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Disgustingly Healthy

Posted on Fri Sep 30th, 2016 @ 5:38pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN & Lieutenant Elsa Johansson

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Sickbay

Already well into the mission, USS Vindex's sickbay was only now wrapping up her exhaustive intake physicals. The latest new officer seemed to have a squeaky clean profile. After the host of maladies that she had to address, Nurse Takahashi was hoping for at least one 'milk run'.

Elsa walked into Sickbay, actually feeling a bounce in her step. She was back in Starfleet, back in the uniform she wanted to be in, and with a promotion and new assignment no less. Maybe there was somebody out there who thought she had made the right decision after all.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for an Ensign Otoha?" she asked as she enter Sickbay.

The nurse approached, "I am she." She took a moment to confirm with her wristbook, "And you are... Lieutenant Johansson."

"I am," Elsa acknowledged, giving the ensign a polite nod. "Where do we need to go to do this?" she asked, looking around the sickbay. The right corner of Elsa's lips tugged upward when she added, "I've heard more than one story about these examinations. I'm curious if they're going to live up to the scuttlebutt."

Otoha offered an amused smile, "Only the guilty have reason to fear justice. This way, please." As she led her to a diagnostic biobed, she elaborated, "In this place, guilt refers to indulged addictions and neglect of good health practices. Justice manifests as the sometimes painful treatments necessary to turn the damage around."

"Doesn't it rain on the just and unjust alike?" Elsa quipped in reply as she climbed up on the biobed.

The nurse stared off at painful memories, "Indeed it does." She sighed, meeting eye contact, "Perhaps that is why I lack patience with those who neglect their health. They throw away what so many hurting people deeply wish to have."

Telling she had touched a nerve, Elsa stretched out on the biobed and tried to change the subject. "If it makes you feel any better, I have had to pay for my sins in the past a time or two. When I was fifteen, I spent a summer as a camp hand at a research station at the base of Denali. A mountain on Earth," Elsa elaborated, not really sure of the nurse's background. "The head of the research team had been burned a couple of times by solar interference with the transporters and missed maintenance schedules on his more modern transportation, so he insisted on transportation methods he could trust, which included a couple of teams of sled dogs. I discovered some of his other equipment was a bit antiquated as well. I was off duty and being perhaps a bit more reckless than I should have, when I broke my arm. There was upper atmospheric interference which prevented me from being transported out, so I get my arm fixed at the station. With a century old bone knitting laser that should have been in a museum."

Otoha returned a kindly, sympathetic smile, "I don't count best efforts as sins, successful or not." She brought up a holoscan image of the bones for a second look, "However bad it was, the mending is nicely done." She presented bracelet and stuck a magni-hesive disk to it, "It doesn't need to go on the bracelet, but this device will warn if your brain exhibits symptoms of being externally dominated or hyper-stimilated. It is only an alert medial bracelet... no other functions."

Elsa raised an eyebrow. "Should I be worrying about being externally dominated or hyper-stimulated in the near future?" she asked in a neutral tone.

"We are facing an enemy with a history of committing telepathic assault. Apparently, their ability to influence humans is formidable."

Elsa sat up and gave Otoha a wan smile. "I might have a little insight into that."

"I'm sure that any advice you can offer the captain or our Tac department would be gratefully received."

"We're having a few ongoing conversations," Elsa answered vaguely.

Nurse Takahahsi exclaimed with raised brows, "Well! You are indeed a surprise. You're the first one in our crew of over seven hundred to pass the intake physical with flying colors!"

"The last year hasn't given me that many opportunities to indulge in any vices," Elsa answered as she got off the biobed. "There is one question I have though, Nurse, that I'll try to phrase in such a way that you won't have to divulge any confidences."

Otoha sat back against a table edge, clasping her tech clipboard, "Well, considering the personally invasive nature of my own job, I shouldn't object to at least being asked. What is on your mind?"

"One of the members of my department, Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov, wants a cat," Elsa began. "This in and of itself is not a problem. Her personnel file contains no disciplinary problems, so it's just a matter of coordinating with Operations and the Ex Oh's office. And we have the genetic material and the lab space to produce a kitten of the type of cat she wants." Elsa paused a second, her eyebrows furrowed. "I see no reason not to approve the request, but Ensign Bogolyubov isn't exactly a typical Starfleet Officer. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic to have a mathematician of her caliber on this ship and in my division, but I feel a little out of my league making decisions concerning her."

"Well..." The nurse set her clipboard aside, "As far as benefits to Anastasia, I would ask Counselor Maera. I simply don't know Anastasia well enough. Concerning pets aboard starships, that's strictly captain's prerogative. With permission granted, I laud the fact that Anastasia prefers a genuine organism over a lifeless facsimile. I never recommend test-tube pets because the developmental stage of birth and mothering is lost. However, there probably aren't any convenient feline breeders here in Delta Quadrant."

"And if there were, I'd doubt that we'd have time to make a stopover," Elsa added wryly.

Otoha stepped over to a medical equipment cart, "If a cat is in our future..." She produced a MacGyver chip, "Computer, load pet-com program for Felis catus." Two beeps confirmed that the instruction had been completed. They chip burned away its integrated matrix, producing a circuit that matched the program. Otoha then had the medical synthesizer manufacture a small diagnostic button. She placed the configured chip inside the button and handed it to Elsa, "Kitty translator. Attach it to the collar, and it will sound out thoughts. "Food!... Play!... Pet me!... Cuddle... I want out... Bad... Wake up..." She grinned, "You might want a remote control to shut it off around ranking officers. I've known more than one crewman to get in trouble."

Elsa took the chip, eyeing it warily. "I'll certainly pass it on to the Ensign with your recommendations." Elsa replied as she put the chip away, adding, "I grew up with dogs myself. I could tell what they were thinking by the tilt of their head or the sound of their bark. Cats..." Elsa shrugged before continuing "...I always thought cats were continuously thinking the same thing: 'I give you leave to serve me, otherwise go to hell.'" Giving Otoha a brief smile, Elsa extended her hand. "Nurse, it's been a pleasure meeting you."

Otoha gently received the hand, "Likewise, Lieutenant."

Lt. JG Elsa Johansson
Nurse Otoha Takahashi

USS Vindex
Bravo Fleet


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