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I Know What You Did

Posted on Wed Oct 5th, 2016 @ 10:00pm by Commander Tolan & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Communications Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 7; 14:00

Lieutenant Kazyah Linn walked through the inner corridors of the Vindex, searching for his prey. He had spent a while investigating Lieutenant Tolan, and he finally found what he was looking for, hard evidence. But he had to approach the situation just right. This was going to take tact and finesse, something he thankfully had plenty of.

The man was apparently in a communications lab, number three to be exact. And that's exactly where Kaz was approaching.

Without announcing his presence, he walked into the room. "Computer, seal off Communications Lab Three, authorization Linn-Delta-5-2-Pi."

The Computer chipped in compliance.

"Lieutenant Tolan," Kaz said, still standing near the entrance of the room. "How are you today?"

The Suliban turned off the console he was using before turning to face the man who had addressed him - none other than Kazyah Linn. Tolan then stood up and wondered what on earth the Intelligence Officer was doing in the communications lab - especially when he was certain he had covered his tracks sufficiently so that nobody would find him there. Clearly it hadn't worked as Kaz was stood in the same room as he was and they were now locked in.

"I'll manage. How can I help you?" Tolan replied.

"Just taking a stroll," Kaz stated, folding his hands behind his back as he slowly took a few steps farther into the room. "Thought I would pop in and see how you were doing."

Tolan nodded. He had kept his communications encrypted so that nobody would be able to see what he was saying - although he knew if somebody looked in the right place they would discover what he had been doing as Kaz had clearly done so.

"Well I'm fine thank you. You can go now" Tolan replied.

Kaz scrunched his eyebrows in confusion as the man spoke, "Is there an issue, Lieutenant? You seem...on edge."

"Not at all. I was working until you came in - I was about to submit a report to my superiors but you decided to take a stroll in here" Tolan replied.

"Oh?" Kaz stopped and gestured back to the Computer. "Feel free to continue your report. I can wait," he said, standing still.

Tolan declined the offer and remained stood behind the chair whilst keeping his eyes firmly on Kaz. He wasn't planning on using any console until Kaz had left. At the moment he was fairly calm and collected and hoped the discussion would be brief - but he knew that Kaz wouldn't leave very easily and he would have to be patient. Even if Kaz had worked out what Tolan was doing the Suliban wasn't going to give in very easily.

"I'll wait until I have some privacy Mr Linn. I'm sure you've got far more important things to be doing instead of standing here talking to me and listening to me submitting a report to my superiors" Tolan replied.

"I don't," was Kaz's simple response as he kept meandering around the room, running his fingers along the various consoles. "How have you been adjusting to being on board the Vindex?"

Tolan had enjoyed his solitude aboard the Vindex in the quarters that Claudia had requested he was assigned. The Suliban preferred to work alone and spend his spare time alone - with Kaz not in much of a rush to leave Tolan to get on with his task he wasn't getting his desired solitude back any time soon.

"Easily enough. I'm used to moving around" Tolan said.

"Are you?" Kaz looked up at the man.

Tolan nodded once.

"Yes. I'm a mission advisor...that's what I do. I advise the crew as best as I can for however long I need to and then I move on to my next assignment" Tolan replied.

"You are very good at that. Advising us, that is." Kaz took a few more steps towards the man. "How did you come to be such an expert on the Consortium? Your knowledge of them surpasses quite a few even in my industry, and that's our job is to know things."

Tolan tilted his head slightly and pondered for a few moments as he watched the man approach. He had told Claudia what he felt was relevant to the mission although it was clear Commander Ainscow didn't feel that was enough. Tolan was under clear instructions with regards to what he could and couldn't say.

"I tell Commander Ainscow what she wants to know - she asks me a question and I answer it. As for my knowledge of The Consortium - I've been out here for a number of months reading up about them and reading reports from confrontations with them. May I ask why you are so interested?" Tolan commented.

Kaz shrugged, "You just seem to know things that even Starfleet Intelligence in this quadrant doesn't know."

As the blind man approached, suddenly a blade appeared in his hand. He grabbed the Sulliban by the front of his uniform and shoved him into the bulkhead, pressing the sharp edge against the man's throat.

