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Tracking down Weapons

Posted on Wed Jun 8th, 2016 @ 8:50pm by Lieutenant JG Tora Benjarvi & Sergeant Bella Zaltin

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Security Office / Marine Barracks
Timeline: Mission Day 1 - 1500 hours

Benj rubbed his eyes, more trying clear his mind than to clear his vision.

“So Petty Officer, please explain to me again, why you pulled one phaser rifle out of each crate to stock the various weapon cache’ around the ship”, he asked.

After leaving the Captain from the Armory, Benj had proceeded directly to the Security Office. From there he was able to pull footage from the Armory. It did show Petty Officer Gortat accessing 14 of the crates. Then he took 12 phaser rifles out, one from each crate and checked their power cells and did a breakdown of the weapons before reassembling them. Then he put them all on a hoverloader and like nothing was wrong, he exited the Armory never to return. Benj wanting to check the work orders before calling the in the Petty Officer, had looked into the serial numbers that Gortat had taken. As it turned out, these 12 rifles were accounted for in the caches that were stations around the ship. They had been dutifully logged in by Gortat and his orders had turned out to be authentic.

Petty Officer Gortat was a Benzite, and by now Benj had come to realize that Benzites had their own unique ways of doing things.

“Well, sir. As you know I was tasked with resupplying our weapon caches’ around the ship. When we left the Sol system we didn’t have our complete compliment of weapons… so I did.” The Benzite breathed in some mist through his ventilator on his chest and looked up at Benj.

“But why just take one rifle out of each crate? Why not use one crate?”, asked Benj.

Benj couldn’t read Benzite expressions very well, but he thought he could detect a bit of confusion.

“I checked the first two crates and it looked like that was the pattern, so I just continued it. Each one of the two I check had one taken from them so I did what I thought Starfleet wanted. Should I take them all back and put new ones in their place?”

“No, no Petty Officer. You did fine. You are dismissed but you are under orders to not talk about this with anyone.”

Gortat shrugged and nodded and then got up and left, leaving Benj alone in the room.

Benj started pacing… it is what he did when he was working through problem.

So Gortat had accessed the rifles and placed them out 3 hours ago. According to inventory records, they had been delivered from Unity Station 6 hours earlier. They had been visually verified at that time. So if you trust the records and recording, thought Benj, then that leaves a 3 hour timeframe that 20 of the rifles were accessed and taken.

Three hours. After reviewing the security logs during that time, Benj, unfortunately, was not surprised to see that there was a 30 minute time frame where the sensors were offline. In checking with the computer, a request had come in for a level 5 diagnostic be run on all internal sensors, requiring them to be taken down. The request had come in yesterday shortly after the Vindex arrived at Unity Station. It had been set to go deck by deck and the Armory’s sensors were off from 0900 to 0930 hours that morning.

From that time frame, Benj was able to narrow down the list to 15 different officers or crewmen that had could have done it.

So far Benj had checked out the whereabouts of each of them except for one… Corporal Bella Zaltin.

“Time to check the marines”, thought Benj with a sigh. It was no secret that on a ship Marines and Security were not on the friendliest of terms. If they were not in a contested area of space, Benj was have suggested leaving them on the station.

Leaving Security, Benj headed toward the Marine Barracks. While he could have called her to Security, Benj thought it would be better to meet on her turf. His mind was filled with several scenarios that could play out, including a shootout.

Soon he arrived and thankfully, it was quite empty. Not all the Marines had checked in. Benj was able to find the Corporal.

“Corporal Bella Zaltin.”

Bella had been looking through the squads that had been assigned to the Vindex. With the CO and XO of the Marine Detachment not here, Bella was in charge. At the sound of her name, she turned around, almost aggressively like she was going to be attacked. In front of her was a Bajoran male in a security uniform. Though he was much taller and bigger then herself, Bella knew she could take the man.

“Who’s asking?”

“I’m Lieutenant Tora, Chief of Security. I have a question to ask you?”

“And”, came the reply from Bella.

Benj sighed. This was going just like his shootout scenario. “I and conducting a search of missing phaser rifles. In order to make sure that they were not misplaced by base personnel, I need to verify that they didn’t get put in the marine’s inventory.”

Bella snorted, but held out her hand. “Fleeters. Misplacing the most dangerous crap. Let me have the list and I’ll check it out later and let you know.”

Benj’s ire was rankled. He handed over the PADD but as she took it, he held onto it. He didn’t let it go until their eyes met. “I need it now, Corporal.”

Bella eyes flamed, anger shooting through them like lightning. She stared at the Lieutenant for a bit. They seemed to be locked in a silent struggle, both holding the PADD, both saying nothing. Finally Bella spoke.

“Alright, let’s find your missing bang sticks now.”

Bella led Benj to the marine’s smaller armory. She pulled up the manifest and checked the list. “Nope, not on here”, she said tossing the PADD back to the Benj.

Benj caught the PADD. “That’s great, now I need to visually verify that.”

Bella slammed down her hands on the table and took a deep breath. Her back tensed for a second, and then relaxed. “Of course Lieutenant.” Quickly they went through the 4 crates of weapons, with nothing out of place.

“Thank you Corporal, you have been most helpful.” Benj was going to ask when she arrived, but he had already looked that up. She hadn’t arrived until 1200 hours.

Slightly dejected, he left to send Commander Ainscow her findings. Someone had taken 20 phaser rifles and as of now, he had no idea who it was or why.

Bella watched as Benj left their Barracks. Fools losing rifles should be fired or shot, she thought. Then she turned back to her PADD. There were still several more things to work through.



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