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New Domain

Posted on Wed Oct 12th, 2016 @ 10:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 11 - Medical Facilities
Timeline: Current


Cara walked through the doors into the Main Suite of Sickbay and stopped just inside the doors and out of visual range. It was a typical Sickbay suite. On her right were seven biobeds against the wall separated by curtains. At the far end of the area was an Isolation room and directly to her left was a corridor. Next to it was a circular nurses' station that had a view of the entire main suite...which included both this section and the one that Cara could only see a part of from where she was standing. Unlike the medical facility on 67, this one was carpeted with updated indirect lighting that gave it a warmer, less clinical feel.

At the moment there was only one patient being treated for, what looked like a dislocated shoulder. There were a few staff members sitting at the nurses' station doing what appeared to be charting and Cara could see a couple stocking cabinets in the other section. Except for the soft hum of conversation at the nurses' station and between doctor and patient, it was quiet.

Cara took a couple of steps forward and was about to clear her throat when a motion sensor detected her presence and a soft beeping could be heard coming from the nurses' station. Cara quirked an eyebrow and nodded, approvingly. "Nice," she whispered.

Mac had had her back to the entrance as she was getting ready to make a communications check...something they did at the end of every shift to make sure the new com-panel was working....when the beeping alerted well as the rest of those at the nurses' someone's presence and she turned to see the redheaded woman standing a few feet inside the doors with her hands clasped behind her back. Thirty years of experience told her this woman wasn't a patient and her squared shoulders and set jaw denoted leadership. "It's her," she whispered and headed toward the woman.

"Who is her?" one of the nurses asked, leaning back in her chair and peering around the counter.

"I think it's our new boss," a corpsman answered, raising up to peer over the counter.

Mac approached the woman and extended her hand. "Lt. Sara McKlusky, Head Nurse," she said, flashing her best professional smile.

Cara took the robust woman's hand and said, "hello, Sara. I'm Dr. Cara O'Reilly. Nice to meet you." She looked around and said, "technically I don't start until tomorrow but I wanted to drop by and get a lay of the land."

"Well, about I give you the ten cent tour?" Mac said with a grin.

"Thank you, Sara," Cara said. "I'd appreciate it."

"Everyone calls me Mac," the head nurse said then turned and gestured to the area they were in. "This is our triage and immediate care area. And that is our Isolation chamber. But it also gets used as a private holding cubicle for those waiting to go to OR or OB." She led Cara over to the other area that housed 7 more biobeds. "We use this area for intermediate care patients once they have been triaged. If they don't need to be admitted to a unit we treat them here then send them home. On the other side of that partition is your office and the rear door that leads to the rest of the facilities." She pointed to the chamber slightly visible behind the nurses' station. "And that is our medical transporter. In the event of a ship wide emergency we can transport patients directly from the scene to here without tying up any of the main transporters. We also," she pointed to the com-panel on the wall behind the charting counter in the nurses' station, "have our own communications system," she tapped the earwig in her ear, "that allows direct communications with on duty medical personnel without having to use the main ship's com system. Medics responding to a medical emergency can speak to a doctor and perform more specific treatment on the scene."

Cara blinked. "Wow. I'm impressed," she said.

"Come on. I'll show you the rest of your domain," Mac said...her pride showing. Linking her arm through Cara's she steered her through the rear door.

Two hours later both Cara and Mac reappeared in the Main Suite and Cara said, "amazing. Thank you for the tour."

"You are more than welcome," Mac smiled.

"The captain has nothing but good things to say about you and the job you have done since the CMO left and now I can see why," Cara said with sincerity. "It is refreshing to work with someone of your caliber."

Mac blushed. "Just doing my job, ma'am," she said.

Cara shook her head. "Drop the ma'am. I have a steadfast rule. My medical is a rank free zone. We treat everyone the same no matter if they are enlisted or an officer. And we are a team. Doctors, PMs, corpsmen and nurses. No one is more important than the other."

Mac smiled. She liked this one. "You got it, boss," she said and meant every word.

"Mac...I will see you in the morning," Cara smiled. "I need to start unpacking so I can find my toothbrush and get some dinner."

"Welcome aboard, Doc," Mac said and leaned against the nurses' station counter as she watched the new CMO leave.



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