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Science Introduction

Posted on Wed Jun 8th, 2016 @ 10:32pm by Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik & Captain Claudia Ainscow

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 6; Science Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 1; 14:30

Claudia had now met a few of her Department Heads and now it was on to the Science department to meet Lieutenant Dreznik who she had chosen as her Chief Science Officer. She made her way down to Deck 6 where she hoped she'd find Elijah - if he wasn't there then she'd turn to the Vindex's computer to locate him for her instead.

The doors of the science lab swished open in front of Claudia before closing again once she'd crossed the threshold. Looking around for the Lieutenant she soon found him and approached him before extending her hand for handshake to go with her warm smile.

"Lieutenant Dreznik? It's lovely to meet you" Claudia said.

As was his custom when frustrated, Eli had taken off his comm badge and was speaking directly into it in his hand, as if the closer proximity to his mouth would emphasize his irritation. He had been waiting most of the morning for a data packet from the Maginot that contained much of his research data for the last few years. He snapped his comm badge back into place and took the Commander's hand. "Likewise, Skipper," he said casually. "This is certainly a more advanced setup than I am used to. Bit of an adjustment, ya know?"

"Well she's certainly well equipped that's for sure. I like what I've seen so far - even if most of it is pretty much the same as the ship I was last serving on. Even the chef is the same...I requested him from the Endurance because I couldn't do without his cooking! How are you settling in otherwise?" Claudia replied.

She was pleased to hear Eli was enjoying the new Science facilities he had to work with. Claudia had never really had a proper look around a Science Lab so she observed her surroundings from where she stood.

"As long as he knows how to grill a good steak, me an' Chef will be best buds," said Eli with a wry grin. He exhaled sharply through his nose. "My quarters...Lord, they're the biggest I've ever seen on a Starfleet ship. I guess I'll hafta start collectin' trinkets to fill up all that space." He looked the CO up and down briefly. "So what's your background before you went all Command on us, if I may ask?"

"Paul Foster is the best chef I've had cook a meal for me. His steaks are amazing - I promise you won't be disappointed" Claudia responded initially.

She was pleased to hear Eli was very impressed with his quarters - Claudia was herself because now she was in the Captain's Quarters rather than seniors officers' quarters.

"I used to be an Operations Officer before I made it to XO. Took me a good while but I can say it was definitely worth it. I'm still happy to help out where I'm needed though - even if I've got a red collar now instead of a yellow one" Claudia replied warmly.

"Good to hear," said Eli with a nod. He always appreciated a CO with a strong technical background. He opened his mouth to speak, but the Computer beat him to the punch.

"Possible signal match found, " said the Computer in a dull, vaguely feminine monotone.

"Display data," said Eli. He turned toward the Commander and began to explain. "No one has seen heel or hide of the original Skagaran people for over 500 years. I have programmed the sensors to search for similar language patterns in subspace transmissions, using the fragmented database recovered from the crashed Skagaran vessel on North Star. So far, my search has led me to here in the Gamma Quadrant."

Claudia was intrigued by Eli's Skagaran heritage and it certainly grabbed her interest when she selected him as the Vindex's Science Officer. She looked at the data that the computer displayed before turning back to face Eli and replying.

"I must admit I'm interested in your Skagaran heritage Lieutenant. I'd be more than happy to offer you any assistance you require in your search" Claudia replied.

"Very gracious of you Sir," said Eli with a warm smile. "I will take whatever help I can get. I just..." He looked down at the deck playing. "I just hope my people aren't still the monsters they once were. Seeing what we've become, living in harmony with Humans, gives me hope."

Claudia nodded. She hoped that was indeed the case.

"Likewise Lieutenant. I don't know a great deal about the Skagarans but I'm always interested in lending a helping hand and learning something new at the same time. What else have you got so far?" Claudia said.

Eli motioned the Captain toward the holotable in the center of the room. He keyed in a short series of commands that brought up a grid map of the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants. An indicator flashed red in a sector adjacent to North Star Colony, over 100 light years from Earth. "Three years ago, the USS Maginot received a series of garbled subspace transmissions that they were not able to determine the origin of. Using the MIDAS Array, as well as some algorithms of my own design, I have been able to narrow down the source of these transmissions to within five sectors of our current location. The signals has many common linguistic elements with Skagaran. I estimate a sixty-two point eight percent probability that the message is Skagaran in origin. I just need to find their source."

Claudia followed Eli over to the holotable as he requested. She watched as the map appeared above the holotable's surface and looked at it with interest. She'd always had an interest in stellar maps but never thought to pursue it beyond her interest in them. She listened to Eli as he explained what information he had on the potential location of the Skagarans and she was surprised that they were so close to where they were now. Claudia looked at the map again before turning to face Eli.

"Well 62% is a decent probability. If you can find the source...let me know...and I'll see if we can make a detour or we can take the Captain's yacht out for a run to go and have a look. You've got me intrigued now as well" Claudia replied.

"Thank you," said Eli warmly. "This is a personal project, not officially sanctioned by the Fleet Science Directorate so of course my regular duties will be top priority." Eli smiled at the CO. "I appreciate you coming down here, Captain. I have always preferred to meet in a less formal setting."

Claudia nodded. "Of course - feel free to work on it in your free time as much as you like. If there's any major breakthroughs and you wish to go and have a look I'll see what we can do"

She paused briefly to look back at the map once more before continuing.

"No problem. I prefer the less formal approach myself as they're more like meeting a friend in a relaxed surrounding rather than being called to the headmaster's office. Formalities are something I prefer to avoid unless they're necessary - I'd much rather come and visit somebody in their surroundings rather than disturb them to come to my office" Claudia finished.

The Captain's analogy made Eli chuckle. "If you don't mind Sir, I would like to finish collating the data from the most recent sensor sweeps by the Starbase." He hoped she wouldn't think that he didn't want to chat, he just had work to get done by end of shift.

"Of course - I'll let you get on with your work. It was nice to hear about your project and I hope it bears fruit for you. And of course - welcome to the Vindex" Claudia said.

Deciding to head off and get some paperwork done she left the Science lab and back towards the turbolift up to her office. It had been a mostly fruitful day so far with a couple of unexpected surprises and intriguing insights. She was keen to hear the results of Eli's project but for now it was back to the paperwork and organising a meeting with her superiors to determine their launch date.


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