"How long have you been working for the Consortium?" he asked, gruffly, his legs pressed against the other man's to keep him from kicking.

Tolan didn't even flinch. He certainly wasn't going to give the man any of the answers he wanted - not very easily either. It wasn't the first time he found himself in a position where he was pinned against a bulkhead either.

"You don't know what you're talking about" Tolan said.

Kaz pressed the blade closer and blood began to drip down the man's neck. "I'm not afraid to kill you. I have enough information that you're very unnecessary for me to keep alive. I've decrypted all of your communications that you've sent."

"You are clever aren't you? Still - at least I know more than you do about The Consortium. Now if you kill me I can't tell Commander Ainscow anything I know can I? You might think what you know is enough - but I know something she wants to know and I'd hate to keep that information from her" Tolan sneered.

"I don't think you understand what I'm saying. I know you're working for the Consortium. Why would we trust anything you tell us?" Kaz asked.

Tolan replied. "Oh I get what you're saying...and you'd trust what I have to say if you knew what it was...but I might have to rethink my plan to tell Commander Ainscow now. You might have read my messages - but you really don't know as much about me as you think you do."

"You're telling the Consortium information about the Vindex and its movements." Kaz paused for a moment, "I want in."

Tolan didn't believe Kaz's sudden interest in joining in with what he was doing. It was a bit too sudden for the Suliban to believe him and he wasn't going to let Kaz join him so easily. Tolan knew whose side he was on but he had his orders and he intended on following them.

"Why should I believe that?" Tolan replied.

"You don't really have much of a choice. I can easily kill you and talk to your superior. I work in Intel, I know how this shit works," Kaz stated, pressing just a little bit harder on the man's neck.

"My superior wouldn't be very happy with you if you did that Mr Linn. I suggest you put your weapon down and then we can talk...otherwise you can explain to Commander Ainscow why I'm unable to give her any more information. Don't forget...I know something she wants to know...something you don't and never will know until it's too late" Tolan said.

"You make it sound like I would go back to trusting you after what I know," Kaz said, not moving. "I doubt any of the information you've given to the Commander has been true. But that stupid bitch would believe anything."

Tolan had given Claudia a sufficient amount of correct information however there was some which wasn't - more to throw the Vindex off the scent for long enough so he could find out more information for his superiors.

"Oh really? Would the Vindex be anywhere near Rakhar if what I said to her was false? If I was going to give her false information then we'd be on the other side of the quadrant and the Renown would have been destroyed by now. Commander Ainscow isn't perfect but she isn't stupid...I know more about her than you do...which is why I haven't misled her like you think I have" Tolan said.

"So tell me," Kaz asked, "Why would a Consortium agent be giving good advice to a Starfleet Captain? Why not send this ship into a trap and be done with it?"

"Let's just say it's in my best interests this ship isn't destroyed. That's why I'm here...I'm here to stop this ship from being destroyed" Tolan replied.

"And what does the Consortium want with the Vindex not being destroyed? Or at least captured?" Kaz asked.

"The Consortium? They want this ship in their fleet or otherwise destroyed...however if I'm going to stop that happening then you need to put your knife down...and I suggest you do so if you're so eager to join my cause" Tolan said.

"I don't want to join your cause, Tolan," Kaz said, looking at the man. "I don't give a fuck about this ship, I just want to join the Consortium. That was my entire purpose for being on board."

Tolan commented. "Ah but my cause is The Consortium's cause...if you want to join us then be my guest. I can easily arrange it for you if that's what you want to do. My colleagues would be absolutely delighted to have you with us"

Kaz stood there for a minute, mulling things over. After a few more moments, he slowly released the knife from the man's throat. "Answer me one question. What's the plan for the VIndex? So far her mission is going smoothly. Certainly the Consortium isn't going to allow that forever. Unless you being planted as a spy is a more long-term arrangement than I imagined."

"There's no plan...yet...but I'm sure that will become clear soon enough. The Vindex is a powerful ship and it would certainly add some more power to our fleet. As for Commander Ainscow then I doubt her or the senior staff would want to agree to I can't see her commanding it for very long. It all depends on what my superiors want to do with it" Tolan replied.

Kaz nodded, "Alright, get me in."


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