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I'm Your Assistant

Posted on Wed Oct 26th, 2016 @ 6:05pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Captain Ainscow's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 8; 08:00

Claudia had awoken from her poor nights' sleep and spent a lot of time reflecting in the Vindex's arboretum. She was there for a couple of hours before deciding it was time to make her way up to her ready room and get started for the day. It had been a difficult day for all involved yesterday and Claudia had been given her first test as a commanding officer - and she faced another today. Sometimes she wondered what she'd let herself in for when she accepted command of the Vindex - a capital ship in the Gamma Quadrant - as soon as she'd completed her command exams.

Claudia walked into her ready room and was faced by a young Petty Officer who was standing near to the door with two PADDs in her hand. Taking a moment to gather her thoughts and blinking a few times Claudia looked at the woman who had turned to face her upon hearing the doors hiss open.

"And you are?" Claudia asked.

Rebecca turned and looked at Claudia - she had been transported aboard the Vindex that morning - but Claudia was unaware that Petty Officer Fuentes was being assigned to the ship.

"I'm your assistant Captain. Here's confirmation of my transfer to your command as of 08:00 today" Rebecca said.

Claudia blinked. "Are you sure you've got the right ship? I'm Commander Ainscow...I wasn't a Captain last time I checked"

"Well you are now. I was given this to pass on to you" Rebecca replied.

Rebecca handed the PADD over to Claudia and waited for what the surprised woman had to say. She looked tired to Rebecca and clearly the Yeoman's use of 'Captain' instead of 'Commander' had surprised her even more.

"Oh...I see. Well - come and sit down...Miss...?" Claudia said.

Claudia walked over to her desk and sat down behind the desk before letting out a loud and long yawn. She figured she must have had about three hours' sleep that night and already Claudia wished it was 20:00 - but it was twelve hours away and there was a long day ahead of her before she could retire to her quarters.

"Fuentes. Rebecca Fuentes...or Becky. Whichever you prefer" Rebecca said.

Rebecca sat down and placed the second PADD she had on the desk in front of her and gently towards Claudia. This was her first assignment out of the Academy - having chosen to go down the enlisted route instead rather than become an officer.

Claudia smiled. "Well what do you prefer?"

"Becky I guess..." Rebecca replied.

Claudia could see her Yeoman was clearly a bit nervous and she was keen to reiterate that Rebecca didn't have to feel like she was visiting the head teacher's office. Claudia could understand her nervousness though - she was there herself fourteen years ago aboard the Trident under her department head Paul Alexander.

"It's alright Becky. You don't need to be nervous or anything - just relax. Would you like a drink?" Claudia said.

Rebecca smiled. "Thank you Captain...and allow me. What would you like?"

Rebecca got up and went over to the replicator waiting for Claudia to tell her what drink she wanted.

"Thank you...and surprise me" Claudia replied.

Rebecca decided to replicate two cups of tea before taking them over to the table. She placed Claudia's down first before placing her own down and sitting back in the chair.

"You know me well Becky. I've not had my morning cup of tea yet" Claudia said.

Rebecca smiled. "Do you prefer tea or coffee?"

Claudia smiled and picked up the cup and took a long sip. She kept hold of the cup and savoured the warmth of the cup in an attempt to wake herself up a bit more. Claudia didn't even know of a promotion or the assignment of a Yeoman. Both were pleasant surprises to say the least.

"I go through phases. I like to have at least one of each a day though - at the moment it seems to be tea. It was coffee before I came aboard. How about you?" Claudia asked.

Rebecca replied. "I love tea. I can't go without it for longer than a couple of hours...I've got some proper tea bags in my quarters if you'd like some? The replicated tea is okay but I prefer the real thing"

"Thank you - I might take you up on that" Claudia said.

Rebecca took a sip of hers and smiled. The other woman seemed a lot nicer than she was expecting - although Rebecca's nerves had got the better of her until Claudia reassured her.

"Stop by my quarters later - I've got plenty to spare. What can I do for you once we're finished here?" Rebecca replied.

Claudia smiled. "Well...if you can go and collect any resource requests from the department heads and bring them up here so I can see what we've got spare that'd be great. I don't think Commander ben-Avram will have any requests as I allocated him some the other day - but just check in with him to be sure"

Rebecca nodded - that seemed easy enough for a first task - although she was expecting that it wasn't going to be as easy as she thought. Collecting PADDs was easy but finding all of the department heads was going to be the harder part of the task.

"That sounds good to me. Are you going to...?" Rebecca said as she pointed to her collar.

Claudia smiled. "After this. I haven't even had any breakfast yet...looks like it'll be something from the replicator today. Don't worry about getting me anything though Rebecca I'll get something once I've read the latest status reports"

After another quarter of an hour they'd both finished their cups of tea and Rebecca left Claudia's ready room to start her task. They'd had an amiable first meeting and Rebecca was looking forward to working with Captain Ainscow. Meanwhile Claudia settled down with another cup of tea and commenced reading the latest status reports on her console.

It was going to be a long day.


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