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The Science of Physicals

Posted on Thu Sep 29th, 2016 @ 7:35pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN & Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: When there is no escape.

Nurse Takahashi tapped her fingers as she read a list. "You can run, but you can't hide." Certainly, not everyone intentionally avoided intake physicals, but neither were they falling over each other to report. "Computer, I need the boatswain to include an intake physical to Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov's schedule."

==Query. Full intake or part one?==

"Part one. We can adjust followup with ship's doctor according to initial results."

==Boatswain is notified... He has auto-schedule adjustment enabled... Notification of appointment has been issued to Ensign Bogolyubov.==

Otoha skimmed the fleet profile, "Young, physically fit..." A condition page opened, "ASD diagnosis." The nurse rocked back, reading details across her tech-lenses. "I wonder if it's organic or experiential?" She tapped her combadge, "Doctor Maera, are you currently available?"

/=\Yes, although I am required to state that I am not a doctor./=\ Jaya's voice was gentle but firm. /=\How may I be of help?/=\

"We've got a new crew-woman with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and we don't have a Vulcan Mind Healer aboard. Could I enlist your aid during intake physical?"

/=\I will be there momentarily. Maera out./=\

In a moment, Jaya entered Sickbay, her graceful stride turning smoothly into a curious stance as she planted her foot with her hand on her hip. "Nurse, if I'm not mistaken, you called me here to assess another crewmember." She raised an eyebrow as her mouth teased a smirk. "We may need to discuss you, though." Her eyes flit from one corner to the other in a playful search for something unseen.

"I did, Counselor. I assume that Ensign Bogolygov wouldn't be here without Starfleet's knowledge of her ASD. However, we are required to confirm with our own diagnostic baseline during intake physicals."

"Aha," Jaya said with a skeptical, sidelong glance. "We can talk about our other guest at a later time then."

The way that Anastasia entered Sickbay wasn't so much graceful as it was otherworldly. The tall woman's right hand constantly (but lightly) touched her own blackish-blue hair, combed straight out behind her. The present style of her hair bothered Anastasia, inasmuch as she usally wore it braided while on duty. Anastasia, however, had come to the conclusion that for her first examination on board the Vindex, it might be better if she wore her loose. Anastasia's pale blue eyes lit on different feature in the sickbay, intensely staring at each feature her gaze lit upon. When her eyes turned to Counselor Maera, she stated. "I've worked with a Deltan before. Dr. Murai Alta-Thira." Anastasia's left and right fingers traced intersecting parabolic curves in the air in front of her. "Her abstract parabolic evolution equations and their application in the unstable states of exotic liquids was an aesthetic masterpiece." Anastasia dropped her fingers and added, "I'm not susceptible to pheromonic influences." The last was said without any emotional intonation, and before any response could be made, she turned to Ensign Otoha. "I am reporting for my examination."

Jaya could not help but smile, though she kept her lips pressed for Anastasia's benefit. "I can see we'll get along just fine," she said, crossing her arms together and turning her head just so. "Just don't expect me to repeat the work of the good Dr. Murai." She then nodded for Otoha to proceed.

Nurse Takahashi had the patient lie down. Standard batteries of biochemistry, structural, and genetic scans systematically mapped current condition. "Good muscle integrity... you keep yourself physically fit."

Anastasia studied Takahashi for a moment, trying to decide how to interpret whether the nurse was making a statement or implying a question. Deciding it was the former, Anastasia simply gave the nurse a curt nod.

"Your stress hormone levels are not ideal, but they're well within normal tolerances. It is to be expected with the rigors of starship duty. Still, I would recommend that you explore relaxation methods with Counselor Maera for better long term health."

Anastasia nodded, then added, "I would like a cat. Preferably a Maine Coon."

Otoha tipped her head in a studious gaze, "I am proud of you for choosing a living creature over a lifeless holo-illusion of a cat. There is something special about the living that no holodeck can mimic."

Anastasia nodded, and was about to blurt out about her home life and the cat that waited for her in Russia, but then stopped. Her brother Roman advised her that often such comments were not necessarily an invitation to divulge further information, and that it was best to err on the side of the caution. Instead Anastasia asked, "Have I completed your screening successfully?"

Otoha switched off the diagnostics and then turned to Jaya with folded arms, "Well, Counselor?"

"I see no immediate cause for concern," Jaya said, cocking her chin in thought. "If Anastasia would like to schedule regular sessions to aid her in social development or temperamental relaxation, then my door is always open. But I do not formally recommend such at this time."

Anastasia somberly nodded, a look of concentration on her face. "I will need to discuss my schedule with my new superior officer. Will it be possible to ensure the sessions are established in regular intervals?"

"Regular intervals are preferable to random ones," Jaya replied. A smile teased at the corners of her mouth. "I just transferred from the Renown, so I have no other standing appointments at this time."

Anastasia again nodded, a look of dour seriousness on her face. "I shall arrange it as soon as I know all my relevant scheduling information," she replied. Standing up, she asked, "If there is nothing else?"

"It was a pleasure to have met you both," Jaya said over her shoulder as she turned and sauntered to the door.

Ens. Anastasia Bogolyubov
Ens. Jaya Maera
Nurse Otoha Takahashi

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