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Handoffs and Handovers

Posted on Mon Nov 21st, 2016 @ 12:39am by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant JG Imogen Kaz

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Ops Chief's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 8

A lot was transpiring as the Vindex neared the end of her first mission. It had been a bumpy ride, but they had nearly accomplished what they had sent out to do. Akiva found his role had changed considerably from overseeing shipboard operations to stepping into the first officer position. That left him currently juggling two sets of responsibilities, so he thought he would take advantage of the brief downtime between red alerts to meet with his replacement. Besides, the two of them had yet to interact one on one, and that rapport would be necessary in the days to come.

/=\ "Ben-Avram to Lieutenant Kaz. Please meet me in my office." /=\ It occurred to him that was the last time he would say those words in reference to this room.

/=\ "Kaz here, on my way!" /=\ She answered. She knew what he wanted. He wanted to go through the final points of handing over Operations to her. Luckily she was only a few rooms down, in the Strategic Operations office, which would be staying her office, as the whole Strategic Operations center and Operations Department were being put into one. She walked the few seconds down to Ben-Avram's office, and buzzed the bell.

"Enter." Akiva stood up from his desk and walked around to the open door to greet Imogen. "Thank you for coming," he said with a forced smile to hide his nervousness. His eyes darted to one side of her face to the other before meeting her gaze. "Shall we sit?" He gestured to his desk.

Kaz nodded. "Thank you Commander. What can I do for you?" She asked.

Akiva opted to sit on the corner of his desk with one foot on the ground and arms folded, hoping that looked casual enough. "Allow me to congratulate you. You've done outstanding work. Do you feel ready for what's next?"

"I hope so." Imogen said nodding. "And congratulations are in order for you to I believe, new ships XO? I look forward to working under you!" She said.

"It was certainly a surprise," Akiva said, blushing despite himself and looking away. "I appreciate your support." He leaned forward to emphasize his next words. "I want to give you every advantage, so I'm going to be candid: the captain and I suspect a traitor among Ops." Imogen did not immediately react, so Akiva continued. "That was part of the decision to merge it with Strat-Ops. Your expertise may be essential in helping root out our saboteur... or saboteurs. I am continuing to head up the ongoing investigation, but I will need you as my eyes and ears in addition to your other responsibilities."

Imogen nodded slowly, considering what the new XO had just told her. "Do we have any leads at all?" She asked, thinking.

"Unfortunately, no." Akiva bit his lip. "My primary suspects all transferred out, which suggests the possibility that there is a network of Consortium infiltrators who are setting up acts of sabotage before handing them off to replacements as they transfer from ship to ship. I might be giving the enemy too much credit, but I'd rather be cautious and prepared." He sighed. "As such, there's not really anybody we can trust outside of senior staff. We all have to work together, but just as a friendly word of warning: watch your back in Ops."

Imogen nodded once, acknowledging the warning. "Who else knows at this time?" She asked, so she didn't discuss anything with anyone who didn't already know.

"At this time, report everything to either myself or the captain," Akiva said. "Other senior staff have been made aware of it, including the department heads who have transferred out. Whoever the saboteur is knows we're on to them, which is likely what spurred the sudden rush of transfers. It feels like an old shell game. Our only defense to that is to keep them guessing as to who is in on the investigation and who is not."

Imogen nodded again. "I'll do my best, thank you." She said, smiling. "If that's everything Commander, I'd better get to work!" She said, standing from her chair.

"Very good," Akiva said, grateful for the meeting having went well. "Dismissed."


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