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Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Altor
Timeline: Mission Day 8; 13:00

The ships that Tolan had told Claudia about were in a far from battle ready condition. The Brandenburg was struggling to make repairs as it was running out of spare parts and there weren't enough staff to help with the repairs due to the losses suffered in the confrontation prior to Captain Suhea taking the decision to withdraw to safety and hide from their enemy.

Cacod looked around the bridge of his ship which had seen better days. Some consoles flickered and were barely working whilst others had failed completely. He'd lost over 50 people in the last battle - half of those losses were people who were either in or near main engineering when several power conduits exploded. The Benzite had ordered one of the empty cargo bays to be turned into a mortuary until the crew were able to return their bodies to New Bajor for burial.

It was slightly better on the Sarek although with the sickbay running over capacity there simply weren't enough medics available and the vessel's Chief Medical Officer had been forced to prioritise who to treat and even train staff from other departments up to help with the demand. Even with the extra help there were still over 30 people waiting to be treated because sickbay was so full. Commander T'Freja's engineers had managed to make the necessary repairs although the Vulcan was wary that they would face another battle to keep the ship running if The Consortium found where they were.

"Put me in touch with the Brandenburg. I want to see if there's any way we can help them - although it looks unlikely given the state of their ship" T'Freja ordered.

The tactical officer opened a channel to the Brandenburg and moments later the Sovereign-class starship's bridge appeared on the screen with the Benzite commanding officer looking tired but clearly wanting to keep going as best as he could.

"It is agreeable to see you Captain. How are your repairs coming?" T'Freja asked.

Cacod shrugged. "Not as well as we hoped - but with 56 casualties as a result of those power conduits exploding we're a bit low on numbers in engineering at the moment. We're having to prioritise on what gets repaired because we're so short of spare parts"

"If there is anything in particular you need I will see if we can help you by sending anything we can spare over. Do you think you'll be able to go to warp if the enemy finds us here?" T'Freja replied.

Cacod had been warned the Brandenburg would only be capable of Warp 6 at best due to the damage to the warp drive - it was warp speed but they'd only be able to outrun runabouts at best. Anything would be able to keep up with the Brandenburg limited to Warp 6.

"We can but we're limited to Warp 6 until we can repair the warp drive - as it stands that's going to take at least 96 hours. If you could help us out we could maybe get it down to 72 at best - other than that I don't think we'll be going anywhere very quickly for the next four days" Cacod replied.

T'Freja nodded. "I'll send some people over to help you out Captain. We'll keep an eye on things and make sure you've got plenty of time to get away if we're seen or we detect anything incoming"

"Thank you Commander - I don't know what we would have done without your assistance. I just hope that we're fortunate to find some more allies before too long and take the fight back to The Consortium and drive them all the way back to Deep Space 11. I for one don't intend on letting them win another battle or this war" Cacod said.

T'Freja had to agree with the Captain. Whilst her ship was in a better shape she knew that anything larger than the Sarek would mean they'd lose any confrontation within a short space of time. It was key to find some allies - and quickly. She didn't plan on her ship falling to The Consortium and she knew without asking that Cacod felt the same way.

"I hope so too. There's still people out there - but we're so thinly spread it may prove difficult to find another ally without running into the enemy. Fortune favours the bold - perhaps we will - but for now we should focus on getting the Brandenburg back into a suitable condition for battle" T'Freja replied.

Cacod nodded. "Thank you Commander. I will tell my Chief Engineer to expect their arrival - any help is greatly appreciated"

"You'd do the same for us if the roles were reversed. It's the least we can do. Take care Captain - I'm here if you need me for anything" T'Freja replied.

"Likewise Commander" Cacod said.

Cacod smiled before closing the channel and informing his Chief Engineer that some engineers from the Sarek were coming over to assist with repairs to the warp drive. At least with the warp drive back in action they'd be able to outrun their enemy until repairs to the tactical systems were completed.


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