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Tea For Two

Posted on Wed Nov 23rd, 2016 @ 7:41pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Captain Ainscow's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 8; 21:00

Claudia had been busy all day - like any other day - and the lack of sleep had taken its toll. She was a little snappier than usual and she felt tense - so she'd retired to her quarters earlier than planned and delayed her meeting with her Yeoman until the next evening as Claudia was feeling too tired to be visiting people that evening. Instead of going to the mess hall or her own personal mess for her evening meal she had requested Paul arranged for it to be delivered to her quarters instead.

Just as she'd relaxed on her sofa and about to drop off to sleep the chime echoed around her quarters and she sat bolt upright after the unexpected caller had made her jump. Claudia wasn't very happy but she decided to see who it was and let them in before they pressed the chime again and further irritated her.

"Enter..." Claudia said.

Becky entered with a box containing the teabags that she had promised Claudia. Seeing as Claudia hadn't come to visit she decided to go to the Captain instead and save her the trip. She seemed tired and a bit down thirteen hours ago when they first met in Claudia's ready room so Becky decided to try and cheer her up.

"Sorry if I've disturbed you Captain but I have the teabags I promised you. Where do you want me to put them?" Becky asked.

Claudia sighed. "Thank you Petty Officer. Just stick them on that table - I'll put them somewhere else later"

"Are you alright Captain? Can I get you anything?" Becky asked.

Claudia shrugged. She was tired and she was worried about what lay ahead of them at Altor. Would they even get there? Tolan's information about the attack seemed genuine and Akiva and Soren had agreed - but she still couldn't help but feel she couldn't trust the man. Part of her wondered what to do about intercepting the enemy - did they go with Garlake's suggestion and try to pick off any stragglers - or did they attempt to strike the rear of the formation force The Consortium to break ranks.

"I don't know...but a cup of tea sounds nice right about now. Help yourself if you want one" Claudia replied.

Becky took the box of teabags she'd brought up for Claudia and started making a cup of tea. Something about Claudia didn't sound right - she looked like she was thinking too much and wondering whether her decision was the right one. A couple of minutes later to fresh cups of tea were made and Rebecca placed them on the large glass table in the lounge area. Claudia had moved from the couch and sat at the table waiting for her drink.

"Aren't I lucky? You're here to do my administrative work and now you're coming up outside of your duty shift to come and make me a cup of tea. In all of the twelve years that I served with Captain Grundy on the Endurance he never had a Yeoman and I've been here eight days and I have one making me a cup of tea in my quarters" Claudia said.

Becky smiled. "Just doing my job Captain"

"It's appreciated. Thank you Becky" Claudia replied.

Becky sat down and watched as Claudia took a sip of her tea and almost immediately looked a lot less worked up than she had been a few minutes ago.

"This is so good. Paul has some in his kitchen but that's the one thing he won't share with me unless I ask extremely nicely. Of course I could order him...but I think that might be a little bit too extreme. Anyway - how was your first day?" Claudia asked.

Becky took a sip of her tea and put it back down on the table in its saucer. Claudia had brought aboard a porcelain tea set that she was given as a going away present from her former partner Felicia Alexander. A couple of Claudia's former colleagues were now in the Gamma Quadrant although her friendship with one of them was a lot less strained than the one she had with Felicia.

"It wasn't as bad as I thought. I managed to get all the requests for you so you've got lots of paperwork to do tomorrow" Rebecca said with a smile.

Claudia tittered. "Thanks Becky...just what I asked for. I'm glad you've had a good first day though - you did well. You can make a good cup of tea too which gets you an extra five points"

Rebecca giggled at the Captain's comments.

"How many do I have up to now?" Becky asked.

Claudia smiled. "I'll put you on ten. Five for sorting my paperwork out and five for making me a cup of tea"

"That's good to know. What's the prize?" Rebecca asked.

Suddenly she looked at Claudia and found herself thinking about her Commanding Officer in a different way. A way that she promised herself she wouldn't but couldn't help it. She found herself attracted to her Commanding Officer however she tried to put it to the back of her mind and keep things professional.

Claudia shrugged. "That depends Miss Fuentes. For now it's the satisfaction you make a good cup of tea"

Claudia couldn't help but find Rebecca's comment a little flirty - but she couldn't decide which way to go with it. Rebecca was her Yeoman and she needed to keep things professional - but she had longed for some company for a long time.

"Oh that's a shame Captain. I guess that'll have to do" Rebecca replied.

Rebecca smiled and took another sip of her tea. Claudia seemed to be holding her cards quite close to her chest but Rebecca began to wonder if the Captain felt a bit lonely. Perhaps she should offer to stay for a couple of hours and keep her company - what's the worst that Claudia could say? Rebecca wanted to ask but she couldn't help but feel that Claudia would probably say no. Deciding not to ask Rebecca didn't take long to finish her cup of tea and stood up ready to depart back to her quarters.

"I'll leave you to it Captain. I'll see you in the morning" Rebecca said.

Claudia looked up at Rebecca. She did want somebody to stay with her - being out here away from her family made her feel lonelier than ever and all she wanted was some company sometimes. Claudia was still adjusting to life as a Commanding Officer - she was enjoying it but it was very much in at the deep end out in the Gamma Quadrant with fighting between two groups that were supposed to be on the same side.

"Becky..." Claudia began.

Becky paused and turned to face Claudia. She was half way between the table and the doors out onto the corridor and already thinking about going straight to bed when she got there.

"Yes Captain?" Rebecca replied.

Claudia responded. "You don't have to go"

"Are you sure?" Becky asked.

Claudia nodded and stood up from her chair. All she wanted was to feel like she could just forget about everything that was going on - even if it was just for one night. The one night that she felt that she needed somebody more than any other since she left the Alpha Quadrant.

Claudia nodded. "I'm sure"

Rebecca was surprised that after Claudia seemingly knocked back her brief attempt at flirting with her she had now changed her mind. She shared the same feelings that Claudia did - although she was one of over 800 on the Vindex she still felt alone because she didn't really know anybody. Becky turned around and walked back up to Claudia who was waiting with her arms open - once she reached her Becky wrapped her arms around Claudia as she felt Claudia embrace her.

"I like hugs" Rebecca said.

Claudia smiled. "Me too"

Claudia had needed a hug for a while - she found them reassuring and they made her feel better when she was feeling like she did. She had known Becky for about 13 hours but it seemed like already they got on well and that in time they would become good friends.

Rebecca pulled back from the hug and looked into Claudia's eyes which were looking straight back into her own. She watched Claudia bite her lip before Rebecca decided to make her move and she leaned forward to kiss Claudia. When their lips met Becky moved her right hand to the back of Claudia's head and continued to kiss her slowly.

Claudia was pleasantly surprised and flattered by Rebecca's interest in her. She moved both of her hands down to her Yeoman's hips and held them there as she kissed Rebecca. Claudia hadn't been intimate with anyone for a while but now she was and she was enjoying it.

"You're a beautiful woman" Rebecca whispered.

Claudia replied. "Thank you. So are you"

They continued to kiss for a few minutes until Claudia slowly guided them towards her bedroom and onto the comfortable double bed. Rebecca grinned as she watched Claudia reach for her top - lifting her arms up to allow Claudia to take it off and throw it to one side.

"Are you sure you want this?" Claudia asked.

Rebecca smiled. "I'm sure"


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