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Nesting Rituals

Posted on Thu Jun 9th, 2016 @ 6:19pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN & Lieutenant Noah Fields M.D.

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: prelaunch


There was unplanned presence and activity in Sickbay. In the heart of the surgical center, one newly arrived RN busily reconfigured the facility the way that it should be. She opened drawers and examined medical tools. Some, she replaced. A few, she discarded by pitching them back over her shoulder. "Computer, update Mayo Protocols."

==Latest protocols are already installed.==

"No they're not. Latest protocols have been approved by Starfleet Medical but are sitting on Fleet Operations desk for distribution."

==Fleet Operations are the proper protocol for distribution.==

"Fleet Operations is the red tape bottling up progress, Computer." She opened her wristbook, "Upload, please."

==CRC data integrity... validated. Protocol identities... verified. Upload... installed.==

Otoha threw what she found to be a useless dispenser back over her shoulder. It didn't it the floor directly, though. Apparently, someone had just stepped into the doorway and caught the tossed object in a bounce off of his forehead. Curious, she turned around. Upon seeing that she had just beaned someone, the startled girl put her fingertips to her lips, "Doctor! I am so sorry! I didn't hear you approach! Please forgive me!"

Fields rubbed his head. There will be a welt soon. "That's fine Nurse," he said. "Just develop eyes behind your head next time."

As would any from her culture, she offered nervous bows, "Yes, Doctor." She looked around at the mess and felt pressured to explain, "Doctor, I'm making O R more usable." She held up a small neural inducer, "The new versions are Ferengi designed. The filaments require regular replacement, they can't be used on Trill, and they have side effects requiring the purchase of additional compensating equipment. Of course, you probably already know this."

"I do," he smiled. "Tell me how is everything going?"

The corner of her mouth creased for a moment as it always did when she felt a bit overwhelmed. "To be honest, Sir, I arrived at starbase only two hours ago. From what little I've been able to observe so far, things appear to be in decent order. I've submitted many medical equipment and supply requisitions here at starbase while we have the chance. If we can get those delivered, it will save us considerable work once we've begun our voyage."

A half hour later, a life sciences crewman pushed in a hovercart, "Old lamps for new?" At seeing Otoha glance around at items strewn about the floor and then offer him a brief smile, he surmised, "Ah, I see." He proceeded to collect the items and drop them into the open cart container. The nurse helped him, happily parting with politically imposed clutter. While they worked, he asked her, "Before all this gets recycled, are you sure that you won't be needing these?"

"Quite. Desk administrators are badly out of touch with medics out in the field who actually use the technology. At the risk of sounding insubordinate, they do not fully understand what is and what is not needed out in the field. I have replacements that are far more effective."

"You're not a rule breaker, are you?"

"I am a nurse who is responsible for providing the best patient care. That guides all of my decisions."

He stopped for a moment to stare at her, "You'd better be right, Ensign. People who disregard rules and do as they wish are dangerous. Rules are there for safety."

"Rules, yes. Bureaucracy, not so much."

He raised a brow, "And you're the self-appointed arbitrator?"

She faced him and softly explained, "All I can say is, I am often called upon by superiors to justify my actions. And I am still here."

He tipped his head, "Being right can still get you into trouble."

Otoha returned an acknowledging nod, "Well said."


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