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Reporting In

Posted on Fri Oct 7th, 2016 @ 9:42pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Transporter Room 3, Quarters 4-24 (Deck 4) & Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current


"Dr. O'Reilly...we will arrive at our rendezvous point and will be ready to transport you over to the Vindex in 5 minutes," came the announcement from the transport's com-officer.

Cara picked up her tightly packed duffel bag and slung the strap over her shoulder as she tapped her combadge and said, "thank you." Then she headed for the small transport's only transporter room. Seven minutes later she materialized on the transporter pad of the USS Vindex and said, "I'm Dr. Cara O'Reilly. Permission to come aboard," to the ensign behind the transporter console.

"Permission granted, Doctor," he said. "Transport complete," he said tapping his combadge then came around the console as Cara stepped off of the pad. "Welcome to the Vindex," he added, shifting a PADD from his right hand to his left and extended his right in greeting.

Cara took the young man's hand and gave it a firm shake. "Thank you," she said.

The ensign held out the PADD. "This has a layout of the Vindex," he said. "You have been assigned to quarters number on deck 4. Just out the door and to the left. The Captain is expecting you in her Ready Room on Deck 1. I just need a retinal scan for ID purposes," he said, gesturing to the retinal scanner on the console.

"Absolutely," Cara said as she walked over to the device and allowed it to scan her eyeball.

It took less than a second for the light to turn green on the top of the scanner and Cara's Starfleet ID to appear on the small monitor. "Yep. You are who you say you are," the ensign laughed.

"I certainly hope so," Cara chuckled. "At least I was when I woke up this morning. But out here...who knows," she joked.

"Right?" the ensign said with a smile. "Welcome aboard, Dr. O'Reilly."

"Thank you," Cara said and, shifting the weight of her duffel bag, headed for her quarters where she ditched the bag on her bed, checked her reflection in the mirror on the closet door and hurried up to Deck 1. A few minutes later she stepped off of the turbolift into the outer corridor on the upper most deck and walked up to the door of the CO's Ready Room. She rang the chime and waited.

Claudia heard the chime echo around her ready room. She was aware a transport ship was due to rendezvous with the Vindex to drop off the ship's new doctor Lieutenant O'Reilly. She assumed that the doctor had now arrived so she stood up ready to greet her guest.

"Come in" Claudia called.

Cara pressed the door release and the door slid open with a whispering hiss. She stepped across the threshold and walked over to the front of the desk. "Dr. Cara O'Reilly, reporting for duty, Captain," she said, coming to a stop and standing at a relaxed attention.

Claudia was pleased to see it was who she was expecting. She smiled at the woman and gestured to the vacant seat opposite her desk.

"It's nice to meet you doctor. Please take a seat - can I get you anything at all? I'd imagine you might like a drink after the long journey aboard the transport ship" Claudia replied.

"No thank you, ma'am," Cara said, sitting down in one of the chairs in front of the desk. "I still want to visit the medical facility before I start unpacking." She looked around her new boss's office at the decor...getting a feel for the woman who ran this ship.

Claudia decided to defer having a hot drink until Cara had left and sat back down in her seat. She looked at the woman before getting her personnel file up on the computer. Like herself Cara hadn't really moved around very much and the one thing they had in common was that the Vindex was both their third assignment.

"It's coincidental that this ship is both yours and my own third assignment in our careers. I see that you've been at Outpost 67 for the last five years before coming here. How did you find it?" Claudia asked.

Cara chuckled. "Remote," she said. "Most of my," she made quotation marks in the air as she said, "customers were pirates...I mean privateers and rogue Romulans," she said with a touch of sarcasm. "After 5 years I decided my feet had been on solid ground too long and I missed the exploration of space so I put in for a transfer to a ship and I specified outside of the familiar Alpha Quadrant."

"That sounds like fun to say the least. I've never had my feet on a planet for longer than a few hours for...a long time. I've been living on these things for the last 14 years now" Claudia replied.

