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Chefs Are Usually In The Kitchen

Posted on Tue Nov 1st, 2016 @ 6:30pm by Paul Foster & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 8; 09:30


Cara stepped out of a patient cubicle with Mac next to her. "Give her 2cc Bicaridine and set her up for an echo with Dr. Janis. I want to keep a close eye on that caridiac rhythm while she's here," she said.

"On it, boss," the Head Nurse said.

Paul had accidentally burned himself in the kitchen after forgetting an oven tray was still hot. It wasn't too serious but he wanted to get it looked at sooner rather than later. He made his way to sickbay and after entering he had a look around for the doctor whilst covering his left hand with a damp kitchen towel.

"Hello?" Paul called.

Cara stopped in her tracks and hurried over to the man. "I'm Dr. O'Reilly. How can I help?" she asked, placing a hand on his shoulder and guiding him to the nearest cubicle.

Paul walked into the cubicle and took the damp cloth away from his hand and showed Cara the injury. He'd done it before a number of times but he usually kept his hand under a cold tap in the kitchen and carried on until his shift was finished before visiting sickbay. This time however he decided to get it seen to - especially as it was more than a few hours away until Bovek took over in the kitchen.

"I'm sorry to be a pain but I burned my hand on an oven tray - it's not too bad but it's best to get it looked at sooner rather than later. Usually I'd leave it under the tap for ten minutes but Captain Ainscow told me off last time I did that on the last ship we were on"

"You're not a pain," Cara said with a smile as she, gently, took his hand and examined the damage. "I'd rather you came in and let us treat an injury than you letting it go and ending up with an infection. Have a seat," she said and patted the biobed.

Paul smiled and looked at the doctor as she inspected the burn on his hand. Taking the offered biobed he sat up onto it and placed the damp cloth over his right shoulder so he remembered to take it with him on his way back to the kitchen.

"That's what the Captain said to me last time so I thought I'd get it checked over rather than have her telling me off. I know she means well though - even if she's a bit persistent with her nagging at times" Paul chuckled.

Cara went over to the cabinet and took out a dermal-regenerator. "The burn didn't penetrate more than a couple layers of skin so there is no threat of infection. If it had gone untreated you may have developed a few nasty blisters but they are more painful and aggravating than dangerous," she explained. Picking up his hand she began running the instrument, slowly, over the burned area. "This will regenerate the cells and heal the burn,' she said.

"You're right there Doctor. I don't think that'd do me any good when Bovek and I have over 800 people to feed every single day - I'm no use in the kitchen with my hand in a bandage" Paul replied.

"And you are a master at your trade," Cara said with a snicker. "Your peach cobbler is to die for," she added as she checked the progress of her work.

Paul chuckled. "I'm glad you like it. I'll have to do it again sooner rather than later - it's chocolate cake tonight. If you want any get down there before the Captain does. She three slices of the last one"

"I will do my best," Cara said as she set the dermal-regenerator down. "Flex you hand for me, Paul," she said and watched. "How does that feel?"

Paul looked down at his hand - which looked far better than it had done - and flexed it as the doctor had asked him to. There wasn't any pain and it certainly felt much easier to move now.

"That feels much better - thank you. I'll have to make sure there's an extra helping of peach cobbler for you next time I make it" the Yorkshireman replied.

"Now that's the way I like to get paid," Cara laughed. "You're good to go, Chef. Be careful. Remember....that's why God created pot holders," she teased.

Just then Mac came to the cubicle and said, "Doc...we got a problem."

Cara held up her finger to her Head Nurse to indicate she would be right there then smiled at Paul and said, "duty calls."

Getting up off the bio bed and smiling at the doctor he was happy that he'd visited sickbay and had his hand seen to. She was right that if he'd have left it it would have got worse - but now it was as good as it was before.

"Thank you Doctor. I'll see you in the mess hall later I hope - take care now" Paul replied.

With that Paul left sickbay and headed back to his kitchen.



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