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Posted on Sat Sep 24th, 2016 @ 10:05pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Elsa Johansson
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Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Commander Ainscow's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 7; 12:00

Claudia had overseen the transfer of some personnel over to the Renown for onward transfer to other assignments. There were varying reasons - all of which Claudia could understand. However she was without a Chief Science Officer and after having had a word with Captain Hutchinson she was recommended an Ensign Elsa Johannson - a Starfleet officer forced into helping the Consortium. However Claudia was prepared to take David's word for it. Clearly she was a talented young officer and Claudia was prepared to give her a chance to prove herself.

=/\="Ainscow to Johansson. If you have a few minutes could you come up to my ready room so we can have a chat?"=/\= Claudia said.

Elsa tapped her commbadge gingerly, still not sure what to make of her new arrangements. Just a few days ago, she had been on the recovering Renown, awaiting a court martial. Elsa had no regrets about any of the decisions she had made. Her subterfuge had allowed for the rescue of the Renown and the crippling of the Cukela. But her superiors seemed to be of the opinion that she should have foregone her "cloak and dagger" strategy, even if the new end result would have been detrimental to Starfleet. Elsa personally wished that someone would just go ahead and drop the other shoe.

=/\="Yes ma'am, on my way." =/\= Elsa responded

Elsa quickly made her way to bridge level, giving nods as she went along. She then signaled her presence outside the ready room and awaited the order to enter.

Claudia was always happy to give people second chances and that's what she saw herself as doing here. Given the compelling evidence that Elsa and her colleagues had not acted out of choice both David and Claudia expected their punishment - if any - wouldn't be severe.

"Come in" Claudia called.

Elsa entered the ready room and assumed an at ready position that would have made her PT instructor at the Academy proud. "May I ask what you wanted to discuss, Captain?"

Claudia gestured to one of the vacant chairs in front of her desk and smiled at the Ensign. She had Elsa's file up on her console and was quite impressed with it so far. Nevertheless Claudia felt a face to face meeting with the young officer was necessary.

"Please take a seat. Captain Hutchinson recommended you to me after I asked him if he has anybody looking for a transfer. I just need for us to have a chat about things so we know where we stand. Can I get you a drink or anything?" Claudia replied.

Elsa took a seat, somewhat surprised at the Captain's introductory remarks. Despite Captain Hutchinson's reassurances and her promise to be of any assistance she could be, Elsa was expecting to be put into detainment somewhere or other, until events allowed for her to be separated from Starfleet and sent back home, sooner or later.

"No, ma'am, I'm fine, but thank you," Elsa answered. "I'm just ready to find out where I stand as well."

Claudia nodded and decided to leave her cup of tea until after the meeting. She looked at the console displaying Elsa's profile again before turning to face her and smiling.

"You're not in trouble or anything Miss Johansson. You're over here because I need a Chief of Science and I thought you'd make a great addition to the ship's crew. How would you feel about being assigned here with your own department?" Claudia asked.

Elsa's mouth opened, shut, opened again, then snapped shut. Being in the Sciences Division of a starship wasn't outside the realm of possibility, at least as not as far as Elsa was concerned. After all, Elsa had spent summers and school breaks following her uncle's footsteps, as he traipsed from one research station to another inside Earth's Arctic circle. At the Academy, she had excelled in the physics track, particularly in the realm of particle physics. The latter had made her move from Flight Control to Engineering a seamless transition. So the move to Sciences wouldn't be a problem either. Except that Elsa hadn't been expecting an offer to take a position in the Vindex's Science Division, much less taking charge of the Science Division.

"I think you would find I would do a more than capable job," Elsa finally answered, without a trace of doubt in her voice. Elsa was about to add something to her answer, but instead chose not to display the chip on her shoulder.

Claudia was pleased that the offer of a role aboard the Vindex had been accepted. It certainly gave her a lot less to think about - apart from of course the vacancy to lead the medical department. That thought however was for another time and conversation.

"I'm glad to hear it. You should find the science labs to your approval - so far I've heard very positive comments about them. The department is well staffed so you won't have to worry about anything in that area. Do you have anything you'd like to ask me at this stage?" Claudia replied.

"No, ma'am," Elsa answered, before she added. "I will give you the same amount of dedicating and loyalty I've given Starfleet since I first reported to the Academy." There was definitely an emphasis on the word 'loyalty.' Elsa was going to leave things on that note, but decided perhaps she shouldn't come off as confrontational to her new commanding officer. So Elsa allowed a hint of a smile to appear on her lips when she asked, "I have heard, though, that your medical department has a unique approach to screening new crewmembers."

Claudia nodded. "That's good to know. And yes - the medical department does have a rather unique way of screening all newcomers - although I can't say that's a bad thing. We don't have a CMO at the moment but the EMH, Nurse Takahashi and her team are all doing a fine job it has to be said. I couldn't even tell I sprained my wrist yesterday morning after I went to sickbay to have it looked at"

Claudia turned her console off and then turned back to face the young officer.

"I've been told about the growing number of Consortium ships in the Gavara system - that information has certainly come in most useful and I'd like to thank you for it. I just hope we can get there in time before they decide to go ahead with whatever it is they're plotting..." Claudia finished.

"I only wish I could have provided more definitive intelligence," Elsa answered. Truth be told, Elsa wished she could be back in the Alpha Quadrant, as far away from the Consortium as she could get. But if she were perfectly honest with herself, she was probably the closest thing to a Consortium expert that the Vindex had, and this was where she could do Starfleet the most good.

"Outside of Commander Bogolyubov arguing with Consortium authorities about providing security to the Gayara system, and his continuous mention of yedinstvo --- unity," she translated, "during the same time frame..." Elsa shook her head tiredly. "I can't think of anything else that I could add. Well, just one thing, which I mentioned to Captain Hutchinson. Commander Bogolyubov has a sister serving on your ship, Captain. Commander Bogolyubov...well, his obsession with her bordered on the neurotic. At least that was the opinion of anyone who ever heard him talk about her."

Claudia believed her - but what they had was already a significant amount of information that could open up a lot of doors if they got to Gavara on time.

"What you provided is more than enough - we wouldn't even know anything was going on near Gavara if you didn't say anything. I would try and contact my superiors but the likelihood is that it will be intercepted before it gets there - or they'll possibly know just as much as we do at the moment. I will however bear that in mind as I don't think we can ever be too cautious around the Consortium" Claudia said.

"Then if you have no objection, Captain, I suppose I should go present myself to your Nurse Takahashi," Elsa said, rising from her chair. "And I'll keep racking my brain to see if I can recall anything else that might be relevant."

Claudia thought their initial meeting went well enough and she was happy for her to proceed. At least there was no doubt where her loyalties now lay - and they were with Starfleet. The Vindex certainly had an advantage having somebody with first hand of experience of The Consortium on board.

"Not at all. If you need anything I'll do what I can to help" Claudia replied.

"Thank you, Captain," Elsa said, taking her leave with a nod of her head. Most of her mind was already processing what she needed to do to start making the Vindex's Science department hers. A part of her mind was humorously reflecting on the scuttlebutt that was circulating about initial physical examinations on the Vindex. And a small part of her mind was still concerned about the erroneous perceptions that were connected with her "service" in the Consortium Fleet. But she put that last worry to one side, at least for now. For now, she'd worry about her assignment and her medical screening. And she'd take care of the latter right now.


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