades. Trams and shuttles were available, but Otoha wanted to absorb starbase ambiance. It was bustling, chaotic, unrefined. Upon reaching the Starfleet entry portal, the operator on duty performed quarantine and security scans. "Ensign Takahashi! According to base computer, you weren't aboard the final inbound transport. How did you get here?"

"Magic carpet."

"Very funny. No, seriously, Security doesn't like anyone not fully accounted for twenty four, seven."

"I have a privacy addiction, Crewman."

He sighed, nodding with closed eyes, "Not my battle. Welcome aboard, Ensign. Scans are clear. Do you have personal baggage?"

"No, only what I carry."

"Very good."

"Thank you." Otoha crossed the threshold of the ship. The place had a strange feel to it. Computer announced, ==Ensign Takahashi, your accesses are fully enabled.==

She opened her wristbook, "Computer, download new crew packages and orders." A double-beep confirmed that the order was carried out. Although stopping by her quarters or reporting to the bos'n were options, Otoha wanted first to see Sickbay. Guided by her downloaded map, she made her way through long corridors and by strange new people. Her first steps into the hospital area brought her a smile. For some strange reason, it felt like home.


Ens. Otoha Takahashi
USS Vindex
Bravo Fleet


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