Claudia turned the console off again before continuing.

Claudia smiled. "So...tell me a bit about yourself"

Cara hated that question. She wasn't good at talking about herself. She cleared her throat as she rubbed her chin, thoughtfully. "Well...let's see. My mother died when I was young and my father was a Starfleet officer...section 31. Of course that's probably in my records. When he was killed I went to live with my Godparents just outside of Sausalito...across the bay from Starfleet Headquarters and the Academy. I moved to San Francisco when I started medical school and I lived there until I graduated the Academy and got my first assignment," she said and took a second to think then added, "but I'm not a city girl. My Godparents raised Fresian horses so I love wide open spaces and horseback riding." She held up her hands. "I know. A starship isn't wide open space. But that's what Holodecks are for," she added with a laugh.

Claudia listened with interest to Cara's response. Admittedly she didn't like the question herself but she liked to get to know new people as soon as possible so they could have something to talk about in future. Claudia however had been a city girl having lived in London for the first eighteen years of her life and then another four years in San Francisco before moving aboard a starship.

"Oh I love the holodecks...although I've not yet had a go of one here yet. Ensign Wilson has used my new relaxation program to walk her dog I guess it's come in useful even though I've not actually used it yet. You will however be pleased to know the Medical department is fully staffed - although with the current situation a lot of medication is rationed until we can open the supply lines again" Claudia replied.

Cara sat forward, her elbows resting on the arms of the chair. "How long have you been without a CMO?" she asked.

"Five days. Lieutenant Fields was aboard for a couple of days before he requested to depart - so we rendezvoused with a transport ship and he left. We have a bit of a history but I'm not sure whether that was the reason why. Even was a long time ago and we were on good terms" Claudia replied.

"Five days," Cara repeated. "Well...that's not too long. What about a head nurse? I'm assuming we have one?" she asked. In her experience, a good head nurse was an asset to a medical facility...whether it was in a hospital, station or ship. A good head nurse ran things when the boss wasn't around.

Claudia nodded. "We do but I've not yet got myself properly acquainted with Lieutenant McKlusky yet. Nevertheless she has done a fine job since Lieutenant Fields left. I'm guessing that you'll want to get acquainted with her once you've seen that sickbay is up to standard"

"I look forward to meeting her and the rest of my staff," Cara said, making mental notes. "I just have one more question," she said. "You mentioned rationing of the pharmaceuticals. How long do you think that will be a necessity?" she asked, wondering why they hadn't requested them be transported with her.

Claudia wish she knew the answer to that question but in reality there was no answer to it. Unfortunately it was just going to be that way for a while - but at least sickbay had been fully stocked with a reserve before Vindex left Utopia Planitia.

"Unfortunately I don't know - but the good news is you have a 20% reserve on top of what you would usually expect. Starfleet thought ahead with our assignment out here and gave us an extra supply which I'm sure will come in very useful" Claudia replied.

"Just don't get us in a fire fight with anything that will cause significant damage and injuries," Cara said with a laugh. "I've worked with less in reserve than that," she added.

Claudia smiled. "I'll try my best but I can't promise you anything. With The Consortium being who they are...they might not take too kindly to me asking them to stop firing at us"

"Maybe if you say please," Cara joked, scooting to the front edge of her seat. Taking the initiative, she said, "and now I would like to let my staff know there's a new sheriff in town."

Claudia giggled. She thought herself and Cara were going to get along just fine. She stood up and looked over the table to the other woman and smiled warmly. This had been an enjoyable first meeting between the two officers.

"Of course. A pleasure to meet you - and welcome aboard" Claudia replied.

Cara stood up and smiled, broadly. "Thank you, ma'am," she said and turned to walk away. Halfway to the door she stopped and turned partway around and added, "I want a rain check on that drink, Captain. Once things have calmed down," then she walked out and headed for the turbolift.

"That sounds like a plan. Let me know if you need anything" Claudia replied.



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