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A Facade

Posted on Wed Oct 26th, 2016 @ 6:05pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Tolan

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Captain Ainscow's ready room
Timeline: Mission Day 8; 10:00

Tolan had managed to sort out getting Kazyah into the loop however the Suliban wasn't entirely sure he could be trusted and knew there was every chance he would tell Captain Ainscow what is going on. Despite that he felt that he would be able to tell Claudia of a mass build-up of Consortium vessels without giving away the fact he was working with them. He had worked out what he was going to say so he made his way up to the ready room to tell Claudia what was going on - he knew he had his orders but he wasn't prepared to let Starbase Unity fall to the Consortium - even if he was working with them.

The chime echoed around Claudia's ready room. She sighed and despite wanting to slam the PADD in her hand down in frustration of being disturbed she resisted and placed it down gently.

"Come in" Claudia said.

Tolan entered and walked up to Claudia's desk. He looked down at the human woman before speaking.

"I have received information from my superiors. It is imperative that we take action immediately" Tolan said.

Claudia sighed. "Sit down. What is it?"

"They have informed me of a build up of Consortium vessels at Gavara and they are believed to be preparing to strike Starbase Unity. It is absolutely imperative that we go there immediately and support the limited defence force in the area. This ship is one of the most powerful at Starfleet's disposal and it needs to be there" Tolan replied.

Claudia nodded. "Well she wasn't lying after all. Despite what you're saying Mr Tolan I find it hard that we'll make it from Rakhar to Starbase Unity before they get there - even at maximum warp it would take us well over a week to get there. How do you propose we get there before they do? And what difference is one starship going to make? You're forgetting we have our orders to seek out and disable any lone Consortium vessels in the area - if we were required surely we would have been contacted?"

Tolan's opinion that Claudia was hard to convince was reinforced. This was a serious situation but she seemed reluctant to go against her orders. The Vindex was needed at Starbase Unity - not on the other side of Starfleet's area of operations in the Gamma Quadrant. A different approach was required.

"I'm sure you're aware that the Consortium outnumber us in terms of personnel and firepower. Do you really think a hospital ship is going to stand up to the likes of their firepower? This is a powerful ship Captain and you need to order it - and the Renown - to Starbase Unity now. The sooner we leave the more we stand a chance of getting there before they do. Do you really want The Consortium to take over Starbase Unity and leave us without it?" Tolan countered.

Claudia nodded slowly. It was a convincing argument and both Tolan's and Elsa's information added up. However the Renown wasn't in the best shape for combat and would limit their progress due to its limited top speed compared to the faster Vindex.

"As you well know I'd rather it didn't. Is there anything else you can divulge - perhaps the location of any nearby vessels that can help us?" Claudia replied.

Tolan's knowledge was limited and he knew it could be out of date - but it was a risk worth taking if he was to gain any trust from Claudia and keep his status a secret.

"The Brandenburg and Sarek were last reported as taking refuge in the Altor system. Both are known to still be with Starfleet and would certainly increase Starfleet's chances of defending Unity" Tolan replied.

Claudia nodded. "Okay. Let me speak with my first and second officer before I make a decision. Given the situation you'll forgive me for having doubts that those two ships could still be where you know them to be or even if they're still on our side. We might be in decent shape but the Renown isn't and we can't afford any losses"

"Very well Captain - but make it quick. I don't like sitting around and waiting...especially when it's clear that we need to take action and not...sit on our hands. For now however I shall leave you in peace Captain" Tolan replied.

Tolan stood up and turned before walking towards the door. He had known of the attack on Starbase Unity for some time but he knew that he couldn't live with it falling to the enemy being on his conscience. At least after telling Claudia he knew he'd warned her and that was as much as he could do.

"Lieutenant" Claudia called.

Tolan paused and turned. "Yes?"

"Thank you. Believe me - I am taking this seriously and I will reach a decision before midday" Claudia replied.

Tolan nodded once before again turning and leaving Claudia's ready room and back towards his office. Now that it had been divulged to Claudia about the attack he could relax a little - although he certainly wasn't going to become complacent. Claudia may be inexperienced in terms of being a commanding officer but Tolan didn't think that she was stupid.

Claudia watched the Suliban leave before she sat back in her chair and turned to one side. It was a lot to think about - her decision was already made - but she wanted to run it past Akiva and Soren before announcing it to the rest of the crew.


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